Proposed Capstone Project Essay

September 16, 2017 Management

To implement the system in an on-line environment.
To plan a database that will form blotter related information and records. To supply a hunt installation for happening and filtering of records. To include a faculty that will ease updating of reported blotting papers. To bring forth statistical studies pertinent for determination devising.

Undertaking Description
Police officers are assigned at the constabulary Stationss to encode the ailments. constabulary studies. and offense incidents reported in their countries of duties ( AOS ) straight into their computing machines connected on-line. All constabulary precinct blotting paper records are seeable in the web waiter anytime of the twenty-four hours. At the terminal of the twenty-four hours. each constabulary station prints their day’s diary utilizing the system. System Platform:

Web Application using HTML5. PHP. MySQL. and CSS.

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System Functionalities [ Include your HIPO in this portion. Make certain all functionalities are stated here. I suggest. you divide your characteristics in footings of Client and Server Side. Client Side may still be divided in footings of your users. These characteristics are still based on the SE Project which is PC-Based. you have non specified characteristics when it will be implemented online. ] Management of blotting paper instances. ( inc: Creating blotting paper and file awaying blotting paper instance ) Screening of records. ( by instance figure. name. day of the month )

Generating statistical studies in graphical theoretical accounts.
Generate and queue studies.

The system will bring forth studies such as the followers:
Number of blotter incidents per barangay
Most common instances per barangay
Monthly/Quarterly/Annually study of blotting paper instances
Individual Blotter Report
The single studies are collated into individual studies which can be accessed by City of Santa Rosa Police Headquarters Superintendent for his information and usage. Statistical Report
Graphic representation of most common instances yearly for comparative intent. Chart for countries with frequent instances reported.

The intent of this study is to supervise and insulate countries with the most figure of incidents. And besides usage for determination devising and for development of solutions.

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