Properties And Applications Of Different Metals Engineering Essay

( a ) Steels, ( B ) Cast Iron, ( degree Celsius ) Cu-alloy and ( vitamin D ) Ni-alloy are the subset of stuffs that follow conditions ( E & gt ; 100 and M & gt ; 3 ) from modulus-density chart.

The equation indicates that the public presentation depends on the modulus of snap and comparative cost. For increasing the public presentation, index M and the comparative cost Cr should be lower and the immature ‘s modulus Tocopherol should be higher.

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( a ) Cast Iron, ( B ) Wood merchandise ( hundred ) Glass,

( vitamin D ) Ceramics, ( vitamin E ) Mild Steel, and ( degree Fahrenheit ) Stainless Steel are the stuffs that allow these conditions. To cut down the buckling consequence and be good constructed, the stuff should hold higher value of immature ‘s modulus.

The followers should be considered for building stuff:

Properties of mild steel:

Mild steel contains a high sum of C as a major component. An metal is a mixture of metals and non-metals, designed to hold specific belongingss. To obtain mild steel, one should cognize the combination of metals to do steel.

Properties of steel:

Steel, any metal of Fe, dwelling of 0.2 % to 2.1 % of C, is a hardening agent. Along C, there are other metal elements that are a portion of steel metals. The other elements used in steel are Cr, manganese, tungsten and V. All these elements along with C, act as indurating agents. The sum of C and other indurating agents, nowadays in the metal maps ductileness, hardness and mild steel tensile strength.

Properties of dramatis personae Fe:

Cast Fe has the compressive strength which means the ability of a stuff to defy forces which attempt to squash or compact it. The construction of Cast Fe show opposition to distortion and supply a stiff frame. The job of the construction dislocation becomes outstanding if one portion of the casting after the Fe is poured into the casts, is really thin and another really midst.

Steel differs from shaped Fe and dramatis personae Fe by some per centum of C content. Steel contains more Fe than shaped Fe and less than that of dramatis personae Fe. The ground is that steel is considered to busy a place between these two metals. However, there is enormous difference in the belongingss of steel, wrought and dramatis personae Fe. Let ‘s take a expression at the physical belongingss of steel. From its constituent elements viz. Fe and C, the physical belongingss of steel are wholly different. The chilling down quickly of steel from an highly hot temperature after being put to H2O or oil is the chief belongings of steel. The per centum composing of the constitutional elements and the fabrication procedure is necessary for the footing of its physical belongingss depends. In Fe at a needed temperature, some sum of C can be dissolved.

Properties of cement:

Nowadays cement is really dearly-won. For building intent, cement is characterized as hydraulic or non-hydraulic. The chemical reaction that occurs independently of the mixture ‘s H2O content is the hydration, due to which hydraulic cement hardens. It easy gets harden in underwater or even when invariably exposed to wet conditions. When the anhydrous cement pulverization is assorted with H2O, produces hydrates that are non water-soluble, consequences to a chemical reaction. In order to retain the strength, non-hydraulic cements like gypsum plaster and calcium hydroxide must be kept dry.

Properties of wood and wood merchandises:

Wood and wood merchandises are substance obtained from trees which include wood mush, wood flour, lumber, timber, veneer, pellets and french friess. Wood merchandises are cheaper than metals but due to the ground, that is lower value of modulus of rigidness, it is non used in heavy responsibility columns.

Properties of ceramic:

Like all stuffs, ceramic are known by the types of atoms present, the types of adhering between the atoms, and the manner the atoms are packed together. In general, ceramics are considered as toffee, furnace lining, thermic dielectrics, electrical dielectrics, nonmagnetic, chemically stable, difficult, wear-resistant, prone to thermal daze, and oxidization resistant.

Properties of glass:

Harmonizing to the status glass stuff really inexpensive, but modulus of rigidness is lower. Hence, it is a difficult stuff but non plenty tough to absorb a daze.

Answer 3:

By the given status Kci & gt ; 30 Mpa and from the chart 7, the mentioned stuffs can be considered:

( a ) Cu-alloy ( B ) Steel-alloy ( degree Celsius ) Ni-alloy and ( vitamin D ) Ti-alloy.

But harmonizing to the chart 15, merely steel is suited in the given standards. For these stuffs the modulus of rigidness is given by:

Cu-alloy — – Tocopherol = 200 Mpa.

Ni-alloy and Ti-alloy — – Tocopherol = 400 Mpa.

Steel — – Tocopherol = 800-1000 Mpa.

We can detect that steel has higher value of E ; besides, it is cheaper than other stuffs and is easy available.

Answer 4:

For this application, the practical options with steel can be Cast Iron, Al-alloy and fibre.

Stainless steel and its usage:

Stainless steel is a group of iron-based metal incorporating at least 10 % Cr ( alloy metals ) . The Cr oxide “ CrO ” creates an unseeable barrier ( “ inactive movie ” ) to oxygen and moisture. Therefore the Chromium protects the Fe against most corrosion or red-colored rust ; therefore the term “ chromium steel ” steel. The intent of chromium steel steel is to supply difficult steel stuff extremely immune to stain, rust and corrosion and opposition against inauspicious atmospheric conditions such as C dioxide, wet, electrical Fieldss, S, salt, and chloride compounds ; natural and unnaturally produced chemicals ( e.g. ozone ) ; extremes of conditions conditions.

Fiber ‘s belongings:

Fiber ‘s belongings is similar as the above stuff. It is besides light weight. So fiber merchandises are used in many autos. But it is dearly-won and hence is non good for high velocity autos.

Aluminum ‘s belongings:

Aluminum is a soft and lightweight metal. It has a dull silvery visual aspect, because of a thin bed of oxidization that signifiers rapidly when it is exposed to air. The usage of aluminium exceeds that of any other metal except Fe. Pure aluminum easy signifiers alloys with many elements such as Cu, Zn, Mg, manganese and Si. Alloys make it much stronger.

Iron ‘s belongings:

Iron is a bright, malleable, ductile, silver-grey metal ( group VIII of the periodic tabular array ) . It is known to be in four distinguishable crystalline signifiers. Iron rusts in shit air, but non in dry air. It dissolves readily in dilute acids. Iron is chemically active and signifiers two major series of chemical compounds, the bivalent Fe ( II ) , or ferric, compounds and the trivalent Fe ( III ) , or ferrous, compounds. Iron is the most used of all the metals, including 95 % of all the metal tunnage produced worldwide. Thankss to the combination of low cost and high strength it is indispensable. Its applications go from nutrient containers to household autos, from screwdrivers to rinsing machines, from cargo ships to paper basics.

Hence, Cast Iron is the most suited stuff for auto organic structure.

As steel organic structure is removed, the stuff used in auto organic structure different from steel can be cast Fe.

Cast Fe has high per centum of C which gives stamina to the organic structure.

Largely, auto organic structure is made from Steel or Al-alloy. It is strong, paintable, and comparatively easy to model to the right form. This does n’t intend it is the best material – many autos use Fiberglass, some use C fibre.

Answer 5:

The stuff for heat money changer to pull out heat from geo-thermally heated saline H2O at 120 C should be:

Material ( ranked by M1 )

High Conductivity Coppers – have the best public presentation index but comparatively hapless corrosion opposition.

Brasss – Again, comparatively hapless corrosion opposition

Wrought Stainless Steel – A good pick, but steel is more heavy than Cu

Aluminum Bronzes – An economical and practical pick

From chart 1, the modulus Tocopherol: Cu-alloy – & gt ; E = 150 Gpa, Steel – & gt ; E = 200 Gpa

The break stamina is given by: Cu – & gt ; Kic = 100 – 150 Gpa, Steel – & gt ; Kic = 200 Gpa

But for the heat exchanger the heat should be distributed from hot fluid to cold fluid so the stuff should non be dense. If stuff is heavy so the heat will non be given up to cold fluid decently. Hence, Cu metal is used here.

Answer 6:

Here, C- clinch for electronic constituents has temperature of 450C.

Sing the followers:

x – thickness, t – clip

I» – thermic conduction,

I? – denseness, and – Particular heat capacity.

We have the relation, and

Again, clinch has low thermic inactiveness and it reaches temperatures rapidly. So the stuff has higher value of ( diffusivity ) . For acquiring higher value of it should hold less heavy stuff and low particular heat capacity.

From above three stuffs can be considered:

Al alloy – & gt ; = 0.902 S ( J/9C )

Cu alloy – & gt ; = 0.385 S ( J/9C )

Cast Iron – & gt ; = 0.450 S ( J/9C )

Al metal is non suited harmonizing to the standards because of higher and low thaw point.

Cast Fe and Al alloy have higher value than Cu metal. Hence, the most suited stuff is Cu metal.

Answer 7:

We have,


Where, = Peak Stress

M = Moment

F = Force, and

I = Moment of Inertia

From equation, = & gt ;


Substituting value of ten from above we get:

= & gt ;

But, M = FL,


So, the force depends on B, length, emphasis and minute of inactiveness. The stuff should hold less length and high emphasis. Cast Fe is suited stuff for following these conditions.

Answer 8:

The stuffs used for leaf spring is mentioned below:




All these stuffs are used in hard-boiled and treated province. The physical belongingss of some of these stuffs are as follows:

50 Cr 1 ultimate tensile strength 1680-2200Mpa

Tensile output strength 1540-1750Mpa

Brinell hardness figure 461-601Mpa

50 Cr 1 V 23 ultimate tensile strength 1900-2200Mpa

Tensile output strength 1680-1890Mpa

Brinell hardness figure 534-601Mpa

55 Si 2 Mn 90 ultimate tensile strength 1820-2060Mpa

Tensile output strength 1680-1920Mpa

Brinell hardness figure 534-601Mpa

We have, B = breadth and T = thickness

Besides see warp and stiffness.

The warp depends on force, modulus, and minute of inactiveness.

The max value of warp is relative to dual power of length so the length should be less, otherwise it will neglect under some burden.

The thickness must be well high.

Moment of inactiveness besides depends on the B and T.

The spring should of C steel.

Carbon steel belongingss:

composing per weight C = 0.37-0.44 % , Mn = 0.60-0.90 % , P = 0.04 % , S = 0.05 %

Density ( A-1000 kg/m3 ) =7.845 at T = 25 degree Celsius

Poisson ‘s Ratio = 0.27-0.30 at T = 25 degree Celsius

Elastic Modulus ( GPa ) = 190-210 at T = 25 degree Celsius

Tensile Strength ( Mpa ) = 518.8

Output Strength ( Mpa ) = 353.4

Elongation ( % ) = 30.2

Decrease in Area ( % ) = 57.2

Hardness ( HB ) = 149 at T = 25 degree Celsius

Impact Strength ( J ) = 44.3

General stuff and feature of trucks:

Use a general Young ‘s modulus of steel is 200 kN/mm2. You will hold a good estimate. The different metals do non hold immense fluctuations ( 195-210 kN/mm2 ) . The fluctuation is more in other mechanical belongingss. As a regulation of pollex the modulus will travel up with higher thaw temperature of the metal.

Ductility is obtained by choosing a natural stuff that has built-in features for ductileness. Besides, the combination of tempering and turn overing used will impact this procedure. The size and agreement of the carbide atoms and the ferrite countries in the steel create the ductileness. Production must be designed to convey about the carbide construction at the concluding size for the ductileness required. High ductileness simplifies the industry of the spring or signifier and besides makes impossible parts possible to do.

Harden ability is truly set in the original thaw of the steel. This is done by changing the de-oxidation procedure which consequences in shallow indurating powdered steels or deep hardening farinaceous steels.

Answer 9:

Harmonizing to the CES chart the undermentioned stuffs are selected:

( a ) Aluminum metal ( B ) Wrought Iron ( degree Celsius ) Copper metal ( vitamin D ) Ceramicss

( a ) Aluminum:

Aluminum metals are alloys in which aluminium ( Al ) is the prevailing metal. The typical alloying elements are Cu, Mg, manganese, Si, and Zn. There are two chief categorizations, viz. projecting metals and shaped metals, both of which are further subdivided into the classs heat-treatable and non-heat-treatable. About 85 % of aluminium is used for shaped merchandises, for illustration rolled home base, foils and bulges. Cast aluminium metals yield cost effectual merchandises due to the low thaw point, although they by and large have lower tensile strengths than shaped metals. The most of import dramatis personae aluminium metal system is Al-Si, where the high degrees of Si ( 4.0 % to 13 % ) contribute to give good casting features. Aluminum metals are widely used in technology constructions and constituents where light weight or corrosion opposition is required.

( B ) Wrought Iron:

Wrought Fe is an Fe metal with really low C content, in comparing to steel, and has hempen inclusions, known as scoria. This is what gives it a “ grain ” resembling wood, which is seeable when it is etched or bent to the point of failure. Wrought Fe is tough, ductile, malleable and easy welded. Historically, it was known as “ commercially pure Fe ” nevertheless it no longer qualifies because current criterions for commercially pure Fe require a C content of less than 0.008 % wt.

( degree Celsius ) Copper Alloys:

Copper metals are metal metals that have copper as their chief constituent. They have high opposition against corrosion. The best known traditional types are bronze ; where Sn is a important add-on, and brass, utilizing Zn alternatively. Both these are imprecise footings, and today the term Cu metal tends to be substituted, particularly by museums. Copper is slightly dearly-won than steels.

( a ) Ceramic:

Ceramic is an inorganic, non-metallic solid prepared by the action of heat and subsequent chilling. Ceramic stuffs may hold a crystalline or partially crystalline construction, or may be formless ( e.g. , a glass ) . Because most common ceramics are crystalline, the definition of ceramic is frequently restricted to inorganic crystalline stuffs, as opposed to the non-crystalline spectacless. The earliest ceramics were pottery objects made from clay, either by itself or assorted with other stuffs, hardened in fire. Later ceramics were glazed and fired to make a coloured, smooth surface. Ceramicss now include domestic, industrial and edifice merchandises and art objects.

Answer 10:

We obtain following stuffs from the charts 1 and 7 as per given conditions:

( a ) Aluminum ( B ) Balsa ( degree Celsius ) ABS fives ( degree Celsius ) Titanium

( vitamin D ) Magnesium ( vitamin E ) Polystyrene

( a ) Aluminum:

For the development and application of new aluminium alloys with belongingss and strength-to-weight ratios that make possible the design of future aircraft with improved warhead and design safety borders. Airframe interior decorators need lightweight stuffs that are strong, lasting, damage-tolerant, and economical to manufacture. Aluminum metal merchandises have filled this demand since the 1920s. Despite the progresss in polymer matrix complexs, makers of airframes for rider jetliners look to aluminum-base stuffs for the majority of their demands.

( B ) Balsa:

The best solution by far, is to utilize a poly/ABS five with the interior part of the five cut out and replaced with balsa, therefore acquiring the lastingness of a manmade stuff where it is needed and the elation and stiffness of balsa. This is all excess work on initial building but, it seems to be deserving it due to less clip spent mending the projectile over its service life.

( degree Celsius ) ABS fives:

Fives may do with 2.5 millimeters ABS cored with 1/8 ” balsa for theoretical account projectile. It is non that slippery cutting out the nucleus with a cuticular multi-purpose spot, but the fives were about 16 sq. in. — a nice size pallet to work with, as your five size decreases this method would acquire trickier. The attendant five was perceptibly lighter and stiffer than its pure ABS sibling. It saves about 28 % of the entire weight of EACH fin. — Decidedly worth the excess attempt in fin building.

( vitamin D ) Titanium:

Valuess for the pure component are found under the name Titanium, Ti. Grades 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 11, and 12 and considered ‘unalloyed ‘ Ti and have similar mechanical belongingss. Grades 1 through 4 allow increasing degrees of drosss. Grades 7 and 11 have 0.2 % Pd added to better Ti ‘s already first-class corrosion opposition. Rate 12 characteristics 0.8 % Ni and 0.3 % Mo to better the corrosion opposition at a lower cost than Pd. Titanium alloys by and large feature higher strength than unalloyed Ti.

( vitamin E ) Magnesium:

The denseness of the Mg is about 2/3 of that of aluminium and a one-fourth of that of steel. Magnesium is the lightest among metallic stuffs which are being used practically. Although Mg metal has a higher denseness than plastics, its tensile strength and Young ‘s modulus per unit weight are higher than plastics. This enables to do a lighter portion by utilizing Mg metal than plastics. The thermic conduction of Mg metal is much higher than that of plastics. Magnesium shells of electronic contraptions can disperse heat, which is generated in the electronic circuit, much more efficaciously than fictile shells.

( degree Fahrenheit ) Polystyrene:

Polystyrene is really an aromatic polymer that is made from the monomer cinnamene. It is a long hydrocarbon concatenation that has a phenyl group attached to every C atom. Styrene is an aromatic monomer, commercially manufactured from crude oil. Polystyrene is a vinyl polymer, manufactured from the cinnamene monomer by free extremist vinyl polymerisation.



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