Queen Latifah: CoverGirl Intense ShadowBlast Essay

October 20, 2017 Cultural

The CoverGirl ad from March 2012 includes a image of Queen Latifah in a grey background with her green oculus shadow. Queen Latifah has little brown eyes with long curly black ciliums. She has a beautiful large smiling with glistening white dentitions. Queen Latifah besides has a lovely brace of little gold unit of ammunition swinging earrings in her ears. The word “CoverGirl” is written in large bold green latter across her brow. all to better her visual aspect. Queen Latifah is written in little green letters underneath in the right manus corner.

The exposure shooting is from her caput to her shoulders. merely plenty for her viewing audiences to concentrate on CoverGirls’s merchandise. Queen Latifah appears to be have oning an olive green shirt. the same colour as CoverGirl’s merchandise. with her hair pulled back into a long pony tail. The advertizement efficaciously uses Son. ethos. and poignancy to convert the viewing audiences to purchase CoverGirl merchandises. His first entreaty is hown by utilizing Sons to give the viewing audiences resonoing to purchase CoverGirl merchandises. CoverGirl claims that their merchandises are for adult females of any and all skin types or cultural backgrounds.

The ad provinces. “fadeproof. waterproof and ignore proof” . which is used to depict the merchandise that they are publicizing CoverGirl mascara. This merchandise hs been around for a long peasant and is rapisdly turning and adulthood it is really iverse. coverGir provinces fadeproof becase thet claim that their merchandise will remain on the face regarldless of how long it is worn for that fairy. amd it withstands sudating or shouting. Waterproof would be for those who need It to remain on when it rains or they they go for a swim.

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Ignore cogent evidence is the smooth look an natural beauty expression that it crates for their face and makes them look like a tue wueen. or look every bit beautiful as Quwes Latifah looks in the ad. There are assorted things that people look to accomplish when ising do up or mascara and this ad identified the top three/ it identifies that purchasers would non jave to worry abiut it melting. rinsing off. or traveling unnoticed. The 2nd entreaty I ethos. which is used to convert the viewing audiences to purchase CoverGirl merchandises.

The ad was supported by utilizing a really persuasice and authorising actress and theoretical account for the company. age-related macular degeneration in my voiew. she is a large influence to the companies gross revenues. coverGirl is one of the more popular make-up companies. which many famous persons us aling with other consumers. In my sentiment thisis to acquire consumers attending so that hey would see their favourite famous person utilizing CoverGirl. and hop ethat he consumer seeing the ad might believe in nd bargain thir merchandise. The ad advertises by stating. “if it is good for Hollywood it is good plenty for me” .

CoverGirl uses famous persons to advance their merchandises because hthey are cognizant that the viewing audiences will purchase it if they believe famous persons are ising the merchandises. Finally the usage of poignancy is showed by quwwn latifah emotions in the ad. Queen latifah looks really satisfied with her fadeproof. waterproof and ignore cogent evidence make-up and mascara. She has the brightest and prettiest smiling of all time which allowed me ad many others to look up to it and thin toward buying the merchandise. which is what the company is trusting for.

Queen latifah’s face looks maturally beautiful. which is what covergirl is truly taking for. Covergirl is widely known and respected cosmetics company. They typically uses celebrated actresses and theoretical accounts in their advertizement to carry the viewing audiences to purchase their merchandises. The covergirl and makes queen latifah expression superior to her natural beauty. The logic behind this is that the viewing audiences saw and thought that if they use the covergirl merchandise. they could look every bit beautiful as queen latifah did in the ad.

In coclusion. the advertizement affectively uses Son. ethos. and poignancy to convert viewing audiences to purchase covergirl merchandises that are fadeproof. waterproof and ignore cogent evidence. Logos is used to demo why the viewing audiences should swear covergirl merchandises. Ethos convinces the viewing audiences to purchase covergirl merchandise by utilizing a wellknown actress and theoretical account names queen latifah to publicize their merchandise. Pathos shows how the merchandise is fulfilling queen latifah by her emotions in the ad. The advertizement demo how hearty and trusty covergirl merchandise truly is.


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