Prominent themes in Night Essay

July 19, 2017 General Studies

Night is a book that tells of a slaying and a man’s inhumaneness toward adult male. Wiesel saw his household. friends. and fellow Jews degraded and murdered. Wiesel besides states in his book that God. to whom he was so devoted. was besides “murdered” by Nazis. In the fresh Wiesel changed a devout Jew to a broken immature adult male who doubted his belief in God. A prevailing subject in Night is man’s inhumaneness toward adult male. The concentration cantonments were full of hideous behaviors. like when the S. S Officers slaughtered small babes with machine guns. “Babies were thrown into the air and machine artillerymans used them to targets” ( Wiesel 14 ) .

Another illustration of man’s inhumaneness toward adult male would be when Elie witnessed the constabulary viciously all in every Hebrew that they felt like hitting. it didn’t to the constabulary who they hit or round. “The Magyar constabulary struck out with nightsticks and plunder butts. to right and left. without ground. randomly their blows falling upon old work forces and adult females. kids and shut-ins alike” ( Wiesel 16 ) . A concluding illustration of man’s inhumaneness toward adult male was the fact that people were so hungry that they would contend and each other merely for a piece of staff of life. They would turn on each other for really little

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sums of nutrient. “One twenty-four hours we had stopped. a workman took a piece of staff of life out of his bag and threw it into the waggon. There was a stampede. Tonss of hungering work forces fought each other to the decease for a few crumbs. The German workingmans took lively involvement in the spectacle” ( Wiesel 21 ) . A 2nd prevailing subject in Night was the importance of male parent and son relationships. Elie was contending to remain with his male parent at all costs because he was so disquieted that he would lose his male parent. “My father held on to my hand” . “At all costs we must remain together” . “I had one thought—not to lose him. Not to be left alone” ( Wiesel 26 ) . Another illustration of the importance of male parent boy relationships was when Elie was combating to remain awake because he knew that if he fell asleep. he would decease. he was besides seeking to maintain his male parent alive and traveling. “Don’t allow yourself be overcome by slumber. Elizer.

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It’s unsafe to fall asleep in the snow. You might kip for good. Come on. come on. acquire up” . “Come on male parent. it’s better over at that place. We can lie down a spot. one after the other. I’ll ticker over you. and so you can watch over me. We won’t allow each other autumn asleep. We’ll expression after each other” ( Wiesel 30 ) . One concluding illustration of the importance of male parent and boy relationships’ is when Elie’s male parent had eventually died. Elie said there was truly no point to lie after his father’s decease. “I had to remain at Buchenwald until April eleventh. I have nil to state of my life during this period. It no longer mattered. After my father’s decease nil could touch me anymore” ( Wiesel 33 ) .

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In decision. Night is a memoir of slaying and man’s inhumaneness toward adult male. Throughout the full book. it proves clip and clip once more that World War II was full of illustrations of man’s inhumaneness toward adult male. and illustrations of how the relationship between a male parent and a boy is a really of import facet when seeking to last.


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