Promotion Strategy And Promotion Tools Of Soup Marketing Essay

August 14, 2017 Marketing

Knorr merchandise is sold in 87 states their punch line is ‘Good Food Matters ‘only soup in India which has 18 % growth.It holds a bulk of market infinite { 55 % } .Maggi is one of the chief trade name of Nestle Knorr nearest rivals.It was first company to launch bundle soup in India in 1989.New punch line of maggi ‘Taste Bhi Health Bhi ‘ after relaunching its trade name.

QNo.1 which sections are being targeted and schemes used to act upon the mark section

Target Section: -Here we can devide the soup trade name into two section

1. Demographics

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2. Psychographics

Demographics: –









Male /female

Lifecycle phase

Married with kids

Childs early teens

Minimal Income





Primary /secondary school

Psychographic: –

Social category

Upper center, Low upper and upper- upper category


Life manners




Ambitious, trendy

Extrovert, Confident

Marketing Strategy ( both knorr and Maggi soup )


Maggi soup

Merchandise scheme

Good nutrient is their chief precedence

Responsible for good and healthy nutrient

Categorized soup in three user friendly names

Relaunched with what the consumer want

Producing tasty and healthy soup for consumers

They are besides chiefly concentrate on gustatory sensation and wellness.

Pricing Scheme

Knorr soup scope between Rs 29 to 33,34gm to 65 gram.

Maggi scope between 29 and 30,40gm to 70gm battalion

Fringy monetary value addition addition in past few old ages that consequence client base.

Fringy monetary value did non increase so much that aid to increase trade name loyality.

Topographic point scheme

Available in about in all supermarket and departmental shops

Maggi soups are available largely in supermarkets and really few shops

No presence in the rural market

Very -very less presence in the rural market

Promotion scheme

Effective advertizement of Knorr as compared to maggi.

Less advertisement than Knorr soup

Offering new India spirit harmonizing to client demand

Offering same spirit about three

Does non believe in more price reduction offer

Supplying assorted offer and strategies. Recently they are offering maggi noodles with soup battalion and 20 % supernumerary on some battalion.

Both are passing immense in promotional activities, both have different scheme to aim the market but both have same mark market.I compared both the trade name because it helps us to give clear image of both companies scheme.

QNo.2 Different promotional tools used and the scheme behind utilizing these tools

Promotional tools and schemes: –

Besides the proliferation of convenience-driven life styles and the array of discrepancies, advertisement and selling excessively have played important functions in enlarging the class.

Extensive deployment of ATL ( Above The Line ) and BTL ( Below The Line ) tools by makers and sellers have surely pushed consciousness and demand for ready soup mixes.

Nestle India, for case, has been sharply advancing its Maggi soups through high-frequency telecasting musca volitanss, which have played a great function in non merely pass oning the benefits of the merchandise to aim consumers, but its “ Taste Bhi, HealthBhi ” tagline has besides helped promote the profile of the class other manus, are positioned as wellness meal solutions.

HUL has been banking extensively in using assorted mass media to advance its Knorr scope of soups. It was due to the originative and intelligent placement of the trade name in mass media that Knorr developed into the leader of the class in India. Its aggressive selling schemes, strong distribution system and the broad scope of spirits make knorr the market leader in this class. “ Hindustan Unilever farther benefited from a realignment of its spirits of Knorr soups under the Snacky, Oriental and Classic ranges, to do it easier for consumers to do purchasing determinations, as they were now less confused about the different spirits.

The company has focused on distribution channels to popularise its new scope by guaranting that its up market international spirits in the Oriental and Snaky ranges gain greater visibleness in modern mercantile establishments, while its Authoritative scope is more seeable at kirana shops and in smaller towns and metropoliss.

In footings of media publicities, both Knorr and Nestle have been concentrating on conveying the gustatory sensation and wellness facets of their soups for the full household.

In 2008, Hindustan Unilever introduced a new advertisement run, which turned the conventional in-between category Indian family image on its caput.The run for Knorr featured Aman ( Actor ) doing Knorr soup for dinner for the full household, but chiefly to raise the liquors of his married woman. With this advertizement, the company non merely pitched Knorr as a ‘feel good ‘ nutrient, but besides promoted its user friendliness. Capital Foods has besides been really active and persuasive in advancing its trade name.

The advertisement scheme Nestle and Maggi both advancing wellness with gustatory sensation. All the nutritionary information and wellness facets are mentioned on the battalions but they are advancing the scope strictly to offer something that will satisfy the demand for soup.

At the retail terminal, using strategic selling schemes and in shop publicities to back the merchandise characteristics are besides indispensable. So what is go oning in the shop? “ Well, trading at the retail terminal is surely of import as the class is still non the portion of shopping list of Indian homemakers. Smart selling at the retail terminal can besides bring forth involvement and impulse purchase. The soup class is still germinating, it is of import to drive incursion and induce tests. “ Merchandising is the cardinal to drive this class. You would see tonss of cross publicities, bundled offers and other sort of publicities in soups.

Merchandise characteristics / USPs can be communicated through in shop communicating.

“ Companies besides use particularly designed outer cartons as a communicating medium ; this serves the double intent of ocular selling and carrying on shelf.

Q.3.Which scheme out of Pull or Push is used and why?

Push Scheme: -A “ push ” promotional scheme makes usage of a company ‘s gross revenues force and trade publicity activities to make consumer demand for a merchandise. The manufacturer promotes the merchandise to jobbers, the jobbers promote it to retail merchants, and the retail merchants promote it to consumers.

Pull Strategy: -A “ pull ” selling scheme is one that requires high disbursement on advertisement and consumer publicity to construct up consumer demand for a merchandise. If the scheme is successful, consumers will inquire their retail merchants for the merchandise, the retail merchants will inquire the jobbers, and the jobbers will inquire the manufacturers

So this is clear from the definition this is pull scheme because both Nestle and HUL are passing to a great extent on publicity activities. Due to that activities consumer demand merchandise from retail merchants of ain pick.

QNo.4 Critically Appraise the Promotional scheme of your selected trade name.

I compared Knorr and Maggie soup both are utilizing aggressive selling scheme to advance the merchandise. .But if we have to take one merchandise than Knorr has better publicity and topographic point scheme. But maggi has fewer monetary values and healthier but need to concentrate on more publicity. Recently knorr took Kajol as a trade name embassador but Maggie is concentrating on little creative person.

Both companies are non concentrating rural country. So they have to concentrate on rural country because rural country has big possible market. For they can present new spirit and new battalion with less monetary value. In India there is big possible market for soup so they have to concentrate on heightening that maket.Knorr soup has more monetary values as compared to Maggie soup if they want to increase the market portion and want to stand as a market leader they have to supply assorted promotional offers with knorr soup battalion. Knorr trade name is more serious about its soup than Maggi. It has intension of functional trade name and after coming into the levers fold, its visibleness and presence has been noticed more by consumers. Soup has still a little market and for its ingestion to go wont, companies need to put to a great extent. Unlike the remainder of classs where some sum of attempts may be required. They are aiming adult females and kids for soup because adult females are caring about kids wellness every bit good as household wellness. So they do buying most of the time.So it is necessary for that companies to aim the section carefully by giving their benefits about health.This is a really moneymaking and witting market.Women are emotionally attached with the household where as kids ever believe in masti and mazza while making eating.They believe in eating those thing which prepare in less clip and good in taste.Both the company making really good for aiming those market with greater disbursement on promotional advertizement.


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