Q5 improve. For example, a client comes

b) Reviewing our own practice can be difficult to do as first we need to admit our reflecting and evaluation and what we need, what went wrong and how to improve.

For example, a client comes through the door of the salon and it’s a busy day and it’s a new client, left waiting a while at reception so I go up to her and take her coat and rush ahead of her telling her to follow and seat her at the basin, then after the client did get her hair washed she wasn’t asked about her hair during that process wasn’t offered any products but was given a good blowdry .
On reflection:
• I realised I didn’t get the clients name
• shes a new client and I rushed her down to the basins
• I don’t even know what service she’s having done so if
• I don’t know who’s looking after the client

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• How uncomfortable the client felt, I wasn’t very welcoming to the client, I never even asked her name. I rushed ahead of her expecting her to know where she was to go, I sat her at the basin without even asking the client what service she was having, never discussed products and told her where to sit without assisting her. I never told her who was looking after her. Although the client was happy with the blowdry she didn’t have a nice experience at the basins and her blowdry experience was ruined by the previous steps.
• Most definitely a client lost forever

What should I have done and what can I learn from this and improve the next time.
• Ensure that the receptionist is there at all time to cover the desk, if on lunch mark myself out or someone to cover the desk during lunch breaks.
• Ensure that the place is inviting not only to your new client but to those client who visit the salon on weekly, fortnightly, monthly basis.
• Ensure to ask the client her name and confirm her service in case she has changed her mind.
• Ensure to take the client coat and seat her in the waiting area until you have advise the stylist that she is there and what service she is having.
• Ensure to ask the client if she wishes to have something to drink and some magazine while she is waiting.
• Ensure to seat the client in appropriate seat and to wait patiently as you walk a slight distance ahead to the seating area.
• Ensure to dress her client appropriately for her service i.e. towel, gown etc
• Ensure that whoever the stylist was that she spoke to her client, introduced herself/himself and spoke about her service and the condition of her hair before shampooing.
• Ensure that whoever was shampooing the client was advised by the stylist on what products to use and explain to the client why these products are used and the benefits.
• After completing the shampooing experience which should be a lovely relaxing experience the stylist or junior to assist the client to the seat and prep the client for the stylist and await instruction if needed. If not then advise the client the stylist i.e. Niamh or mary will be with you in a few minutes can I get anything else for you.
• Advise the stylist her client is washed with appropriate shampoo and conditioner as advised.
• Let stylist finish the service the client required.
• Ensure that the client is brought to the desk and presented with her jacked and ask if there is any products or future bookings required.
• Ensure to tell the client she looks amazing and wish her a pleasant day.

This will make the client feel relaxed, welcome and appreciated and well looked after giving her an overall happy experience in the salon This can be a very fearful experience especially for a new client who has never been in the salon before.
By evaluating these changes and implementing them you have done everything to ensure that this client return and maybe next time will want another service included. It is also important to remember that your loyal customer should also be made to feel like this as it can become a habit to say to a loyal customer ‘same as last time’ and over time that customer feel like she wants something new but because you haven’t asked her she just goes along with the same old thing. Eventually that client will see someone else with something new that might have gotten it in another salon and goes elsewhere. Remember don’t allow you to get caught up on regular client call them loyal customer and look after them like new client every time.


1.1 Roles and responsibilities in teaching cover a wide range of topics from
• Assessment
• Organizing and planning
• Mentor
• Health and safety
• Additional Needs
• Evaluator
• Researcher
• Motivation
The roles of a teacher in assessment is preparing what curriculum the learners need to follow and how to proceed. Initial and diagnostic assessments are important showcasing how the progression of the learners is doing and how to receive and deliver their instructions. As mentioning before assessment can be done in varies ways this can be done by continuous multiple-choice questions, projects, group exercises, work experience, case studies etc. It is responsibility of the teacher to ensure that each assessment is delivered and understood clearly to the learners and by following up on the assessment the teacher can view who is improving and who needs more help and support.
Organizing and planning
Organization skills and planning is vital to any teachers work ethic as this is what help set up their curriculum from that start and maps out their workload for their course. It is the responsibility of the teacher to make sure that they hand out the appropriate course materials including assignments and projects and relevant information needed for the learners to follow and find the necessary resources to help complete their course.
As a teacher you are also a mentor to these learners and they look to you for guidance, support, acknowledgment to help them successfully complete their course. It is the responsibilities for the teacher as a mentor to ensure that there is an open-door policy for their learners and not be afraid to come and ask questions or support. As a mentor you are responsible to ensure that the learners build a good rapport and confidence with you and feel respected as an individual and are valued on this course. The learners should feel that their opinion matters even if it differs from the teachers. As a mentor you have to show the learners how to handle real life situations within the work place environment and how to handle any issues that can occur during them.

Health and Safety
Healthy and safety is significant policy within any industry and for a teacher it is their role and responsibility to explain this to the learners during their course. Healthy ; Safety is not just about the emergency exits, tea and coffee area, toilet, meeting point. It is also about safety within the workplace and how we must follow procedure in accordance to the health and safety act 2001. The teacher needs the learners to understand that the health and Safety procedures are there to protect both the client, the learner, teachers, stylist and the salon and if you carry out proper safety measurements then the injury amounts will be low to minimum. The teacher needs to show the learners how to carry out risks within the work place and to identify risks through risk assessment. By carrying out these risk assessments you can clearly see what the dangers are and how you can avoid them. This can be done in a group exercise or as an individual task or project.

Additional Needs
Additional needs must be considered and reviewed as part of the role and responsibility of any teachers. This area is very board and there is a lot to cover from disability needs, educational needs, environmental needs, personal needs etc.
Disability needs can be visual or non-visual, so it is important during the interviewing assessment that you identify any needs possible for the safety and comfort for the learner. Disability might be a learner having a limp, so it would be more suitable to place the learner on the outside near the front, so they don’t have to walk so far or cross over people. Disability could be dyslexic so colourful sheets would be an advantage so it is important as a teacher to find out as much information as possible so you can provide the best possible outcome for the learner.
Educational needs are important when it comes to learning and for the learners this is



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