Promoting health and wellness in patients

September 4, 2017 Health

Promoting wellness and health is the head of nursing pattern. Historically, nurses have taught patients to pull off their unwellness. However, times have changed and nurses focus on how to do persons remain healthy and better their quality of life. This essay will look at an individual’s well-being in the context of the wellness theoretical accounts Te Whare Tapa Wha and Trans-theoretical theoretical account of alteration. These wellness theoretical accounts will supply an person with an apprehension of their wellness position while looking at their strengths, failings and challenges they may confront. The essay will further look at how nurses can implement wellness promotional intercessions to get the better of such challenges.

Olivia Skeen ( anonym ) is a 20 three twelvemonth old adult female who lives entirely in an stray country. Olivia works for a computer science concern three hours a twenty-four hours but all the work is done in her office at place, she normally so merely loosen up around the house. This shows that Olivia is taking a sedentary life as she is frequently sitting down and slightly inactive. Olivia took portion in a how healthy are you questionnaire with the intent to understand more about her personal wellness and farther identify countries she needs to work on. The consequences of the questionnaire showed that Olivia scored extremely on environmental wellness 37/40 and religious wellness 36 /40 due to the strong connexion to her land. However, the consequences for her physical wellness 16/40 and societal wellness 20/40 mean she is puting unneeded strain on her wellness.

Harmonizing to the Maori position of life, wellness can be determined by the cardinal beliefs sing life which include the head, organic structure, spirit and household of an person. It is proposed that these cardinal beliefs must be interconnected in order to ensue in a balanced life. Mason Durie developed an integrated holistic attack to wellness attention called Te Whare Tapa Wha theoretical account which relates to the Maori position of life. This attack is illustrated as a quadrilateral house, each wall stand foring one facet of an individual’s wellness ; taha hinengaro ( mental and emotional ) , taha tinana ( physical ) , taha wairua ( religious ) and taha whanau ( household and societal ) . If one of the dimensions is weaker than the others the house becomes imbalanced ensuing in the “breakdown of harmoniousness within the person and between the person and the wider environment” .

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As a theoretical account of wellbeing the Whare Tapa Wha theoretical account identifies the complex nature of both health and in its absence, unwellness in Olivia’s life style. Olivia’s “how healthy are you” consequences emphasise that her environment and religious demands are of import parts of her life style and hence taha wairua is her major strength in the theoretical account. Durie acknowledges that the taha wairua is the most basic and indispensable demand of the theoretical account as it captures the of import relationship between the person and the environment, every bit good an apprehension of their cultural individuality. In add-on, Olivia’s rational and emotional facets have room for betterment. These facets are incorporated into taha hinengaro which is the manner persons think and the manner in which emotions are expressed. Almeidas ( 2008 ) research demonstrates the importance of the relationship between physical activity and rational wellness. It shows that by implementing physical activity into an individual’s day-to-day life the encephalon works more fruitfully which consequences in improved determination devising, job resolution and besides enhances their self-esteem. However, Olivia’s physical wellness consequences are low which means that her taha tinana is weakened doing an imbalance in Olivia’s life. Taha tinana is about the physical body’s growing, development, the ability to map, and ways of caring for the organic structure. Yet, due to Olivia pretermiting her physical wellness she is already sing the negative effect of being overweight. This hinders non merely her physical wellness but the other dimensions as they are all interconnected. An illustration of this would be the societal dimension known as taha whanau which is the development and stableness of relationships, the feeling of belonging, holding a sense of compassion and caring for others. Olivia scored low in this subdivision besides, yet if Olivia participated in physical activities she would be socializing with others and go portion of a squad which can ensue in beef uping multiple dimensions of Olivia’s wellbeing. This can be accomplished by implementing the trans-theoretical theoretical account of alteration.

The trans-theoretical theoretical account of alteration is of import in wellness publicity as it encourages healthy behavior and allows persons to understand their current wellness position taking to a better quality of life ; this is achieved by gestating the procedure of knowing behavioral alteration. There are five phases of alteration ; pre-contemplation, contemplation, readying, action, and care. These phases can be illustrated as a stairway and when the intercessions are successful the person can continue to the following measure.

It is important to understand what trans-theoretical theoretical account means in the context of Olivia’s life style, in order to understand the strengths and challenges Olivia faces. Olivia is presently overweight and has a high hazard of developing bosom disease and is farther taking an stray life style which is negatively impacting Olivia’s physical, societal and emotional wellness. As Olivia has non taken any stairss to better her wellness, decisions can be drawn that she is either at the pre-contemplation phase where she is incognizant or unconcerned about the possible wellness hazards and hence has no purpose of altering her behavior or at the contemplation phase where she is openly meaning to do a lifestyle alteration in the following six months. One of Olivia’s strengths that will assist back up her behavioral alteration from pre-contemplation to contemplation is her rational strength. This allows her the ability to understand the information provided by the wellness attention squad, ensuing in Olivia holding a better consciousness of her debatable behavior and hence assisting her to be able to recognize that she is responsible for her ain wellness. However, one of the chief challenges Olivia will confront is motive to exert. This can farther go a challenge if she does non hold a assisting relationship where she can openly discourse her debatable behavior with a back uping person. A possible ground this would be a challenge is that the benefits of weight loss merely outweigh the clip, energy and attempt required to lose the weight.

Velicer, Botelho, and Prochaske ( 1998 ) propose that the trans-theoretical theoretical account of alteration can assist place wellness publicity activities to get the better of the challenges that will be encountered. Voulgaira, Pagonia, Vinikb, and Poirierc ( 2012, p.609 ) suggest that sedentary life styles are related to about one tierce of deceases due to diabetes, colon malignant neoplastic disease and coronary bosom disease. This is why it is relevant for the nurse to implement wellness publicity activities in Olivia’s life, such as fall ining a societal netball squad. The nurse can implement this by providing Olivia with the information required such as when and where the event takes topographic point while besides promoting Olivia to travel along and have fun. The nurse can farther explicate the benefits of being portion of a squad such as an addition in her physical wellness which consequences in the loss of weight and helps to take down her opportunities of bosom disease. The societal netball squad can besides supply Olivia with a sense of belonging, increase her interaction with people, and supply her with the chance to do friends. This can assist Olivia see societal netball non as a manner to lose weight but as a manner to hold merriment.

In decision, different theoretical accounts of wellness can help Olivia to do alterations to her well-being. The Te Whare Tapa Wha theoretical account shows how the intertwined relationship between the dimensions affects 1s wellbeing, as shown in Olivias instance where her physical wellness is low ensuing in her well-being being imbalanced. The Trans-theoretical theoretical account of wellness is besides helpful as it shows the stairss in which Olivia needs to follow in order to make her end. This theoretical account further helps the nurse identify wellness promotional activities relevant to the phase the person is at, these activities can assist the single achieve optimum wellness. As Olivia grows in consciousness of activities that lead to good wellness and her ain wellness position, she has the ability to better her degree of well-being.


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