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October 2, 2017 Health

In my MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery course of study of Community Medicine I was exposed multidisciplinary Fieldss of Public Health like Biostatistics, Behavioral Science, Demography, Maternal and Child Health, Epidemiology, Environmental and Occupational Health etc.Moreover, I besides had the opportunity to see the wellness attention installations of Bangladesh through several Day Visit Programs.I visited Dhaka City ‘s slum country, Institute of Public Health ( IPH ) , Dhaka ; International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh ( ICDDR, B ) and EPI ( Expanded Program on Immunization ) Centre, Dhaka.I have found this capable really demanding and pertinent to the present wellness state of affairs of our country.Through these visits I become interested in this topic.

My involvement in Public Health was further stimulated by my first field visit experience at Sreepur Upazilla as a portion of RFST ( Residential Field Site Training ) program.We performed a cross sectional survey on “ Psychosocial Assessment of Rural People of Bangladesh ” .That was the first clip I was introduced to Epidemiological study and worked utilizing SPSS to come in and analyse data.We were awarded the 2nd award for our distinguishable undertaking. During my arrangement I had found that most of these rural people were incognizant of the basic wellness regulations and therefore easy infected by many catching diseases.Their unhygienic life status, hapless sanitation, improper waste disposal and deficiency of consciousness of wellness related issues were responsible for broad prevalence of infective disease in the community.We gave them wellness instruction about nutrition, sanitation, safe H2O and personal hygiene, distributed ORS ( unwritten rehydration salt ) packages and encouraged them to seek early medical help.I was really aroused when they showed self-concern for safe environmental practice.With the aid of upazilla wellness officer, we guided them to put in H2O seal latrine.The RFST experience aroused my involvement in public health.Not merely that were we able to make something new but were besides able to assist the local population.By motivation and educating a group of people about wellness related jobs we could finally diminish the disease load in the community. I realize the importance of public wellness in our society.

In Ibrahim Medical College I have managed to keep the top place in my category during the whole undergraduate program.In the Final Professional MBBS ( Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery ) scrutiny, I stood foremost among 72 pupils in the college.Besides academic surveies I frequently volunteer to the BIRDEM General Hospital and Diabetic Association of Bangladesh ( DAB ) to take part in free wellness cantonments.

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After my completion of 5 old ages of medical class, I have started one twelvemonth rotatory internship preparation at BIRDEM ( Bangladesh Institute of Research and Rehabilitation of Diabetes, Endocrine and Metabolic Disorder ) General Hospital. As an intern physician in third degree infirmary, I have the chance to pull off patients with wide scope of illness.I was shocked at the predicament and agony of hapless patients with diabetes complications, babies with diarrhea and pneumonia, severe malnourished kids enfeebling from Kalazar, Helminthiasis and Tuberculosis, immature female parent referred with gestation complications.I have developed an effectual communicating accomplishment by interacting with patients of different socio economic conditions.During my strict internship preparation of 72hours/week, I ever consider rational intervention program and supportive advice.I believe that it is imperative to develop an effectual accomplishment in the field Preventive medical specialty to battle the prevailing wellness jeopardy in Bangladesh. An MPH grade with a major in Epidemiology will supply me a alone chance to analyze the incidence of disease and diminish the disease load from the community.

During my internship preparation in Gynaecology Department, I had made another field visit at Ramu Upazilla Health and Family Planning Complex, Cox ‘s Bazar. There I had the opportunity to work as a community doctor and observed the wellness attention bringing system in primary wellness complex.I was involved in supplying Essential Service Package ( ESP ) and Primary Health Care ( PHC ) to the local community.I organized a little group session with local people and traditional birth attender ( TBA ) to discourse on issues like household planning, generative and child wellness and referral cognition for pregnant mother.I found this treatment really effectual as most of them were nescient about modern wellness care.My community exposure and interaction with patients and wellness attention suppliers further escalate my passion in Public Health.

I will be take parting in a research undertaking on “ Identification and Magnitude of Antibiotic Prescription in Different Levels of Health Service Delivery Centres ” from November 2012.Under the supervising of Dept. of Microbiology, BIRDEM I will be working as a research helper to place the reason of antibiotic prescribed by physicians.I think it will be really effectual to better my accomplishments in the field if epidemiology and biometricss.

Bangladesh has made a sustained advancement in public wellness sector with precedence of issues like sanitation, commanding the spread of catching diseases, betterment of inoculation run etc.Working in both Upazilla and Tertiary level infirmary I think Public Health needs more attending at primary level.Lack of sufficient figure of community doctor and unequal wellness installations fail to supply quality wellness service to the rural people.I am determined to function my community as a public wellness doctor every bit good as research worker to place community wellness job and create consciousness of wellness related jobs among them.

Analyzing Epidemiology at Tulane University will be really esteemed and I am peculiarly excited by its service to planetary wellness community, diverse expertness, outstanding module, multicultural environment in campus and strength of it in Public Health field.I find my background on Public Health strong plenty to comprehend the basic rules of Epidemiology and its branches.As a doctor I am in a alone place of steering the wellness attention team.My clinical and field degree experience on tropical diseases will be effectual for theoretical apprehension and its application in research.I am excited that if I get into the plan I would hold the chance to lend to the bequest of Tulane University ‘s school of Public Health and Tropical Medicine.

Finally, I believe that being an academician in a reputed university will function my ultimate calling dream where I could be working towards the benefit of the society as a community physician.It is the responsibility of the physician to handle their patients in such a manner as to hold an impact non merely on that person but besides on community so that the society ‘s greater involvement is served.The chance to prosecute my alumnus survey in the Public Health Dept. of Tulane University will move as the origin of my dream towards a successful hereafter.


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