Pulse Polio Immunization Programme Health And Social Care Essay

This paper is written on the Pulse Polio Immunization Programme in India. The inside informations of the programme and history are besides explained for a better apprehension. The demand for societal mobilisation for the success of the programme and how it has schemes have been devised and implemented. The programme was initiated for contending against the possible dangers from infantile paralysis and assorted methods were used for accomplishing the mark that is to eliminate infantile paralysis from India.

About the programme

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Polio is a viral disease that spreads due to dirty conditions and improper sewerage intervention. The infection is caused by a virus called as Poliovirus and attacks the digestive piece of land. Initially the patient feels flu like symptoms so people do non recognize if it is the polio infection. Virus interrupts musculus signals, doing musculuss to turn slack and weak and leads to paralysing the individual. In certain instances there is natural recovery of organic structure, turning fresh nervus cells to replace the damaged 1s. In other cases, lasting palsy or disfiguration may ensue. It can be fatal besides if the infection reaches the encephalon or lungs. So fundamentally this disease needs to be prevented. As bar is ever better than remedy in instance of diseases and in the instance of infantile paralysis it is better to maintain a cheque. So need for obliteration of infantile paralysis was felt by the authorities of India and in the twelvemonth 1978 the inoculation against infantile paralysis was initiated under the Expanded Programme on Immunization.

By 1984 the coverage achieved was approximately 40 % of all the babies. Three doses of Oral Polio Vaccine were given to them. Now in 1985 the Universal Immunization Programme was launched in stages with an purpose of covering all the territories of India by 1990. In passage to the World Health Assembly Resolution of 1988 as an extension to disposal of everyday OPV through the Universal Immunization Program, the Pulse Polio Immunization ( PPI ) Programme was launched in 1995-96 to cover all kids below the age of three old ages by denominating two National Immunisation Days ( NIDs ) . The word PULSE stands for “ Post-resuscitation and Initial Utility in Life salvaging Attempts ” .

Since so the national immunization yearss have been conducted successfully. In 1996-97 the mark age group was increased from three old ages to five old ages to escalate the programme. All this attempt resulted into lessening in the figure of infantile paralysis instances reported over the old ages. The inoculations were given at fixed booths on two national immunisation yearss during the winter season. The coverage was nice but still the infantile paralysis transmittal was active in most of the provinces during 1998-99. In 1999, this programme was intensified in order to run into the planetary deadline.To achieve the planetary end of making zero incidence of infantile paralysis by 2000 the authorities of India adopted a scheme to escalate the procedure. The scheme consisted of four nation-wide PPI rounds in the months of October, November, December 2000 and January 2001 ; followed by two sub-national unit of ammunitions in 8 States of Assam, Bihar, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal and everyday immunisation, particularly in the hapless acting States. In the initial old ages even after a good coverage on an mean about six percent kids were being missed in the programme. Therefore in add-on to the booth immunisation, scheme was adopted to make every kid.

This house to house programme resulted in designation and inoculation 2.3 crore kids who had ne’er been vaccinated before. The planetary enterprise to eliminate infantile paralysis by the terminal of the twelvemonth 2000 is the largest international disease control attempt of all time. Most parts of the state have become polio free and widespread transmittal is restricted merely to the States of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh where 186 instances have been detected. India is still the largest infantile paralysis endemic state in the universe accounting for 20 % of the instances reported globally during 2000 ( till July 2000 ) chiefly on history of the state of affairs in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.

Some Challenges

The infantile paralysis obliteration programme in India has got a immense support of the Government of India and assorted strong attempts have been made to better the quality of the programme and bringing of the services. Attempts are made to beef up the auxiliary immunisation activities in the state. The eruption was controlled and the disease curtailed in merely two old ages from 1,600 instances in 159 territories in 2002, to 136 instances in 44 territories in 2004. The programme continued to construct on these accomplishments and reduced the figure of polio instances to the lowest degree of all time recorded in India. Initially this programme faced many challenges but steadfast stairss were taken to get the better of them. Assorted schemes were used to make the most interior parts of the state where it was most hard for the medical services to make and many kids were besides non acquiring such benefits. The advancement made since 2003 was most important as the figure of infantile paralysis victims were worsening twelvemonth by twelvemonth. This tendency of success in accomplishing the mark of eliminating infantile paralysis got a daze in the twelvemonth 2006 when the figure of instances started lifting alarmingly in western U.P and Bihar, presenting the biggest menace to the realisation of the end of a polio free India. As per the Department of Family Welfare there was an addition in figure of polio instances in India from three per centum to 26 per centum of the planetary instances. Maximal instances were reported from Uttar Pradesh and the muslim community had the maximal instances.

This was a serious issue as even after the Government was taking assorted steps to get the better of this job of infantile paralysis but still due to assorted societal mobilisation issues some sections of the society were left buttocks. So in the twelvemonth 2007 a province degree commission of assorted extremely learned and reputed muslim community leaders and bookmans was formed. The formation of the commission was done to turn to assorted issues changing from myths, false beliefs to resistance in the minority communities against the programme. The result of this mobilisation attempt was that about 90 per centum of the myths associated with the pulsation infantile paralysis programme were done off with and the engagement besides increased. The attempts made were sustainable as more effectual inoculations were introduced. The voluntaries carried out the undertaking of mobilising people by sing every house and taging down the figure of kids below five old ages of age and giving them dose. But subsequently in 2007 more instances were observed of different type of polio infection. So more effectual vaccinums were introduced and the run was intensified to do the provinces as polio-free. The migratory households were besides taken under the programme and proper inoculations are given so that they do non go the bearers of infantile paralysis. Most of the state by now is polio-free with the transmittal merely being restricted chiefly to the provinces of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. This being such a monolithic run needs full clip committedness and schemes need to be updated seasonably to confront the environmental uncertainnesss.

Mobilization Attempts

The success of the programme depends upon the degree of awareness spread among people about the issue. It was a large challenge for Ministry of Health & A ; Family Welfare to mobilise people and do them understand the menaces posed by infantile paralysis. Initially the inoculations were given on two peculiar decided day of the months. Now to mobilise people and do them come to the inoculation booth was a tough undertaking. The bend up of people was low ab initio due to assorted factors like spiritual myths, deficiency of trust, inaccessibility of clip etc. So the ministry took assorted stairss to control these jobs. A huge run was launched nationally to mobilise people and dispersed consciousness about the plan. The most intensive print media run was chalked out for Pulse Polio Immunization. The run was made in a record clip through a series of imperativeness Ads, 5 different postings and a individual sheeter in English, Hindi and 11 regional linguistic communications. Imperativeness advertizements, audio-visual AIDSs like wireless, intelligence channels, amusement channels and newspapers in all regional linguistic communications were used as medium to distribute consciousness on Pulse Polio Immunization.

4.1 Print Media

The postings were made utilizing largely pictures demoing babies and little kids taking the infantile paralysis drops to mobilise the mass. Presentments about the national immunisation yearss and advertizements were on a regular basis printed in assorted national and local newspapers.

4.2 Ocular Aid

Ads were aired on the telecasting many times in a twenty-four hours so that everyone is able to watch it. Celebrities like Amitabh Bachchan, Sachin Tendulkar and many other popular film stars and cricketers were shown in the advertizements giving message to the people to come frontward and take part in the immunisation programme so that we all can together eliminate the disease from the state and have healthy kids, healthy state.

Doordarshan has been allocated 40 video musca volitanss for the Pulse-Polio Programme for production in Hindi every bit good as in the regional linguistic communications in the twelvemonth 1995-96. In add-on 12 audio musca volitanss and one on mark free attack. Five 30 minute movies dubbed in regional linguistic communications and assorted exhibitions are performed.

4.3 Public Health Centres

The physicians, nurses and medical staff besides contribute in distributing consciousness about the pulse infantile paralysis run. The vaccinums are made available to the people through the channel of the public wellness Centres and the asha workers besides visit each house and educate people about the possible menaces from infantile paralysis.

These promotional schemes were used by the ministry for societal influence which consequences in an single following the attitude advocated by the communicator. The procedure of societal influence helps in associating the famous person advertisement with the mass even though there is barely any interaction between the famous person and the consumer. But still they help in the internalisation procedure. The persons adopt the behavior being promoted as they view it as an honest and sincere behaviour on the portion of famous person. As these advertizements were used to mobilise the people and come frontward to contend from the disease, so people besides viewed it as a baronial gesture. Public wellness programmes sometimes simply convey the information but at times fail to trip the behavioral alteration in people.

The motivation behind the message can non be achieved merely by go throughing information. If the premise that single will alter their behavior every bit shortly as they come to cognize about the possible danger from the disease does non ensue fruitful. Rather people merely view it as merely another piece of information. For positive and effectual alterations to happen people need to be motivated and educated decently about the sick effects of go oning with the nescient attitude.

The behavioral alterations can non be forced but instead should be instigated. In the instance of immunisation, cognition and information entirely are non sufficient plenty to take to coveted behavioral alterations. The job is in quandary in happening of diseases. Peoples have an feeling that the disease may or may non happen and if the vaccinums are given at the clip of birth so they assume that the farther doses are non necessary. In world the immunisation is really of import for the babies till five old ages of age so that the opportunities of developing polio disease can be negated. The job is that as persons the demand for preventative behavior is non felt even if the demand is recognized. In instance of Pulse Polio the consciousness was spread through advertizements in such a mode that straight affects the person ‘s thought procedure and instigates them to follow the alterations.

Change in Strategy

When in 2000 the instances of infantile paralysis started coming up at a fast gait so the Government had to alter the vaccinums and present better quality merchandises. As due to the new infantile paralysis instances in the provinces of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar people ‘s trust on the vaccinums got shaken. So as per the suggestions from the World Health Organization the quality of the vaccinums was improved.

Some more challenges

Several territories in western Uttar Pradesh consist of Muslim population with good Numberss of Muslims in rural countries. Similar were the scenario in the metropoliss like Moradabad, Rampur, Bareilly and Badaun. Since the early 2000s confirmed instances of infantile paralysis in India have been progressively and disproportionately amongst Muslim kids and by 2007 Muslim kids accounted for 94 % of confirmed instances. The account given for this form was that the Muslim kids are less likely than others to have the infantile paralysis bead. In response to this a really high-profile public consciousness run – the “ underserved scheme ” was initiated which included assorted famous persons, community leaders and local voluntaries which spread the consciousness messages in the infantile paralysis hot musca volitanss. Muslims in western UP were known to be alienated from Bharatiya Janata Party authoritiess at the province and national degrees until 2004, but outstanding Islamic establishments gave their support and madrasas hosted pulse infantile paralysis squads.

The instances of infantile paralysis are lifting and most of those identified with wild infantile paralysiss are Muslims who already have had many doses of vaccinum. Hence more of the similar inoculations were non traveling to work out the job. The demand of the hr is to recognize that infantile paralysis can non be eradicated, and that be aftering must travel towards a everyday immunization programme that covers all kids against all catching and preventable diseases. This procedure requires a reallocation of resources off from the high profile but finally bare pulse infantile paralysis enterprise into revitalizing the public wellness services of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. Investing more money is non traveling to work out the jobs they face, but more money will surely assist. The pulse infantile paralysis activities are organized on a monthly footing to cover all the kids.

It was observed that some of the major grounds for non-acceptance of PPI were deficiency of information, unwellness of the kid, absence of the kid on the “ PPI twenty-four hours ” , deficiency of religion in immunisation and fright of inauspicious reaction. There was manpower deficit in signifier of voluntaries from community were responsible for lower coverage at booths in many topographic points. Lack of community engagement, hapless community mobilisation and untrained inoculators were responsible for low coverage.

Some stairss taken

For polio obliteration deployment of extra forces to high hazard countries is required and for enhanced societal mobilisation attempts targeted at making population groups missed during old unit of ammunitions, usage of nomadic squads to immunize kids at theodolite points and on traveling trains, and increased battle and answerability of political leaders and of wellness staff at all degrees required to be implemented. “ Communities where societal mobilisation activities are conducted are systematically less likely to decline OPV, more likely to go to booths and more likely to describe positive attitudes towards OPV and higher perceptual experience of infantile paralysis hazard, compared with households in communities without these activities, therefore lending to take down incidence. In four bad territories of Uttar Pradesh where societal mobilisation activities were conducted, the figure of wild poliovirus instances dropped from 116 to 49 and there was a important addition in booth coverage between 50 and 57 % , compared with 19- 35 % at territory degree. ” ( Source: An article by Patricia Jeffery, Roger Jeffery )

There are ways in which we can increase the booth attending. Puppet/theatre shows, picture new waves and other common people media activities held in more than 3500 small towns in Uttar Pradesh, contributed to a 20 % addition in booth attending.

Television and wireless are the chief beginning of information for infantile paralysis unit of ammunition. In present survey among booth service utilisers, wellness worker or anganwadi worker and telecasting were chief beginning of information for pulsation infantile paralysis unit of ammunition. The chief bureau responsible for circulating information about PPI was identified to be the multipurpose wellness workers during house to house activity, few unimmunised kids were found. The grounds are kids non at place at clip of visit of wellness squad, parents were non at place, non cognizant of infantile paralysis unit of ammunition or they were excessively busy. Polio obliteration activities in India have provided successful operational theoretical accounts for riddance of transmittal in many other countries of the universe.

Particular runs were launched for societal mobilisation for Pulse Polio Immunization ( PPI ) Programme. Social mobilisation for the Pulse Polio Immunization Programme has been marked as extremely successful by assorted bureaus those who have assessed the programme.


For any wellness programme to be successful assorted factors are taken into consideration and the success in besides measured based on those factors merely. Still there is a demand for leaving more cognition to the weaker subdivision of the society who are illiterate and edge with many tabus.

When this run is exercised and participated by everyone so merely it will be possible to eliminate it globally.



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