Quality Innovation Process Of Eastman Kodak Commerce Essay

As a Chief executive officer of the Eastman Kodak, I have analyzed the job countries of the company and so often I have discussed the issues like the planetary recession of the company, with the direction. The combined determination devising is really critical for the better public presentation of the company. As the chief issue country of the Eastman Kodak is its low net income border and portion monetary value due to the recession, therefore it is the demand of the hr to present a good organized invention procedure of the Eastman Kodak. For this intent I have described the undermentioned invention procedure of the Eastman Kodak to work out out the job of the Eastman Kodak. The invention procedure of the Eastman Kodak consists of the undermentioned cardinal factors.

2.1 Mission of the Eastman Kodak

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2.2 Vision of Eastman Kodak

The account of these cardinal factors of the invention procedure is as follow

Mission of the Eastman Kodak

The mission statement is designed to draw together an organisation ‘s vision, values and scheme. Mission statement tells the wide intent of the operation. It gives a frame work into which specific aims and undertaking will suit.

Kodak has program to turn more quickly than its rivals by supplying clients with the solutions they need to capture, shop, procedure, end product and communicate images. anyplace, anytime. We will deduce our competitory advantage by presenting differentiated, cost-efficient solutions. Including consumables, hardware, package, systems and services. rapidly and with unflawed quality. All this is thanks to our diverse squad of energetic, results-oriented employees with the first endowment and accomplishments necessary to prolong Kodak as the universe leader in imagination.

When the company will supply the better and advanced merchandises and services to its clients, so it will non merely keep its current clients but besides the new possible client and concern will be started to increase the market portion and portion monetary value of the Eastman Kodak. However Eastman Kodak is concentrating on its short term mission at the minute i.e. to increase its portion monetary value and to get the better of the recession jobs. hypertext transfer protocol: //www.kodak.com/US/en/corp/careers/why/newvaluesmission.jhtml? pq-path=2217/923/10669/10677

Vision of Eastman Kodak

A vision statement can be seen as a sense of intent that draws together all parts of an organisation ‘s attempts. The vision statement of the Eastman Kodak is

Eastman Kodak Company is to do mensurable betterments in the wellness, safety and environmental facets of our merchandises, services and operations – and to make so continually.

“ To recognize this vision, all Kodak operations and employees around the universe work together to protect the quality of the environment and the wellness and safety of our employees, clients, and neighbours. As a strategic model to maintain us on the way to our ends, we have established a company Health, Safety and Environmental Policy and Guiding Principles based on a series of Corporate Responsibility Principles ” . hypertext transfer protocol: //wwwuk.kodak.com/US/en/corp/HSE/VisionStrategy.jhtml? pq-path=7285

Chapter 3

3.0 Formulation of Innovation Strategies

“ Invention is the transition of new cognition into new merchandises and services. Innovation is about making value and increasing productiveness, and hence turning your concern ” hypertext transfer protocol: //www.1000ventures.com/business_guide/innovation_mgmt_main.html

These invention schemes will supply aid to the company to increase its net income, market portion, and gaining per portion as compared to its rivals. The invention schemes of the Eastman Kodak include the undermentioned sub- advanced schemes.

3.1 Advanced endeavor schemes

3.2 Advanced corporate growing schemes

3.3 Advanced venture Schemes

3.4 Advanced competitory schemes

These invention schemes that will supply a basic substructure to CEO of the company and the inside informations of these invention schemes are as follow.

3.1 Advanced endeavor schemes

The advanced endeavor schemes provide the sustainable competitory advantage to the company. Successful companies focus their attempts strategically all over the universe. The Eastman Kodak Company should put a stretch exercising, non a fit exercising. To run into and transcend client satisfaction, the whole squad of the Eastman Kodak needs to follow an overall organisational scheme. For this intent, the CEO will interact with my direction that they may explicate that scheme for the endeavor which adds value for the targeted clients over the long tally by systematically run intoing their demands better than the rivals of the Eastman Kodak. The advanced endeavor schemes will supply the manner to the Eastman Kodak to point itself towards the market in which it operates and toward the other companies in the market topographic point against which it competes.

The invention schemes will supply the undermentioned advantages to Eastman Kodak.

Supply the beginnings of competitory advantages to the Eastman Kodak.

Supply the secure place to the company to keep its sustainability among the rivals.

Describe the cardinal strategic precedences of the company.

3.2 Advanced corporate growing schemes

“ Advanced corporate growing scheme is a practical attack to accomplishing top-line growing and bottom-line consequences ” .

hypertext transfer protocol: //www.accenture.com/Global/Research_and_Insights/Outlook/By_Subject/Innovation/OutlookPOVMovingPerformance.htm

To accomplish and prolong high public presentation, invention must travel beyond opportunity. The best companies put in topographic point the constructions, procedures and conditions that increase the likeliness that invention will happen over the long tally. The Chief executive officer of the company will implement the advanced growing scheme in add-on with efficient engineering scheme and speedy velocity of presenting the merchandises into the market. The corporate growing schemes depend upon the cognition, non upon the hardware.

The advanced corporate growing scheme will assist the CEO and the direction to reexamine or reformed their corporate policy and authorise the direction of the corporate. For this intent, the company can utilize the thin six sigma attack because Lean Six Sigma reach back to the clip when the greatest force per unit area for quality and velocity are on fabrication. Six Sigma emphasizes the demand to acknowledge chances and eliminates defects as defined by the clients.

The advanced growing schemes of the Eastman Kodak can extinguish its planetary recession as these schemes focus on the concern growing by increasing the client added values. Following are the cardinal variables and advantages of the advanced corporate growing schemes.

Addition in client added value

Pull offing invention and package cardinal skills together development

New extremely disaggregated concern units or subordinates will organize

Global outsourcing and service trading on immense graduated table

The success of the corporate prevarications in apprehension, integrating and ability to pull off rational, proficient and advanced resources.

3.3 Advanced venture Schemes

The advanced venture schemes are those schemes which help an organisation to do its confederation or ventures in whole concern or some of the concern ‘ units. The Eastman Kodak Company can do its venture or confederation within its weaker continents and markets. For this intent, the CEO of the company will seek to do a joint venture of the Eastman Kodak with any other company related to its industry. The net income borders of the Eastman Kodak Company are already under force per unit area at the minute and there is possibility that the joint venture can be suited for the company and the loss or failure of the concern in these continents could be recovered. ( Jane Henry & A ; David Mayle, 2nd edition )

The advanced venture schemes can be helpful for Eastman Kodak to supply competitory advantage and for this intent the stockholder value need sustainable competitory advantage, which distinguish the company from its rivals, and supply positive economic benefits Eastman Kodak can acquire competitory advantage and distinction by placing new merchandises and services, get downing from nucleus capablenesss within the companies who have succeeded to bring forth new markets. Advanced venture schemes would be resulted in the better nucleus competences for the company and its portion monetary value in its lupus erythematosus profitable continents may increase.

3.4 Advanced competitory schemes

Eastman Kodak can get the better of the major job of its planetary concern recession by explicating and implementing the advanced competitory schemes. The market rival schemes can be utile in the subject of implementing advanced competitory schemes. Many market rivals have gained land or even overtaken the leader. For this intent, Eastman Kodak should follow the market disputing techniques of some good reputed companies.

Example of competitory schemes

Toyota is bring forthing more than General Motors and British Airways flies more international riders than the former leader, Pan Am, did in its flower. Airbus delivers more aircraft than Boeing. Rivals like Airbus set high aspirations, leveraging their resources while the market leader frequently runs the concern as usual.

A market rival must foremost specify its strategic aims and its most purpose should be to increase the market portion. Same like Toyota, Eastman Kodak can assail its market leader in its low net income parts, but this may be hazardous for Eastman Kodak and can be resulted in the favour of Eastman Kodak if the leader is non analysing the rival ‘s tendency and desires. ( Philip Kotler, 12th edition )

Chapter 4

Opportunities to better fight of Eastman Kodak

Following are the chances to better the fight of the Eastman Kodak Company 4.1 By Six Sigma

The direction of the Eastman Kodak Company can better its fight within its leading. The leading of the Eastman Kodak Company can be increased by presenting the advanced and competitory briefing. For this intent, the attack of Six Sigma is really utile. Six Sigma is a proactive agency of accomplishing in all concern procedures and step the public presentation or betterment in the economic net income. Six Sigma is a methodological analysis for prosecuting uninterrupted quality betterment and cut down built-in variableness. This attack develops the penetrations of client outlooks in the personality of the leaders of the company. The leaders of the Eastman Kodak can implement the basic methodological analysis of Six Sigma by taking right procedure for the concern determinations within Eastman Kodak. Six sigma provides common ends to the leaders and attacks to job work outing within the company. The leaders of Eastman Kodak can develop a movable cognition to al degrees of employees and the lesson of the employees will heighten which will be better for the efficiency of the company and it can vie with its rivals in an appropriate mode. Six sigma attack is the most effectual manner to increase the public presentation of the concern of Eastman Kodak and its client quality. hypertext transfer protocol: //www.pstc.org/papers/pdfs/Osten.pdf


The public presentation and quality of the Eastman Kodak merchandises can be increased by implementing the tacit and expressed invention. Tacit cognition underlies many competitory capablenesss. Tacit cognition with advanced manners can supply a deeper penetration to the direction and CEO into the operations and patterns of the company. The company should follow the advanced tacit cognition which includes relationship, norms, values and standard operating processs. Pull offing silent cognition is a important challenge in the concern universe and it requires more than mere consciousness of barriers. Directors and invention squad leaders can utilize silent cognition to help convergent thought by making steering visions and constructs for squads involved in invention.

The Eastman Kodak Company can better its public presentation, portion monetary value and market portion within its regional markets by presenting the techniques of invention within its expressed cognition. As invention is the first application of cognition in practical usage. The environment of the Eastman Kodak should be capable to get planetary cognition. The company should concentrate to acquire cognition into usage instead than merely making the cognition. The company can implement its advanced explicit cognition within its merchandises every bit good as services for the better fight into the local and planetary markets.

hypertext transfer protocol: //info.worldbank.org/etools/docs/library/239735/DahlmanInnovationinAfrica.pdf


Creativity means that systems are able to self-evolve without any external intercession. Then we could specify a system as originative in instance it is able to germinate in a non known, non predetermined and non definable manner. In other words it is non possible to anticipate system ‘s behaviour merely sing its input. The Eastman Kodak Company can better its creativeness by presenting and making the advanced features in the persons and full organisation to achieve the advantage over its rivals in its local and planetary markets. The undermentioned tabular array is demoing the creativeness of the persons and the full organisation with regard to their low and high parametric quantities and factors of creativeness.

Individual creativeness



Organizational creativeness


Organizations based on uninterrupted development, on systematic research of efficiency

Successful organisations

High rate of inventions


Few inventions, merely imitations

Not effectual organisations.

Low rate of inventions, sometimes extremist, based on entrepreneurial spirit of persons

hypertext transfer protocol: //www.diegm.uniud.it/create/Handbook/management/1_2OrganizationalCreativity2.htm


The civilization of the Eastman Kodak has leading and trueness for employees. The old CEO of the has build up a alone organisational civilization for the Eastman Kodak Company in which the company is learned from its errors, and the advanced growing of the company is made by developing the strong R & A ; D environment in the company.

The CEO of Eastman Kodak should present the advanced and organisational developed civilization in the organisational which would do advanced and flexible alteration bearing organisation.

The new CEO and the direction must be devoted to offer a strong and good organized cultural environment in the Eastman Kodak where all employees flourish, and Human Resource policies, worker direction and senior leading shore up this end. The visual image of the company must be empower and modern thoughts creative activity for the full organisation.

An comprehensive civilization for the Eastman Kodak can be build on the Human Resources Principles for the intent to value the self-esteem and significance of persons, promote the proposals of each employee, challenge character capablenesss and offer indistinguishable opportunity.


The direction of Eastman Kodak wants to make an Informal Information System which may portion the information with the employees and acquire a feedback from them. For this purpose the direction develops an Informal information System and that system tells us the figure of people who want to portion the information, the sum of information to portion, and the sum of the clip available for sharing this information. This system shows that the cardinal factor that, how much involvement everyone has in utilizing mail system to portion information and this degree of involvement so influences how many people portion information and how much clip they spend making it. The diagrammatic representation of that system is every bit follow ;


Peoples Time


Interest in sharing information

( The Informal Information System by Virginia Anderson & A ; Lauren Johnson )

Harmonizing to Stephen P. Robbins and Mary Coulter, organisational civilization is a system of shared significance and beliefs held by organisational members that determines, in big grade, how employees act.

Management of Eastman Kodak can construct a strong organisational civilization in footings of developing work specialisation, departmentalization, and concatenation of bid, span of control, decentalisation and formalisation in the environment of the company. Management of the Eastman Kodak can change one or more of these structural bids, e.g. the departmental duties of the Eastman Kodak could be combined, organisational degree eliminated, or span of control widened to do Eastman Kodak flatter and less bureaucratic. The direction of Eastman Kodak can increase the decentalisation of power to do its determination devising faster.


“ The direction of Eastman Kodak should concentrate on its weak countries and revise its planning and scheme in its low profitable continents such as Europe. More the mark focal point consequences more the sophisticated and customized the Eastman Kodak will be ” .

( David L. Kurtz 2nd edition )

In this epoch of engineering, globalisation and patterned advance, all the entities of Supply Chain Management, clients, consumers etc, want comfort and convenience. Eastman Kodak is supplying all these installations up to the satisfaction of its Supply Chain, but the of import thing is the consistence in supplying the convenience to all of its Supply Chain Management, purchasers, consumers, clients and prospected clients. The factor of handiness can give the superior border to the Eastman Kodak in the development of its market portion Eastman Kodak should be convenience supplier in every facet of its competences such as dividends supplying, wages of employees, environment friendly, wellness and safety Torahs, internal and outside environment of the company, supplying services to the consumers and clients, covering with its providers, competitions among its rivals. By making all of these ethical issues of convenience over all the continents, the planetary image of the Eastman Kodak will be enhanced and the market portion and nucleus competences of the company will increase.

Customers want to reach what they wish for and who they wish for anytime, anyplace from anyplace. Eastman Kodak should concentrate on the convergence oriented and this convergence can be attained by concentrating the current and possible clients. The direction and the new CEO must concentrate on this convergence factor by giving every bit attending to the markets of all the parts. “ Innovation, horizontal and perpendicular growing in all the continents can be the cardinal tools to achieving the concentration of the key clients and concern groups in the scenario of the globalisation ” .

The market portion and portion monetary value of the Eastman Kodak can be increased by strong advertisement runs. For this intent, the company should utilize every major medium to present their message to the clients. The suited channels of advertisement for the Eastman Kodak could be telecasting, cyberspace, magazines, newspapers, bearer bags and hoardings. When people listen and view the strong advertisement of any merchandise, so they buy the merchandise and if the merchandise or service lucifers their outlook, so they becomes the regular consumer of that merchandise and the mind of those consumers turned into their trueness with that merchandise or service.

Chapter 5

5.0 SWOT Analysis

5.1 Strengths

Kodak is the first company who developed foremost mega pel electronic image detector with 1.4 million pels

Kodak ahs launched a series of variegation enterprises in imagination and life scientific disciplines with several new imaging ventures

Kodak got a prima place in commercial imagination system that scanned, edited and prepare images for publishing

Kodak has launched a figure of new merchandises for electronic publication, scanning and redacting for the printing and publication industry, including image nexus.

Kodak has become a leader in image storage and retrieval systems

Its information system provided computer-assisted storage and retrieval of microfilm image

Kodak has a scope of informations storage devices

Kodak is providing batteries and videocassettes with the joint venture of Matsushita

Kodak has acquired IBM ‘s duplicator services concern

5.2 Failings

Kodak has been confronting jobs in supplying the image engineering to its clients

The barbarous net income borders in some markets resulted by the Kodak ‘s deficiency of experience with prostration of the photographic concern.

Kodak has a deficiency of schemes to differ its digital concern from its traditional concern

5.3 Opportunities

With the aid of its digital concern, its gross will be grown

Its new digital imagination can give it edge over its rivals

Kodak can achieve maximal net income by supplying mass production at low cost

Can further growing and development through go oning research

Reinvesting net incomes to construct and widen the concern

5.4 Menaces

Different and complicated market of digital imagination

Strong array of rivals

Still sculpt uncertainties are existed about the Kodak ‘s future capablenesss

Chapter 6

6.0 Decision

Eastman Kodak is one of the most advanced company of the last century

Eastman Kodak has an evolving civilization, but the parametric quantities of that civilization are traditional based

Eastman Kodak has supportive direction environment and its has efficient TQM

The company has long term partnerships with its clients and providers

Eastman Kodak has slow growing in Europe and has less net income border in these parts

Many senior directors left the company due to inefficient attack of old Chief executive officer

The new CEO has introduced Quality based advanced schemes to increase the market portion of the company

Strong advertisement is adopted by the company to increase its gross revenues gross by the new Chief executive officer

The company is concentrating on its better quality to achieve possible concern and clients

Chapter 7


The direction of the company should trust on their ain regulations and ordinances to beef up the company instead than practising the experiments

Eastman Kodak should maintain its scheme to present the innovative and new merchandise into the market

The Eastman Kodak should follow the more quality based competitory scheme to go market leader in the Europe market

Eastman Kodak can follow the market rival scheme in the European market but this scheme is based on the high hazard and high return engagement

The company can do confederation or venture with its taking rival in its low net income parts and markets

The company should follow low cost scheme to achieve maximal market portion

The benchmarking of the cost leader company can be chosen by the direction of the company to achieve more net income and concern

The company should present the luxury merchandises for position quo people

The company should affect all of its employees in the determination devising and this technique will beef up the company

The company should pull more people to put in the company through its commercialisation and advertisement run.

Chapter 8



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