Project Proposal

November 22, 2017 Project Management

New Accompanied Compliance System C: Administrator, Office Managers Introduction The purpose of this memo is to update the management team and key stakeholders with the undertaking of updating the company’s business system to a new customer relationship management (CRM) software. A CRM will allow the company to effectively manage business relationships and pertinent data that is associated with he customers.

The company has grown exponentially. With growth comes the need to improve the company’s systems in order to continue on an upward path. The opportunity to improve and create long lasting customer relationships is a major priority to the company. The system will allow the company to become technically competitive in our field, reduce cost, gain a high level of organization by updating to the new CRM system. Project Stakeholders The key stakeholders in this project is the sales managers and employees.

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In order to implement the system and complete the upgrade process the sales managers will need to go through a system training. Once the managers complete their training, it will then be rolled out to the sales teams and additional users. Goals The goal is to implement the CRM system and ensure that all managers are properly trained as well as key sales staff. The total timeshare of the training will be 10 hours. The training will be broken into four hour sessions each day, with the last consisting of 2 hours.

The implementation of this new business process is an exciting and positive endeavor. The CRM system will streamline company process and goals to project and increase sales. The company can create data integrity by reducing redundant calls and creating a possibility for a bad reputation. The system will allow the creation for a customer profile. The likes, interests and dislikes off customer in order to better cater to our key customers. Great customer service brings lifelong customers, who also brings future potential customers.

When data is organized, it allows for employees to focus on target groups. And pinpoint key marketing strategies. The CRM system includes project management tools. It streamlines processes for multiple departments throughout the company. All project documentation can be housed in the system, weekly project meetings can be set, and members can be added to the team through the CRM tool. The increase of productivity is an exciting venture that the company is ready to embark on. Measurable Organization Value The CRM system adds value to the company.

There are many added bonuses by upgraded the system. One of which the upgrade will create synergy system wide. Business practices will sharpen, which will allow the company to retain many more customers. The system will help reduce errors and bring forth automation through the tool. Conclusion The customer relationship management system will increase our opportunity to continue to grow. With the help of the management team and key stakeholders the implementation and training process will take the company to new heights.


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