Proposal on Development of Human Capital Mananagement Software Solution

March 25, 2018 Computer Science


With Human Capital Management (HCM) Software, all aspects of people management feel so natural and intuitive irrespective of organisation size, structure or specific requirements. HCM solution is an outcome of a detailed and exhaustive study of human capital management issues in an educational organization. Human Capital Management Software is designed to handle all statutory requirements and is flexible enough to accommodate various HR and Payroll requirements.

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Its robustness, flexibility of use and multiplatform availability makes it very effective. HCM software presents to you an exciting world of HR and Payroll management opportunities made possible by the numerous features it offers. This human resource management software provides a web-based human management system from hiring to retirement—including secure, centralized databases for housing vital employee information. It also provides flexible tools for dministering multiple progressive benefit plans and a framework for processing complex payrolls. Human Capital Management refers to solutions that manage an organization’s most valued assets – its employees – in a strategic and coherent manner. This solution equips executives, human resources (HR) professionals, and line managers to hire the best talent, as well as train and cultivate the skills of their workforce. Beer, M.

Spector (1985) defined Human Capital Management as a field of management that has to do with planning, organising and controlling various operative functions of procuring, developing, maintaining and utilizing a labour force in such a way that: a) objectives for the company established are attained effectively and economically b) objectives of all levels of personnel are served to the highest degree HCM is a process that organisations use to attract appropriately skilled and motivated employees (“talent”); integrate them into their organisations, assess and develop their competences and retain their commitment (StepStone 2008).

Its objective is to create an enabling environment for members to enjoy a long, healthy and creative life which would catapult their career as well as nourish and benefit the organisation. It helps organisations to manage HCM activities, reduce costs and administrative time by automating basic HCM tasks and enables organisations to comply with the increasingly complex employment regulations and data protection legislation.

HCM Solutions offers organizations advanced functions for workforce planning, talent acquisition, workforce performance, learning and development, succession planning, enterprise compensation, workforce analytics, collaboration, and HR management. It helps to build a better workforce through HR Information technology to effectively improve people management, enhance productivity, improve effectiveness, facilitate long-term planning, reduce operational costs, and drive organizational performance.

It provides the core capabilities global organisations need to manage their human resources according to industry best practices and gain visibility into workforce performance. Human Capital Management includes: Human Resources—secure role-based and web-based workforce management, from hiring to retirement. Benefits Administration—everything you need to manage multiple progressive benefit plans while ensuring the security and privacy of health data. Flexible Spending Accounts—complete in-house tracking and administration of flexible benefits programs.

Compensation—tools for formulating and driving corporate pay policies. Payroll—comprehensive payroll and taxation administration capabilities. Organisational Profile- structure, calendar and staff directory Trainings- approve, recommend and maintain training directory and progress Leave Entitlement and Processing- application, scheduling, computation tracking and type of leave Employment and Personnal data- unique staff ID, photograph, biodata, qualification, job history and internal movement/transfer

Contract Renewal- management of contract and temporary staff and their payroll management Query and Appraisals- type, approval, type and recommendation Medicals- monitor medical history, incidences, expenses and approved health centres It helps to re-invent the way educational organisations identify and hire employees. It is dedicated to delivering staffing and recruitment consulting that works by identifying the unique needs and strategic objectives of its users.

The case study is Bowen University Human Resources Department and it applies their specifications and aims to solve their problems. CASE STUDY The Human Resources department, Bowen university, Iwo Osun state is the case study. But in this case also the proposed user whom the application developer will communicate and collaborate with to gather required information and specifications. Their problems in managing human capital and processes will be communicated and possible solutions will be discussed.

STATEMENT OF PROBLEM Attracting and retaining top human capital is becoming more difficult, while lack of training and development provides a common barrier to retaining talented individuals. For many organisations people are their most important asset and failure to recognise and reward human capital through an effective HCM process will result in higher human capital turnover rates, increased human capital management costs and a significant loss of intellectual capital.

According to a brief research in the human resources department of an educational organization, my findings show that there are no centralised databases for housing vital employee information that can automatically generate stafflists using a particular criterion such as date employed, status. There is no connection between current payroll and stafflist and as a result contract staff whose appointment has been terminated still exist on the payroll.

There is no database for housing curriculum vitae of job applicants, keep in view applicants and rejected applicants for reference purposes. Also there are no automated records of internal transfer with details such as job undertaken, previous job station, capacity and duration which enables effective job rotation. There is also no software that provides portal for staff and departmental heads to lodge complaints, reminders or to request for services. Lastly, there is no database to house details of exitstaff and no automated process to manage current stafflist.

Two pertinent question immediately arise after a brief insight into today’s educational sector in Nigeria. First, has Human Capital Management been incorporated into the Nigerian educational network? Secondly, how far has the educational sector gone in the implementation of a full fledge IT operation in the area of human capital management? AIM AND OBJECTIVES The aim of this project is to develop a comprehensive, innovatively designed and easy to use Human Capital Management software solution specially designed for an educational organization.

This software automates the Human management processes, from the recognition that the talents of organisations’ employees drive its business success has emerged the need to identify, track, develop and manage this essential corporate asset effectively. Its ambition is to enable organisations achieve talent(human capital) success. • Measure and improve productivity and reduce transaction costs • Provide secure, anywhere-anytime access to workforce information • Accommodate multiple organisations, jobs, positions, and calendars • Ensure an accurate, timely payroll while meeting tax compliance and reporting requirements. Manage Organisational profile,trainings,queries and appraisals • Manage recruitment and resourcing, training administration, benefits programs and performance management • provide automated records of internal transfer and records of medicals • provide online portal for staff, department heads to lodge complaints, reminders or even to request for particular services and maintains database for exitstaff • information sharing and delivery

Finally, this study spot-lights the various means of improving on the already existing methods of HCM application in educational organizations in Nigeria. METHODOLOGY Firstly the applicaton developer and users will communicate on the application requirements or specifications before any plan can be made. After the specifications have been well defined, the application development processes are divided into three tiers: • GUI • Business logic • Database The graphic-user interface of this software will be designed using Macromedia Dreamweaver and Fireworks.

Netbeans IDE (Integrated Development Environment) 6. 5 will be used to program or code this java web application, javascripts and servlets technologies will also be used. MySQL Server and MySQlyog will be used as its backend database for storage of long term information. Glassfish Server will be used to deploy it. This application will be run via a web browser – mozilla firefox or internet explorer. JUSTIFICATION OF THE STUDY This software automates Human Resource processes, making their job easier, faster, less stressfull and more effective.

This is because they do not have to flip through individual files to compare, extract or retrieve staff information. It helps to manage payrolls of staff ensuring that only workers that have carried out their jobs efficiently and effectively without any form of query get their salaries saving even the HR staff from answering to queries himself. HCM solutions help HR maximize their most important resources – people, by providing faster and more efficient people support. HCM software works with HR to meet all of their human capital management needs.

SCOPE This software covers all aspects of Human Resource processes such as recruitment, job transfer and monitoring, management of centralized database containing staff details, training, appraisal and query, leave entitlement and approval, staff welfare mangement, medicals and payroll management. KEYWORDS IDE, Database, Coding, GUI, HCM, talent, CHAPTER TWO LITERATURE REVIEW HISTORICAL BACKGROUND OF HCM REFERENCES Bowen University Human Resources department Beer, M. Spector, B. Lawrence, D. R. Mills, D.

O. & Walton R. E. , 1985. Human Resource Management. New York: Free Press 1985 Decenzo D & Robbins S. P. , 1988 Personnel / Human Resource Management, 3rd Edition (Englewood, Cliffs, N. J. Prentice Hall) Pp. 51- 258. Encyclopedia Ghorpade J. V. , 1988 Job Analysis: A Hand Book for the Human Resource Director (Englewood, Cliffs, A. J. Prentice Hall) Microsoft Encarta Dictionary 2008 www. epicor. com www. google. com www. infor. com www. systemspecs. com www. stepstonesolutions. com www. wikipedia. org


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