Q1. insecurity among the workers. His second

April 7, 2019 Management

Q1. Describe the motivational problems of the staff at Health-Time using Maslow’s Needs Hierarchy.
Ans. When Matt took the job as a manager Health-Time was not in good shape financially. When he took the job as a manager he firstly reduced the management staff. This created a feeling of insecurity among the workers. His second action of stopping the idle chatter completely taking some of the receptions chance to interact with other people. This created an unfriendly environment at the work place. After all these when he called general meeting and there also he was in managerial role rather than being friendly. He just discussed the laws to be followed and telling them what to do. He did not gave his workers any kind of respect or recognition for what they have done and then moving on to what could be done to make them even better at their jobs.
Initially when he became manager although he has reached his self-actualization but his members were not. He must have realized that before being manager he was their friends also. Too much law enforcement at once became the matter of self-esteem for the employees. Thus his actions became the motivational problem for the staffs since from the feeling of insecurity of job, making the unfriendly environment to the point of self-respect all were the consequences of his actions.
Now according to Maslow people are motivated to move up the hierarchy toward a level of self-actualization. He believed a person cannot become self-actualized if any of the hierarchy is broken. Matt made the same mistake. In process of self-actuating his employee he did not paid attention regarding the other hierarchical steps such as safety needs, belonging needs and esteem needs.
Q2. What strategies would you recommend to Matt to deal with the problem?
Ans. Firstly, I would suggest Matt to adopt a collegiate role rather than authoritative role. He must have realized that before being manager he was their colleague. He should have taken following steps-
1. He should have taken a survey regarding the problem faced by employees and Health Care Center.
2. Then he should call for general meeting and discuss what the employees have done for the institution, where they and institution are facing problem and how they how they can short it out. In meeting he may have provides sweat-shirts, phones etc.
3. Then he should go for a feedback of what employees feel about Heath Care, how they think daily run of Heath care could be increased. What goals they have set regarding their work .How they can achieve them.
4. Then he should have made slow changes in accordance with customer and employee needs.
In conclusion, I would like to suggest that as a manager he should have given a sense of accomplishment to the employees that they were one of the big reason their company is that much popular.


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