Proposal of Nfc

June 2, 2018 Communication

Communication is also possible between an NFC device and an unpowered NFC chip, called a “tag”. Why is NFC interesting? Technology is forever changing. However, people can often catch up with the most updated ones, and get adapted to them. For instance, Wi-Fi becomes extremely popular recently, especially after the prevalence of smart phones. Yet, unlike Wi-Fi, NFC is a lot less lucky. It could not reach a mass popularity despite its various usages. In fact, we are making use of this technology every day without notice at all.

NFC is incorporated into Octopus Cards, and Octopus Cards are definitely a crucial part in our everyday life. We are therefore interested in this topic. As we study more, we are able to discover more relations between NFC and our daily lives. In fact, NFC is widely applied, but just it’s not being recognized by the general public. This is why our group thinks it is an intriguing topic, as it seems so close to, while so far apart from our daily lives. Focal Questions 1. Why is it not popular enough like Bluetooth? In fact, there are many similar technologies like NFC. One of the most common and wide-used ones is Bluetooth.

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In this project, we are about to find out why NFC cannot be as well-known as other technologies despite being incorporated into mobile phones, Octopus Cards, remote controls, printers and so and so forth. We will also compare NFC with Bluetooth in this project, and reveal the reasons for the ignorance of NFC. This is because by finding out the reasons for this, we can predict the future development of NFC more accurately. If NFC is able to tackle its current weaknesses, it may become a more well-known technology than other substitutes.

NFC has already become an integral part of people lives. They depend on this NFC to do a lot of transactions every day. For instance, in some universities, students carry digital keys in their smartphones to gain access to some area. However, people are aware of the security issue associated with it and this is the major concern that stops consumers from embracing it completely. With NFC usage, mobile phones carry a lot of personal information. When their devices are stolen, thieves will have access to and store all sensitive information, interrupt the transmission of information, modify the data being transmitted or even block the channel.

Sensitive information being transmitted without the owners knowing is a serious threat to consumers. This is one of the reasons why NFC is not fully adopted. If the industry wants to have further development based on NFC, they will have to handle these security issues with great care to relieve the public’s worries. Data Collection We would use data of various kinds as evidence and reference for our report. First, we would use numbers or charts to demonstrate that the NFC technology is actually widespread and widely-adopted.

For example, we can find the percentage of phone that equipped with NFC function, as well as the percentage of usage of Octopus Card in Hong Kong. Then, we may conduct the research on how many people actually know what NFC is. Indeed, we expect difficulties in finding such data, so we may conduct survey through different platforms, such as Facebook, forums, in personal, and so on. Conducting our own survey has its advantages, like it helps to make sure how well-known NFC is in our neighborhood. Additionally, data will be used to show the feasibility of converting a mobile phone to a mobile wallet by NFC.


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