Question 1 a

March 6, 2019 Cultural

Question 1
a) Analyze how an organization’s culture, politics and power influence individual and team behavior and performance. (12 marks)

The so-called organizational culture means the behavior norms of enterprises or other organizations. The effect of the organizational culture bring to the organization may be positive or negative. Organization should create a good and positive organizational culture, because good organizational culture will bring a lot of benefits to an organization. On the contrary, bad organizational culture will lead an organization turn towards failure.

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Culture impact on employee:
Employees feel themselves are very valued in a strong organizational culture. They will feel enjoy but not powerless if they have at least some control over their jobs. No matter it’s by working at home or trying out a new role, employees that who feel themselves are valued will make decisions to achieve a higher performance. Not only that, the strong organizational culture also giving opportunities to employees to grow. Some of the organization repute that they should provide some beneficial programs to employees, such as offering promotions, career development programs, or training programs. All of these programs can keep employees motivated-which in turn and improve their performance. When all employees are uniting, they will put more effort to achieve organizational goals.

Cultural effects on performance:
One thing is certain, that is if employees feel that they are part of the organizational culture, they will enjoy the work and perform better. No matter how introverted a person is, he or she still needs to feel that he is part of a bigger thing, a thing that is worth 40 hours of wasted every week. This feeling also adds another problem: people need to see a goal, really start sweating and tears, and create something great. As part of their love of culture, this is a good goal.

Culture effect on team performance:
Different employees will have different effect by organizational cultures. By the same token, controlled organizational culture is not for strengthened and creative people. Different organizational cultures are suitable for any types of team. Success or fail of organization is depending on the way things are done within the organization.
Organization politics refers to the pursuit of personal agendas and personal interests in organizations, regardless of their impact on the organization’s efforts to achieve its goals.

Organizational politics often has negative implications because of the negative influences associated with a person’s attempt to reach the top goal. There is a fine line between persuasion and manipulation, and negative connotations exist because there are few bad guys who use immoral tactics in their pursuit. Beth Wiesen Berger asserts that everyone is involved in organizational politics. Even you are an employee who trying to not be noticed, you will also have an agenda because that you wanted to remain your position.

Effect of politics to employee:
Politics has changed the attitude of employees. Even serious employees lose interest in work and go to work just for work. Internal politics does not allow employees to pay 100% of their work. Regardless of how hard it is for employees to work, it will not be noticed in a politically-driven organization.

Effect of politics to performance:
According to the investigation, employees that who like to play organizational politics will pay less attention on their work. They spend a lot of times on organizational politics but not on their own jobs. This will lead to employees’ productivity become low and will be effect company productivity further. Not only this, employees can be fail to achieve their targets, and delayed the progress rate of their organization.

Effect of politics to team behavior:
Organizational politics will effect on team behavior is because organizational politics will leads to a negative environment at the workplace. Organizational politics will also spoils the relationships between employees. Nobody will like to get along with employees that who like to playing organizational politics.

Reward power arises from the ability of a person to influence the allocation of incentives in an organization. These incentives include salary increments, positive appraisals and promotions. In an organization, people who wield reward power tend to influence the actions of other employees. Reward power, if used well, greatly motivates employees. But if it’s applied through favoritism, reward power can greatly demoralize employees and diminish their output.

Effect of power to employee:
Reward system will bring motivation to employees. Some of the organization has not provided reward to employee that who are very industrious and also employees that who achieve target. This will lead organizational lose their royal employees, because no even one employee will feel happy with jobs that they can’t get relatively rewards. Reward will motivate employees put more effort on their jobs, because they know the only way to get effort is hardworking. Employees will not feel bored when they are doing their jobs.

Effect of power to performance:
Reward system will increase productivity of employees and also their performance. Not only that, reward system also increase overall reduce turnover, boost morale and loyalty, improve employee wellness and increase retention.

Effect of power to team behavior:
Reward system contribution a lot of benefit, but this system also bring disadvantage to team behavior which is destroy the relationship between employees. Some of the employees will do unethical things to achieve their own demand; this will destroy the relationship between employees, and lead to bad atmosphere at workplace.

b) Critically analyses how the culture, politics, and power of an organization can influence individual and team behavior and performance. (6 marks)

Example of how politics can influence team behavior:
May and Aida are employees at the ABC Company and same department. Aida found out that May will have an opportunity to promotion, and her jealous about May. Aida start to play politics, such as framed and slander May. Whole department are in bad atmosphere just because of the competitive between May and Aida.

Example of how power can influence individual:
Vivian is an employee at AAA Company, she are a employee that who love the jobs. This is because her company have reward system, company will reward employee that who can achieve goals. This system motivate Vivian very much, and also make Vivian work very hard. Not only Vivian will get benefit in this system, company will also get profit with the effort of Vivian contribute.

Example of how culture can influence performance:
Siti is a Malay people who don’t know how to speak English, and after graduate from secondary school, she go to U.S.A to work. But in workplace, her colleague not often talk with her because of they don’t know how to communicate. This will influence Siti performance.


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