Purple hibiscus made me realise many things

Purple hibiscus made me realise many things, It made me realise that there are still so many issues in our world that are ignored, like domestic violence, government not looking out for their people.The issue in purple hibiscus that touched me the most was the father beating his children and treating his children like they were not children.In my opinion children should be left to figure out who they wanna be, and who they wanna believe in and should not be beaten because they don’t believe in what you believe in as strongly.what hurt me the most about the book was the fact that the father would not let the children get to know their their grandfather just because he had certain opinions of him. Depriving children of being kids and letting them know their family is to me the biggest mistake you can make. psycological cruelty is one of the hardest things a children could deal with, and for a father to put both his children and his wife through the was shocking

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