Protests at Parihaka Essay

September 9, 2017 Medical

The events around the non-violent protests at Parihaka took topographic point chiefly from 1860 to 1900 and hold non merely affected Taranaki culturally. but the whole state politically and spiritually every bit good.

At the terminal of the 2nd Taranaki war in 1866. Parihaka was created as a Maori colony after the Government had taken off about all Maori land in Taranaki as a manner of penalizing “rebel” Maori. The colony was founded by Maori Chief Te Whiti o Rongomai. who had already fought in the old Taranaki wars. He did this to non merely distance himself and his people from European contact. but besides to distance himself from warlike Maori folks. Fellow main Tohu Kakahi and Te Whiti besides joined Rongomai. The dad was stationed between the sight of Mt Taranaki and the sea. in a glade that was surrounded by hollow hills and a watercourse. In late 1866. Maori King Tawhiao ( leader of the Waikato folks and 2nd Maori King ) sent 12 ‘apostles’ to populate at Parihaka to construct a bond between the two folks. By 1871. there was a reported 300 people populating in Parihaka. Taranaki’s Medical Officer had said that Parihaka was the cleanest. best-kept dad he had of all time visited.

Te Whiti o Rongomai and Tohu Kakahi were both committed to non-violent actions in order to defy invasion and protect Maori independency. The both believe in hereditary and Christian religious ways. which build on their non-violent positions and political leading. Throughout the wars of the 1860’s. Rongomai and Kakahi forbade the usage of weaponries and force. Parihaka was a impersonal party throughout. They challenged the Government over the illegality of the wars. the arrogation of the land and the policies set against Maori.

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They developed monthly meetings at Parihaka. which were to take topographic point on the eighteenth twenty-four hours of each month ; both Maori and Pakeha leaders were invited to discourse and schemes for opposition to the Government taking the land. When Europeans intruded on Maori land and caused a menace to all Maori colonies. Te Whiti sent out his people to barricade the studies and to plow the confiscated land. The work forces who were sent to plow were arrested. but they offered no opposition. even when treated harshly. In 1880. the Parihaka people created roadblocks. removed study nog and escorted route builder and surveyors out of the territory. After this. Parliament passed a measure that let the authorities keeping the dissenters without test. By September 1880. 100s of work forces and kids were exiled to the South Island prisons where they were forced to construct the construction of metropoliss. In 1881. opposition and imprisonments continued.

On November 5 1881. an invasion force entered Parihaka. More than 2000 people sat softly on the marae while kids met the ground forces. An hr subsequently. Te Whiti and Tohu were led off to the South Island. The devastation of Parihaka began directly after and adult females and misss were raped.


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