Racism in Fried Green Tomatoes

January 20, 2017 General Studies

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In the book “Fried Green Tomatoes- racism plays a vital part in the telling of the story, we have an encounter with the KKK, Big George is on trial for murder though the counsel of the Prosecution only have evidence against Idgie, and Artis is thrown into jail because he????? attempted to murder a city official with a deadly weapon. In the next part I will describe how the four main characters of the book, Evelyn, Ninny, Idgie and Ruth view coloured people.

Evelyn: she does not have anything against coloured people, and has never used the word nigger, but then again she has never really had any contact with coloured people other than, “just getting to know the maid or maids of friends- (p.307 l.19). But her parents has made her afraid of black men, mostly her mother because she would get hysterical whenever there was a coloured man in the neighbourhood. Evelyn has throughout her youth always followed the majority, and they were always of the belief that the coloured people in their town were, ” happy the way they are- (p.308 l.31). She believes that the coloured people have more fun then the white, and despite her fear she actually says to Ninny, “I wish I was black- (p.302 l.15). Her constant visits with Ninny, who told all the wonderful stories with Big George, Sipsey and the other coloured people in Whistle Stop, suddenly makes her face her fear, and that is when she goes to the Martin Luther King Memorial Baptist Church(which is the largest black church in Birmingham). When she is lead to her seat she is very nervous and uncomfortable, but as the ceremony begins she suddenly overcomes her fear of coloured people, and when she leaves the church she is a completely new person, she is free.

Ninny: she has been growing up with coloured people around her, and has no bad feelings toward any coloured person at all, she even says to Evelyn, ” there is not a person alive that can tell me that coloured people hate white people I’ve seen too many sweet ones in life to believe that- (p.


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