Qatar Petroleum Essay

August 14, 2017 Management

Qatar Petroleum aims at keeping high degree of safety by seeking to make a zero degree of people and environmental injury. The company uses Electronic Document Management System ( EDMS ) to keep its day-to-day operations. The methods helps them to salvage their paperss in an organized format. recover them for hereafter usage portion and utilize them. They besides have a squad which holds regular studies of the whole crude oil works particularly of the grapevines.

A record of all their day-to-day activities is kept utilizing the EDMS system as mentioned above. A study on the organisations activities can be obtained from their web site every bit good as a book written by P. Tuson Records of Qatar: primary paperss. 1820-1960 ; erectile dysfunction. P. Tuson. Archive edns. 1991. ( 8v ) . Since any oil company poses legion menaces. benchmarks have been set to avoid them or cut down their occurance.

Restrictions have been set on their enlargement. to portion mproved thoughts and information. keep an unbreachable security cheques and register them on a regular basis. Workers undergo regular physical check-ups and their protective suits are besides on a regular basis scrutinized for emanation incursion. There are besides regular cheques held by the authorities to guarantee all the safety activities are being followed on a regular basis. Qatar Petroleum is nevertheless non free from menaces. Any oil company. Qatar being the biggest is susceptible to terrorist onslaught as the devastation caused will be monolithic. eading to a high decease rate and heavy fiscal losingss.

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Avoiding invasion will be hard as these companies are located by the sea and distant countries. The onslaught can be on refineries. distribution system. nautical conveyance. developmental and geographic expedition sites. Oil companies pose their ain menace excessively as any mistake in the whole works. being of the minutest nature. can take to the same type of harm as would be caused by any terrorist onslaught.


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