Qualities of a nurse with a BSN as a Mentor Essay

October 1, 2017 Nursing

Qualities of a nurse with a BSN as a Mentor

The nurse I chose as a wise man has fantastic qualities that I hope to hold after I besides obtain a BSN. She shows great communicating between nurses. physicians. and households. She is able to explicate any state of affairs in a professional manor. Her assurance is shown through her professionalism. for illustration. when she addresses information of medicine and disease procedure to a household. she explains exhaustively. which builds trust with the household. shows her assurance and answerability. and she takes the clip shows attention. I know that being a nurse is a nerve-racking occupation but nurses are able to happen emotional stableness and this nurse does merely that by happening the balance of being happy in one room of a patient who was merely extubated and making good. so she will travel to her following patient who isn’t making every bit good and have empathy for the household. she says the right things. maintain her ain emotions stable and nonjudgmental. and changes her whole thought procedure room to room.

She pays attending to detail by detecting the incorrect medicine dosage before giving to a patient. She has great problem-solving accomplishments by assisting occupants and physicians come up with solutions in critical state of affairss. she has speedy responses with injury. For illustration. she noticed something non right with her patient after a certain IV medicine was given. She shows regard to all medical staff and households by remaining professional. civilization sensitive. and ever shows a positive attitude. I have observed nurses with ADN and nurses with BSN’s. and I have noticed that BSN nurse show more professionalism in the infirmary scene.

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She believes that nursing is a committedness of service and the desire to assist those in demand. It is more than handling an unwellness. she is focused on presenting quality patient attention to each patient. Her doctrine of nursing combines the cognition of medical specialty with compassion and regard. She has leading accomplishments that were learned through her instruction. patients are her figure one precedence. collaborates with the health care squad. gives support. sensitive to patient’s demands. and shows congratulationss to other co-workers. She works for the best involvement for the patient. such as when she does non hold with an order written for a patient she will oppugn the order and take action when needed.

She besides shows her leading accomplishments through organizing leading meetings on ways to better employee and patient satisfaction for our unit. She strives to better countries on our unit that deficiency strength and finds solutions to do it better. Her properties are what I am endeavoring for my life long ends as I become a nurse with a BSN. The qualities that I have observed and the influence instilled through this nurse added with the instruction South University will be learning me. will assist me win as a professional nurse with a BSN. Not merely will this add to my personal doctrine but besides my ain personal experiences as a current nurse and my willingness to continually larn. listen. accept advice. regard others beliefs. and work with others in any environment given ( adaptability ) . I look frontward to progressing my accomplishment and succeeding as a professional nurse and go oning my instruction.

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