Psychology for sports performance

June 11, 2018 Psychology

Asses the current psychological skills of a selected sports performer identifying strengths and areas for improvement Coping Score Ari scored 7 in his coping test. This was a moderate score which isn’t to too negative nor too positive. We judged this on the results we gathered from the statements he answered. From that we gathered a few strengths and also a slight weakness.

The first strength was that he is a positive and enthusiastic person. This is good because when he is coaching he can encourage his peers to work harder. Strength for Ari was his belief in him. He feels when things are not going his way he can keep himself determined and strive until till his perseverance pays off. This is a positive attitude to have, because when his session or activity isn’t going poorly he can come back because of his mental toughness. His one weakness however, is that he cannot control his emotions if things were to aggravate him.

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He admits to almost never keeping his cool when his emotions get the better of him. This is bad because he could be playing well and a little incident may occur which completely disrupts his game and gets him in trouble, which is bad for him and also his team. Coachability Ari scored 10 in his coachability test. This was a near excellent score which was a positive reflection on Ari in this particular area. We used results to from a test to gather this data. We then saw there were little adjustments he could make, however no real weaknesses.

One of the strengths that came up was that he doesn’t take things personally when being well advised and also never feels upset when being criticised. I this helps Ari keep his professionalism as taking things personally could put that in jeopardy. Secondly, being able to take criticism shows a signs of a sensible and understanding coach. Nobody knows everything so being able to accept a wrong doing is vital, because now you recognise you’re faults and are prepared to bounce back. His only area where Ari could just pay more attention to would

be paying even more attention to coaches when there giving out advice. Ari makes a mental note of what they’re saying and always is ready to listen, however he could be more proactive and seek the advice without expecting it. This would make him a better coach because he is a keen learner. Concentration Ari scored 9 in his concentration test. This is a fairly positive score which is good for someone of Aris age. The results we got this from were a self-analysis of him tick box questionnaire. There were several. Strengths and a few areas were Ari could do with some tweaking.

The positives all consisted of him being able to deal with unexpected situations and his ability to block out any distracting thoughts which may enter his head. This is very good because in sports surprises can usually knock back an athlete whereas in aris case he feels comfortable. Also keeping his head clear and focused shows dedication. This is good for his team as he is switched on. One of the areas ari can slightly improve is to make sure his attention to whatever he is doing is 100%. Letting it be below that can lead to anxiety and arousal which could unsettle his performance which would not be good.

Confidence & Achievement Ari scored 8 in his confidence and achievement test. This was an in different test where he could have done better but it is not disastrous. There were positives however noticeable negatives. One of the better results to come out of Aris set of results where that, he looks to do better when he knows under achieved. This is crucial for any athlete to have as it shows dedication and willingness to do better which rubs off on other team mates. However some of the slightly less appealing set of results that he had was that he feels; only sometimes he performs well.

Maybe because he has set the bar too high or that he can’t cope at the level he is playing. Either way this is an area for improvement where ari needs to dig deep and perform to his capabilities. Goal setting & achievement Ari scored 6 in his mental preparation test. This is an average score however this is not a positive result. There were two notable positives and two significant weaknesses. The first two strengths were that he sets goals for himself and also tends to a good amount of prep to reach his goals.

This is good because he makes himself aware of what he has to do and decides to put efforts into making sure it happens. However his noticeable weakness is that he doesn’t plan for the big event which is a big problem and doesn’t mentally prepare him as much. The big event is where he can show case his talents however he doesn’t always focus on that which is bad for his own performance as he is not 100% ready. Lastly, he does not mentally prepare himself which could lead him going into his event not fully in the zone and meaning easier to wind up.

Peaking under pressure Ari scored 9 in his peaking under pressure test. This was a very good as it is very high score. There were many strengths and only a small amount where he could better himself. The strength was that he relishes playing under pressure. When the task is difficult he feels comfortable being situated in them positions which Is a positive for his team. The area where he can improve is being able to perform well under pressure. Its good feeling confident enough to play there however he has to deliver when playing in the tough conditions.

Freedom from worry score Ari scored 8 in his freedom from worry test. This was a result which is something that is more on the satisfactory side. I feel that ari had more strengths in this test compared to weaknesses however there were noticeable issues he can try and improve. The first strengths were that he doesn’t worry quite much about what others think about his own performance, and also never puts too much pressure on himself before he plays. This is good as he isn’t overthinking his own game and isn’t going to let anyone else opinions affect him.

Areas where he can improve are, he doesn’t like the idea of making mistakes. Making mistakes is natural for anyone and should be accepted when it does happen. Total Psychological Skills Overall Aris performance was above average as he scored 54 out of a possible 84. There were a lot of positives ari can take out of this examination however there are a few areas which he can adjust to make himself a better athlete. Somatic trait anxiety score Ari scored 12 out of 36 in his somatic trait test. This is a positive score as the it’s better than average and fairly low.

The common strength for Ari is that he does not feel signs of nerves or anxiety when heading into an event. Where he could improve is the pre match tingles he gets, such as the heart pumping and racing. This could lead to him being aroused. Worry score Ari scored 12 out of 28 in his worry test. This is a fairly good result as it is quite low which is important. There were several strengths that Ari had. One of the main strengths that came up more than once was that he stated he doesn’t have any self-doubts. This was good because it builds confidence which could lead to a better performance.

An area where ari could improve is that he sometimes gets concerned of how other people perceive his performance. This is not good because it could put him off his performance. Concentration Distribution Ari scored 7 in his concentration distribution test. This was a near on perfect score which was really impressive. The strengths consisted of him not thinking about things unrelated to what he was doing, also when he is playing, that is all he is concerned about. This is important because it shows that he is switched on. Trait Anxiety Score Ari scored 31 in his trait anxiety score.

This was a very good score which was close to the perfect score of 21 out of a possible 84. This shows that Aris mental thoughts when it comes to feeling nervous, being totally alert and concentrating and lastly he feels he is good enough which shows in his anxiety levels before a game. Self Confidence Ari scored 17 in his self-confidence test. This was a decent score to have. This showed that he he was most of the time positive in his own attitude. He rarely felt nervous which is a positive, however he sometimes crumbles when the pressure is too much for him. That was his only area to improve.


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