Racism Alive in America Essay

October 11, 2017 Cultural

Racism is said to be complex and difficult to qualify nevertheless it is obvious that it is alive and still traveling on. Racism was said to hold ended in the early 1960’s when equity for all was the statement. Are we all equal here in America? What happened to “We the People of the United States” ? However even now in 2012 racism is alive and traveling strong. Most people say let’s non do it about race yet in America everyone is non treated every bit. There are so many unfairnesss in America for minorities from racial profiling. to the lodging equality. even to the President now that we have and African America president.

Merely since January of this twelvemonth at that place have been several unfairnesss around the universe non merely with African Americans but to all minorities. Minorities are African American. Hispanics. Indians. and Arabs. Racial Profiling Racial Profiling. although it is illegal. is a signifier of favoritism in which a person’s race or cultural background is cause for them to be considered a suspect. Right now there is a instance of unfairness in Sanford Florida. On February 26. 2012 a 17 twelvemonth old immature adult male by the name of Trayvon Martin was gun down because he was in a rich country and was have oning a hoodie.

His life was taken because he was “WWB” walking while black. He was racially profiled because the neighbour he was walking in was and upscale country. Martin was sing his male parent in Sanford when he was shot to decease by vicinity ticker voluntary George Zimmerman. The unarmed adolescent was returning from a local 7-Eleven transporting merely Skittles and an iced tea at the clip of the shot. I can’t believe that in more than five decennaries we are still non handling everyone every bit. There are other signifiers of racial profiling such as “DWB” driving while black.

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This means that African Americans are targeted and stopped by jurisprudence enforcement more frequently because of their race and non for traffic misdemeanors. After watching an ABC special on DWB and acquiring the information that profiling is still traveling on even after the jurisprudence is to be in consequence. Studies show that African Americans are more likely to be stopped and hunt because of being targeted by jurisprudence enforcement. Just in the province of Maryland on I-95 72 % of the drivers that have been stopped or pulled over were African Americans.

Thankss to all the Civil Rights lawyers for educating the African American community with the cognition of their rights. If you feel you are stopped due to racial profiling be cognizant you are non required give permission to seek your auto courteously say no. Make non reason or arouse the constabulary if they try to intimidate you. Make note of location. clip of twenty-four hours. officer’s name. badge figure. squad auto and file ailment if you feel you was mistreated. ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. ethnicmajority. com/racial_profiling. htm ) .

In 1995 a State Trooper filed a jurisprudence suit against his section because he refused to do illegal Michigans of Blacks and Hispanics in order to run into his quotas for apprehensions. The caput of New Jersey province constabulary Carl Williams. is quoted in stating “that cocaine and marihuana sellers were most likely to be either black or Hispanic” to the Newark Star- Ledger. An invitation to patrol examination is being a black driver. ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. parry. org/1999/06/15/driving-while-black/ ) Another type of profiling is called “FWA” winging while Arab.

Since September 11th there have be racial profiling in the airdromes as good. Some believe racial profiling justified. some even say they are ashamed but still do it. Former President Clinton is Quoted in stating “racial profiling is morally indefensible” . Kennedy besides stated “”Racial profiling toxicants the H2O. It’s one of the things that makes racial minorities distrust the constabulary and that makes their work more difficult” . Let’s stop judging a book by its screen. Racial Housing Discrimination

In 1968 Congress enacted the just lodging Act which stated that all Americans no affair what race. faith non sexual inception everyone has an equal right to have a place. In 2005 the lodging market fail due to mortgage fraud and to purchasing more than one can afford. Surveies suggest that the additions for minority groups having or buying a house. addition from 1995 to 2004. were disproportionately tied to loosen up loaning criterions and subprime loans. In 2008 the homeownership for African Americans declined by 43. 5 per centum.

Unlike John McKinley. most minorities are non able to understand what they are subscribing. Mr. McKinley. an African American. after reexamining the loan that was drawn up for him and was told that it was a 30 twelvemonth hole discovered that it was a 10 twelvemonth hole rate that would increase his involvement so he declined the understanding. In those few old ages of addition minority homeownership. the African American and Latino people who merely desiring to populate the American dream of having their ain place lives began to crumple. ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. usatoday. com/money/economy/housing/2007-04-25-subprime-minorities-usat_N. thulium )

What is a subprime loan? “Well a subprime loan is a type of loan that is offered at a rate above prime to persons who do non measure up for premier rate loans. Quite frequently. subprime borrowers are frequently turned away from traditional loaners because of their low recognition evaluations or other factors that suggest that they have a sensible opportunity of defaulting on the debt repayment” . ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. investopedia. com/terms/s/subprimeloan. asp # ixzz1qXGXjGzP ) . Harmonizing to Pew Hispanic Center African Americans and native Latinos has increased in the economic downswing so those of White persons.

Surveies show that Hispanics and African Americans are twice every bit likely to hold subprime loans as Whites even if they are in the same income bracket. Compared to the 17 per centum of White persons in 2006 that took subprime loans minorities were 52 per centum. This information shows how small or no down payment for minorities with low recognition tonss lead to the high rate of foreclosures in the U. S. In 2007 compared to the 12 per centum of Whites rejected Latinos and African Americans were 26 per centum and 30 per centum. ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. nytimes. com/2009/05/13/us/13homeowner. hypertext markup language? r=1 ) “The determination by some Bankss to non follow the FHA’s policy is cutting qualified borrowers off from accessing recognition. and in making so. doing injury to their ability to thrive. construct wealth and for our economic system to turn. ” NCRC president and main executive John Taylor said in a statement.

How are minorities able to avoid being fooled into subprime loans? President Obama Who is President Obama? Where did he come from? What did he make to the American people to do them disrespect him in so many ways? What elf-respecting individual would hackle the President of the United States? He is the commanding officer and head the adult male elected to office in 2008 right. Since President Obama has been in off the Republican Party has been more focussed on acquiring him out of office alternatively of assisting and reconstructing the economic system. Sadly the within and outside of the GOP most of the racialist and disrespectful messaging are embraced. Reaching the history of the last 43 presidents none of them have gone through such scrutiny as President Obama. The barbarous onslaughts on the race of this president and his married woman have been called violative and inappropriate.

The Republican Party commission member that it was amusing plenty to distribute a raciest electronic mail. picturing a household portrayal of apes. with President Obama’s face in the topographic point of the infant ape of the household. The exposure has a caption at the underside that reads. “Now you know why no birth certification. ” The racism is so atrocious to the fact that two curates in 2009 came frontward saying that they pray Obama would decease. Pastor Anderson of Phoenix Arizona inquire his fold to fall in him in a supplication to stop President Obamas life.

This curate is besides quoted in stating “I hope that God strikes Barack Obama with encephalon malignant neoplastic disease so he can decease like Ted Kennedy and I hope it happens today. ” he said. “I’m gon na pray that he dies and goes to hell when I go to bed tonight. That’s what I’m gon na pray. ” Why would any God fearing adult male of God wish decease to another human being? The term “tar baby” has long been used as a derogative term to cite black people. taken from the narratives of an old black male character named Uncle Remus. We are in the twelvemonth 2012 and still covering with racism.

We all have the same type of variety meats. castanetss. and blood. Why does it count that our tegument is a darker shadiness? Does the colour of our tegument truly do us inferior? I have ne’er seen any other Presidents in the yesteryear that has been so disrespected in the history of Presidency. With groups like the Tea Party. doing statements like. “We want our state back! . ” members of the black community have begun to oppugn whether these looks are code words for desiring America to return to a land that promoted racial segregation and black subjugation.


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