November 28, 2017 Psychology

How is the diversity of psychology limited, even today? A. There are very few psychologists that are members of racial minorities. B. The majority of psychologists are male. Incorrect C. Psychologists in the United States far outnumber those in all other countries combined. D. Both A and B. Answer Key: A Feedback: Remember that only approximately 5% of psychologists in the United States are members of a minority group. Question 2 of 10 According to your textbook, Psychology is defined as A. The study of mental processes.

B. He study of mental disorders and their treatment. C. The science of behavior. Correct D. The science of behavior and mental processes. Answer Key: D Question 3 of 10 Which of the following subfields of psychology is INCORRECTLY matched with its description? Correct A. Cognitive?examines how people grow and change from conception to death B. Experimental?examines the processes of sensing, perceiving, learning, and thinking C. Behavioral neuroscience?examines the relationship between the nervous system and behavior D. Social?examines the processes of behaving in he social environment Answer Key: A Question 4 of 10 Which figure best approximates the percentage of American psychologists who belong to racial minority groups? A. 35% B. 25% Incorrect C. 15% Answer Key: D Feedback: This is a figure from your book. On page 6, it reports 6% of all psychologists are members of a minority. Question 5 of 10 Which psychologist is INCORRECTLY matched with an associated perspective? A. Freud?psychodrama B. Moscow?humanistic C. Skinner?behavioral Correct D.

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Rogers?cognitive Question 6 of 10 An experimental group is to a control group as A. No treatment; treatment B. Dependent variable; independent variable C. Treatment; no treatment is to Incorrect D. Independent variable; dependent variable Answer Key: C Question 7 of 10 Dry. Grower is reading an article reporting research in which psychologists investigated the effect of group size on the conformity of group members. Dry. Grower is most likely reading the Journal of A. Developmental B. Personality C. Cross-cultural Correct D. Social Question 8 of 10 Psychology.

A procedure in which an observer describes the simple elements of a complex experience in as much detail as possible is called A. Internal observation. B. Introspection. C. Interjection. Incorrect D. Inner perception. Answer Key: B Feedback: This is the structuralism procedure discussed on page 8 of your text. Question 9 of 10 The scientific method is the approach used by psychologists to systematically acquire knowledge and understanding about behavior and other phenomena of interest. Correctness’s Incorrect True False Answer Key: True Question 10 of 10 An operational definition is the translation of a hypothesis into something measurable. Evolves focusing awareness on a narrow range of stimuli or events. A. Elaboration B. Clustering Correct C. Attention D. Encoding At a party you meet someone new and you repeat their name over and over until you can write it down in your address book. This is best an example of Correct A. Rehearsal. B. Chucking. C. Elaboration. D. Distributed practice. According to interference theory: A. Forgetting is due to ineffective encoding Correct B. People forget information because of competition from other material C. The principal cause of forgetting should be the passage of time D. E events that occur during the retention interval do not affect forgetting Answer Key: B According to the decay theory, forgetting occurs because: A. New information is learned to take its place. B. Previous learning gets in the way of the new information coming in. Correct C. The passage of time causes the memory trace to fade away. D. People forget more and more as they grow old. Your memory of your first day of high school would be an example of which of the following types of memory? A. Short-term B. Semantic Correct C. Episodic D. Procedural

When you are examined with multiple choice items, you rely on an answer from the alternatives. To select A. Recall B. Relearning C. Recollection Correct D. Recognition Elaboration involves: Incorrect A. Increasing the complexity of the material to be remembered B. Forming two kinds of memory code for each word C. Decreasing the complexity of the material to be remembered D. Linking a stimulus to other information at the time of encoding Your memory of how to brush your teeth is contained in your A. Episodic B. Structural C. Declarative Correct D. Reoccurred Emory. On an exam, you are asked to remember and list the first five presidents. This would be an example of: A. Recognition Correct B. Recall C. Reconstruction D. Repression Sensory memory has all of the following characteristics EXCEPT A. Visual information lasts less than a second. B. It holds an image of each sensory experience Correct C. The capacity is about seven plus or minus two chunks. Information lasts about two or three seconds. D. Auditory Answer Key: C Feedback: Short-term memory, not sensory memory, has a capacity of 7 items +1- 2.


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