Prom Night

April 11, 2018 General Studies

Prom Night Prom Night is a horror movie about a girl, Donna Keppel, who goes to prom and is being chased by her deranged high school teacher, Mr. Fenton who is obsessed with her. She witnessed him murdered her family to be with her. Prom Night engages viewers through suspense, conflict, and unexpected endings. This movie has a lot of suspenseful parts. One part is when Donna is having a night mare about her past, when Mr. Fenton comes to her house and murders her family. This is suspenseful because after Mr.

Fenton kills her father and younger brother he chases her mother into her room and chokes her and this happens as Donna is under her bed witnessing her mother being killed. Another part that is suspenseful is when her friend goes up to their hotel room and Mr. Fenton is hiding in the closet, this part make you kind of scared. Also the most suspenseful part ,in my opinion, in the movie is when Donna goes back for her scarf and Mr. Fenton is disguised as a bellboy, he could have killed her when she went back up. Conflict comes up in this movie often.

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There are three types of conflict; man vs man, man vs self and man vs nature . Mr. Fenton escaping from prison is a conflict because he was sentenced to life in prison that is man vs man. When Donna is being chased after him that is also man vs man. Mr. Fenton goes to the hotel where the prom is at and finds out the room Donna and her friends are staying in and hides in the closet and kills them one by one this is also man vs man. Unexpected endings are very shocking including the ones in this movie. Like, Mr. Fenton is in the hotel room as Donna gets her scarf and closes the door and sees Mr.

Fenton’s reflection and gets chased by him. This is an unexpected ending because I did not expect him to actually be behind her I just though it was her imagination playing with her. Another unexpected ending is when Donna gets home and sleeps, has a nightmare and wakes up and everything that happened in her dream happens. She goes to the bathroom and goes back to her bed ,she hugs her boyfriend but he does not move she lightly shook him and a slit is revealed down his throat, this is unexpected because I did think her boyfriend was going to be killed.

When Donna sees this Mr. Fenton covers her mouth with his hand and then Donna bites his hand and runs but trips and Mr. Fenton slips and Donna kicks him in the face ans screams this leads Detective Winn to hear her and run to her room where Mr. Fenton is on top of her getting ready to stab her, he gets one shot in the chest and dies. I though that Mr. Fenton was going to kill Donna. Prom Night engages viewers through suspense, conflict, and unexpected endings. This movie is very good it is both scary and memorable. I would give it 5 stars!


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