Prophet Isa

August 24, 2017 General Studies

Prophet Isa p. b. u. h. is the 24th Prophet, who came after Prophet Yahya p. b. u. h. and before Prophet Muhammad p. b. u. h.. Prophet Isa was born by a virgin mother, Maryam and had his revelation at the age of 30. After he had his revelation, Prophet Isa had performed many miracles to gain the trust of the people of his time. The main miracles he performed were curing illness and even supplicate Allah Almighty to bring back a dead person alive. The people of his time were known for their high knowledge in medications. In his teachings, he taught his people to believe and worship the one and only God, Allah Almighty.

He also taught his people to follow the Ten Commandments. Prophet Isa is the only prophet who is still alive to this day. Prophet Isa was ascended to heaven and is worshipping Allah. After the ascension of Prophet Isa, there are people who have manipulated his teachings and believed him as the Son of God. These people are the Christianity’s followers who also reject the teachings of Prophet Muhammad. It is believed that Prophet Isa will be descended back to earth before the Judgement Day and rules the earth with the teachings of Prophet Muhammad p. . u. h, to fight Dajjal and bring peace to the earth. Prophet Isa p. b. u. h. was chosen as the main topic of this assignment, to enable the readers has clear understandings of the teachings of Prophet Isa and to remind that Prophet Isa never promotes Christianity but promotes Islam. In this assignment the topics that are discussed are the birth of Prophet Isa, the revelation of prophethood, miracles, teachings, Injil, ascend to heaven and descend to earth and differences between Islam and Christianity.

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