Racial Profiling Essay

August 5, 2018 Religion

A individual should non be judged due to their visual aspect. Today skin colour makes you a suspect in America. It makes you more likely to be stopped. more likely to be searched. and more likely to be arrested and imprisoned. When constabulary officers stop or charge a individual based on their race ; that’s racial profiling. Racial profiling has been happening around the state for old ages. Statisticss show that if a Caucasic adult male and an African American adult male are both driving a nice auto and hurrying at the same clip ; the constabulary officer is most likely to halt the Afro-american adult male. Not merely is racial profiling incorrect. but is disrespectful to minorities. and should be illegal throughout America. Racial profiling should be illegal because it causes uncomfortableness and humiliation to many minority citizens. deficiency of integrity in the American people. and the possibility of existent felons acquiring off because he is non a minority therefore going a menace to society.

Racial profiling causes a immense uncomfortableness and humiliation to many minority citizens. New Jersey functionaries admitted to racial profiling on April 20. 1999. The study showed that racial profiling patterns in New Jersey are non merely an penetration. The study recognized the targeting of African American and Latino drivers to cavalrymans who abused their places by disregarding the rights of minorities. Police officers don’t understand how degrading and mortifying this can be. Yes racial profiling can be used by states to contend offenses therefore giving security to its citizens. but it besides causes a uncomfortableness to minorities.

Additionally. the more constabularies continue to collar citizens based on their race. cultural background. and religion the more we lack unity in America. When constabulary officers offend minorities by racial profiling. it makes the state split even more. You would believe that after the civil rights motion people would go as one ; nevertheless. racial profiling merely makes it worse. How can we unify as a state if we can non look past the surface? Racial profiling is a great splitter among the people in America ; if America can non look past its differences this job will decline. and so America. the land of the great. will fall. Don’t inquire what the constabulary can make to do the state of affairs better-but what can we make to assist the constabularies make the state of affairs better!

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The Possibility of existent felons acquiring off is going a menace to society because constabulary are overlooking the fact that he or she is non a minority. If a investigator is given a description that does non include the ethnicity of the suspect. they automatically search for a suspect that has the ethical background of the African American. or Latino decent. This happens because African-Americans and Hispanics are known for doing the most offenses. which is why we need to halt the racial profiling. With that being said. this inevitably neglects all the possible suspects who are non of the minority decent. Even though racial profiling is used by constabulary to contract down their hunt for the possible suspects. minority citizens become more intensified with the fact that they are the 1s being targeted and accused for such offenses that they did non commit.

To reason. racial profiling is a struggle all around America. We as citizens in America need to our best to halt racial profiling ; I reiterate we need to seek our best to halt racial profiling! I heard this quotation mark one time “United we stand. but divided we fall. ” This quotation mark should press you to desire to set an terminal to racial profiling. Racial profiling is something that may ne’er halt in America. It is incorrect and unfair. Still. it is something deserving contending for. for the many who suffer because of the job and for this state in general. Everyone has different sentiments on Racial Profiling. some people say there are benefits or others have negative impacts on racial profiling.


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