Quality Enhancement Policy Essay

September 11, 2017 Human Resources

1. 1 – Introduction and Background

The Government of Pakistan established Higher Education Commission ( HEC ) in 2002 to ease growing of autochthonal universities of Pakistan to go centres of quality of instruction and research and development. Though this procedure. HEC aims to play its function in edifice of knowledge-based economic system in Pakistan. In order to accomplish this end. HEC has undertaken a systematic program of execution that is 5year Average Term Development Framework ( MTDF ) . The chief purpose of HEC was to concentrate on quality and relevancy ( HEC. 2010 ) . The nucleus strategic countries of MTDF are:

1- Faculty development

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2- Improving registration

3- Quality in larning and research

4- Importance to national program

These programs are supported by well-integrated crosscutting subjects for developing leading. administration and direction. heightening quality appraisal and accreditation. and physical and technological substructure development. ( Batool. 2010 ) .

HEC introduces quality sweetening cell in universities for keeping and bettering the academic quality in the state by set uping that standards are being met and educational activities are besides in an understanding with the programs of the committee. Harmonizing to international patterns and development. HEC improves programs in order to more better the criterions. HEC intends to accomplish excellence in the higher instruction and by taking major enterprises to develop the public presentation of universities and started up with the primary measure of sketching the public presentation rating criterions for the universities. For this. Numberss of paperss are defined. every papers of these articulates a elaborate component of the institutional quality. Therefor these paperss are every bit of import for accomplishing the coveted enfranchisements to quality sweetening in higher instruction ( Batool. 2010 ) .

Self-Assessment is an indispensable component in finishing the HEC acknowledgment. The recommendations for Self-Assessment are published as “The Manual for Self-Assessment” for the intent of execution at section / programed degree in the universities. The complete patterns of Internal Quality Assurance ( IQA ) are controlled by the QECs established under the umbrella of the Quality Assurance Agency ( QAA ) of HEC at the universities and accordingly develop an built-in portion of the universities concerned. Furthermore the QECs besides work in direction with mandate organic structures to do the procedure of plan degree accreditation.

However. the institutional act of rating has many more measurings with greater complexness. ( HEC. 2006 ) . This thesis defines the Institutional public presentation rating criterions and to do certain that quality constitution is certified by the HEC for the universities. The institutional act appraisal comes under the Purview of the HEC whereas this procedure is dated by the consequences of IQA Exercise done by the universities through execution of the “Self-Assessment Model” . The effects of Self-Assessment will hold to the procedure of Performance Evaluation Standards for the HEIs to be directed by the HEC in line with best performs of External Quality Assurance ( Raouf. 2010 ) .

The Higher Education Commission is working for uninterrupted betterment of these criterions and their effectivity. The HEC through QAA will measure single establishments sporadically established on the public presentation rating criterions defined here. These periodic reappraisals will be shown from side to side an agreement of On-Site Assessment by Performance Assessment Teams under the way of QAA. The quality criterions observed by a university will be documented merely as a consequence of successful public presentation appraisal reviews through rating of institutional successes against pre-defined rules ( HEC. 2011 ) .

To prolong academic quality and criterions in higher instruction the establishments need to be professional. originative and advanced. The vision. mission and aims are the indispensable values when applied in its rule. examined and measured are likely to be fruitful. The motive of delegating all these motions and using them under the authorization of QEC is non merely to stress on keeping the best module. administrative staff and pupils but to be best in research. emerging interdisciplinary classs. academic public presentation. strategic and incorporate academic planning ( GCU. 2011 )

Quality in academic development means understanding of all the stakeholders where the challenge is to present instruction which is continuously bettering and is at the same degree with the international criterions. In recent old ages it has become a demand that establishments of higher instruction demonstrate the success of their academic plans in supplying high quality instruction that impacts the concerned stakeholders. The Higher Education Commission develops methods for measuring the quality of academic plans ( Kanwal. 2007 ) .

Furthermore with the constitution of Quality Assurance Agencies at Higher Education Commission. it was decided in the National Quality Assurance Committee ( NQAC ) meeting that Quality Enhancement Cells will be established at all universities to do stronger the internal quality confidence process with a particular accent on the quality of higher instruction to make full the spread between the cardinal and the coveted position of quality instruction. ( HEC. 2011 ) .

The affair of quality is being known as the major issue facing the higher instruction sector in the Medium Term Development Framework ( MTDF ) . Therefore. to heighten the quality of end product and efficiency of the higher instruction larning systems. a mechanism for the constitution of QECs has been developed by the Quality Assurance Committee to better the criterions of quality of higher instruction in a systematic manner with uniformity across the state.

The Higher Education Commission ( HEC ) established Quality Enhancement Cells ( QECs ) at 10 public sector universities in 2006-07 whereas in 2007-08 more 20 QECs were established in the staying public sector universities for sweetening of their academic. instruction and acquisition criterions. The QEC household is being extended to extra 15 public sectors and 15 private sector universities in 2009-10 and 20 four in public sector universities in 2010-11 ( Zafar. 2006 ) . At the minute. the HEC has given inducements to promote research. appoint foreign module. financess for workshops and conferences. and allowing scholarship to travel overseas to show research or make postgraduate research. It shows the deep concern of HEC sing QA.

The quality of research is a particular focal point and HEC has developed a zero-tolerance policy for plagiarism. ( kanwal. 2007 ) It has established a QA Cell that states the necessity to better a civilization of appraisal is ever together with the construct of quality. Both internal self-evaluation and external reappraisals are dynamic constituents of any well-developed quality confidence system. It is wholly critical to supervise and command growing of sub-standard establishments of higher acquisition. A comprehensive multi-level mechanism of accreditation is to be developed to do certain constitution of quality instruction. Qualification needs to happen at the section or plan degree. every bit good as the Institutional degree. ( HEC. 2011 )


1. The Quality Enhancement Cell ( QEC ) is to be supervised by a Dean coverage straight to Vice Chancellor/Rector. 2. QEC is responsible for keeping public assurance that the quality and criterions of the wages of grades are improved and secured. 3. QEC is responsible for the reappraisal of quality criterions and the quality of instruction and acquisition in each capable country. 4. QEC is responsible for the appraisal of academic associations with other establishments in footings of effectual direction of criterions and quality of plans. 5. QEC is responsible for indispensable clear and expressed criterions as points of mention to the ratings to be carried out. It should besides assist the employees to cognize as to what they could anticipate from campaigners. 6. QEC is responsible to better makings model by puting out the qualities and accomplishments that can be expected from the holder of a making. i. e. Bachelors. Bachelor with Honors. Master’s. M. Phil. . and Doctoral. 7. QEC is responsible to better plan makings.

These are standard set of information clear uping what cognition. apprehension. accomplishments and other qualities a pupil will hold developed on successfully finishing a Degree. 8. QEC is responsible to better quality confidence procedures and methods of appraisal to confirm that the quality of proviso and the criterion of awards are being maintained and to further a plan of survey. capable and staff development. together with research and other academic activities. 9. QEC is responsible to do certain that the university’s quality confidence techniques are designed to suit in with the agreements in topographic point nationally for keeping and bettering the quality of Higher Education. 10. QEC is responsible to develop processs for the followers:

a ) . New plans blessing
B ) . Annual monitoring and rating including plan. module. and pupils supervising perceptual experience.
degree Celsius ) . Departmental appraisal
vitamin E ) . Student remark
degree Fahrenheit ) . Remarks of Employer
g ) . Quality confidence of Master’s. M. Phil and Ph. D. grade Programs
H ) . Review of Subjects
I ) . Institutional appraisal
J ) . Program specifications
K ) . Qualification model

Universities play a important function in the overall development of a state. their significance lies non merely in supplying grades. but besides in bring forthing quality human resources for assorted zones of the economic system ( GIKI. 2011 ) . To win this end. Quality Assurance Agency ( QAA ) has designed some steering rule to measure the quality of instruction in Pakistan to the of all time altering conditions and planetary demands ( HEC. 2011 ) .

It is province that Higher Education’s alone and symbolic stage is Quality Enhancement in Pakistan by IMscience that Importance of Quality can be understood from the fact that rapid development in higher instruction requires Quality Assurance in order to set up with current degrees of academic criterions and better modern acquisition procedures ( IMScience. 2011 ) .


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