Radical Expressions With Square Roots English Language Essay

By August 17, 2017 English Language

In this paper, we will research Extremist looks and the battalion of lessons affecting these looks. We will be traveling through five subdivisions affecting extremist looks with the aid of on-line pictures. Each picture explains a lesson from each subdivision ; we explain the strengths and failings of each picture and so compare and contrast the pictures in each given subdivision. The most common inquiry that may originate when believing about comparing and contrasting the picture is, “ Which 1 explains the lesson the best? ” In order to make up one’s mind which is better, we have made a simple list of makings that we believe qualifies a picture as a good math lesson picture. The makings for a good math lesson picture are as follows:

( 1 ) Easy to follow and understand ; ( 2 ) Use of ocular assistance, which would be the existent resolution of the equation or other attach toing ocular AIDSs ; ( 3 ) Multiple equations/examples given to explicate the construct being taught ; ( 4 ) Measure by measure instructions.

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Section # 1: Simplifying extremist looks with square roots and cubed roots

Video # 1 Short Analysis: hypertext transfer protocol: //tinyurl.com/d7mn6v7

In the picture, “ Simplifying Square Root & A ; Cube Root with Variables ” we found more strengths than failings. One strength of the picture was its slow, bit-by-bit instructions. The velocity of the lesson was really easy to maintain up with and ne’er went excessively fast. It was besides improbably thorough in its description of the procedure. All the footings and stairss were explained in great item and the talker spoke clearly. Another strength this picture possessed was its usage of ocular AIDSs. The chief ocular assistance was the usage of different colored pencils/pens. The usage of this ocular assistance caught the viewing audiences ‘ attending and for ocular scholars particularly, it helped the person split up the lesson in a manner that may be easier to understand the way of the lesson. The lone two existent failings would be the length and sum of inquiries. It is a slow lesson, which would assist most people, but it could be excessively slow for some people. The length of the picture is 10 proceedingss, which would likely be excessively much clip spent on merely two inquiries. In this sum of clip, we had expected more inquiries. The picture exhaustively covered the aims of the lesson ( simplifying extremist looks with square roots and cubed roots ) and it met our makings, but as stated earlier, it could hold more inquiries and spent less clip.

Video # 2 Short Analysis: hypertext transfer protocol: //tinyurl.com/aonjdlv

In the picture, “ 31-Simplifying Extremist Expressions, ” we one time once more found rather a few strengths and really few failings. One strength of this picture is the attack of lesson. The observer was interesting to listen to and the usage of ocular AIDSs ( images and the overall alive show ) were entertaining and could assist some viewing audiences, who are more ocular scholars, absorb more of the lesson. The combination of these factors made this video different from what a normal talk would be like. Another one of the strengths of this picture was foregrounding of each measure. Similar to the usage of other ocular AIDSs, it helps the spectator follow the instructions and gaining controls their attending. For people who learn better through verbal agencies, the picture was clear, apprehensible, and was in sync with what was traveling on in the lesson. The lone existent failing that we noticed would be the lifes. They do capture the attending of the spectator, but it could besides stop up deflecting them from the lesson all-together. Besides, the overall thought of watching an alive lesson may be silly to some viewing audiences, particularly the grownup or college educated viewing audiences. The lesson in the picture was really luxuriant, traveling measure by measure, and it covered a broad diverseness of jobs. The picture met our all of our makings.

Compare and Contrast:

When looking at both pictures, the differences are easy to see. The first picture is much longer than the 2nd picture, which could be either good or bad, depending wholly on the individual sing the lesson picture. The 2nd picture was animated, and overall, much more appealing to the oculus when it comes to the ocular facet of both pictures. The first 1 was similar to our traditional talk, whereas the 2nd picture was interested in doing the lesson more merriment. The similarities between the pictures are that the lessons were good taught, and easy to understand. We believe the construct in this subdivision came across really clearly, with really small room for misconstruing. After looking at both the strengths and failing of each picture, we believe that the 2nd picture, “ 31-Simplifying Extremist Expressions, ” was the best picture overall in learning the lesson for this subdivision.

Section # 2: Write extremist looks with or without rational advocates, without negative advocates, and simplify if possible.

Video # 1 Short Analysis: hypertext transfer protocol: //tinyurl.com/bgbgso3

In the picture, “ Level 3 advocates ” we found more strengths than failings. One of the strengths of the picture that it was really elaborate. The lesson was easy to follow and was n’t excessively fast. The picture used ocular AIDSs. The ocular assistance was the usage of different colourss. The usage of this ocular helped us maintain path of which illustrations where which and what he was making with the job. The failing of this picture would be the length. This picture uses largely illustrations for the length of the picture, which some people may happen helpful but the figure of jobs could hold been cut. In this sum of clip, we had expected more inquiries. The picture exhaustively covered the aim and it met our makings but could hold had more direction.

Video # 2 Short Analysis: hypertext transfer protocol: //tinyurl.com/aqkjc4z

The picture, “ Simplifying Extremist Expressions affecting Variables- illustration 3, ” meets the makings we set up for the picture. It is easy to follow, uses ocular assistance, illustrations and direction. The picture is short and uses merely one illustration but the illustration is really complex and defines the aim. The job was worked in a manner where the bit-by-bit direction made the picture easy to understand.

Compare and Contrast:

I thought the picture, “ Level 3 Advocates, ” was more effectual than the picture, “ Simplifying Extremist Expression Involving Variables-Example 3, ” because it had more illustrations and a stronger lineation of the lesson. The picture started with simple jobs come oning to more complicated jobs. The direction was helpful every bit good. Both of the videos meet the makings our group put together. We thought the first picture was more thorough in demoing the procedure of composing groups without rational advocates and without negative advocates. The 2nd picture was really to the point with multiple footings to work within the job.

Section # 3: Use the Torahs of advocates to simplify extremist advocates.

Video # 1 Short Analysis: hypertext transfer protocol: //tinyurl.com/aupez2a

Within the picture, “ Rational advocates and exponent Torahs, ” there are multiple strengths and failings. First, one failing and besides a strength, depending on your general acquisition type would be that it was multiple illustrations, merely one illustration at a clip. Now, in general this would n’t needfully ever be a great facet, but one may experience like they learn better when excessively much is non placed on their home base. I feel as though holding the option to take one illustration at a clip and cognize that it will non be a 15 minute picture on a million illustrations, where the opportunity of you acquiring confused by one and non being able to inquire why, is instead high. This will let you the clip and attending needed per inquiry to truly larn. Then after the illustration is done ; the option of more illustrations pops up when utilizing this picture group. Second, another strength this picture has would be the clear easy to follow voice. The voice of a professor can account for a batch of mistake by the pupil in my sentiment. If your professor or whoever is learning you the stairss to work outing this type of job is excessively fast, excessively slow, excessively quiet, or unable to follow due to the manner one was taught English or whichever preferable linguistic communication, this can do pupils to be discouraged or diffident. This picture on the other manus is none of those ; it is really clear and easy to follow. Third, a positive facet of this picture was the bit-by-bit instructions. The teacher of the picture was really good at explicating each portion of the inquiry and how he got every portion that he did. Lastly, a failing that I found was the ocular assistance. Although it did hold some positives to it such as colour, and neatness, overall I felt it could hold been better. One illustration would be the size of the text, the picture screen allows for a batch more room than the teacher took advantage of. Another negative would be the black background, although the colour helped, the black background through me off. I felt as though my eyes would hold to wink a batch, or stare to concentrate. I worked out three jobs through this picture sequence option, although merely one per picture itself. Overall, I felt as though this picture was a great picture ; it covered all that needed to be covered from this aim, while besides being slightly straight to the point, and non leting my attending to roll. Any and all negatives that were found were easy mutable and would let for great things from this picture. Therefore, I believe it met our makings for a successful picture.

Video # 2 Short Analysis: hypertext transfer protocol: //tinyurl.com/azkhxby

The following picture I chose on, “ Rational advocates, utilizing advocates Torahs, ” was, in my sentiment, non every bit successful as the first. To get down, this picture has strengths and failings foremost of which being, the reappraisal. It started off by reexamining a small spot excessively much, although I appreciate the sum of illustrations, I wanted a rigorous picture explicating the content, non the full subdivision. Besides, this picture went over the before, during, and after, which could be good for some, but made me desire to roll off. If this were a picture for person who had non visited the aim at all this would be successful, nevertheless for person who needs to brush up, or person who has more specific inquiries on a job or portion of the aim this picture would non be successful, due to the sum of content. Although this picture does make a good occupation of explicating the instructions, how ‘s, and why ‘s of everything, I feel it took excessively much clip. Following, the picture allowed for a short intermission, and would inquire you inquiries, or even to experience free to travel in front as he was explicating to seek to see if you were hold oning. In my sentiment, this could be a great thing, but once more possibly for novices. This picture was a good picture, overall. It was clear, covered the stuff and had good illustrations. Besides, this picture was done on a whiteboard which made it clear to see, along with utilizing colour to decently decipher. This picture, along with the other, could hold been bigger and allowed for different spacing of the job. Therefore, the ocular assistance was reasonably good, the instructions were clear, and it had illustrations I worked through as it explained. So, for our group makings it would be a success.

Compare and Contrast:

I felt the first picture would be a “ great ” picture in comparing to the 2nd picture. I felt this manner because, they both did a good occupation of explicating the lesson, but both of the pictures besides could hold been better by bettering the spacing of the jobs and overall bigger. What truly separates these two pictures is the usage of ocular assistance. The 2nd picture did a great occupation of using the ocular assistance in comparing to the first, but the first picture was overall stronger in explicating the lesson. The first picture gave the option to take the multiple inquiries, one at a clip, which may be an overall stronger pick when larning online.

Section # 4: Use of rational advocates to simplify extremist looks.

Video # 1 Short Analysis: hypertext transfer protocol: //tinyurl.com/bamn3sc

In the picture, “ Simplifying Groups utilizing Rational Advocates, ” it has more failings than existent strengths. One of its strengths is that it is short, doing it easier to larn the lesson when limited on clip. Another one of the strengths of this picture is the clear and simple account of the lesson by the talker. The picture explained the lesson rather good, traveling slow and step-by-step, and made the lesson simple to larn. The failings in this picture unhappily outweigh its strengths. Although the picture was short, it was besides a failing every bit good. It took a really simple equation and it merely did that equation. It truly limits a individual ‘s apprehension of the construct of simplifying utilizing advocates. Having more equations, or at least, more complicated equations would let the spectator to hold a deeper apprehension of the construct being taught. Another failing of this picture was how long it took to acquire to the lesson. His overview of the equation was dragging on and was about every bit long as the picture ‘s lesson. It met most of the makings except the multiple jobs makings. Although we would considerate a good picture based on the makings, other picture may be rather a spot better.

Video # 2 Short Analysis: hypertext transfer protocol: //tinyurl.com/bbj7xq3

In this picture, “ Simplifying Extremist Expressions with Variables-Reducing Fractional Exponent, ” it shows a great sum of strengths and merely one existent failing. The picture was really clear and apprehensible. The talker was really knowing about the topic, puting it up with the equation on the right and a “ Rule ” equation on the left. One of the strongest points of the picture was the usage of “ Rule ” equations. These equations are more simple illustrations of each measure and ways of work outing the individual equation. Each measure was done in order and the talker used different colored composing for each measure and/or equation set. The usage of these facets truly made it easy to interrupt down the work being done in the equation and would be easier for both ocular scholars and audile scholars. The lone existent failing to this picture would be the deficiency equations to be solved. There is merely one equation being solved, but other equations are being used to assist work out the equation, so the strength of this lesson is rather strong. The picture had met all the makings, if we argue that the picture did incorporate multiple equations, even though they were non all being solved. Of all three pictures, this picture would be the strongest in the subdivision.

Video # 3 Short Analysis: hypertext transfer protocol: //tinyurl.com/b6u8cbv

In the picture, “ Extremist Expressions and Rational Exponents-Algebra 2, ” it contains an equal sum of strengths every bit good as failing. One of the strengths of the picture is the account of the lesson. The manner it goes about work outing each equation is really different. It starts with explicating extremist advocates ( doing a extremist look ) , and so it goes to rewriting rational advocates, and ends with simplifying rational advocate. The picture besides clearly describes each equation and how to work out each one. In the really first equation, the talker tries to explicate how to cognize the regulation of the advocate with the usage of doing a “ tree ” and the usage of its “ roots. ” The failing in this picture is the equations used. It jumps around to the three equations and it makes it difficult to understand which 1 is purely to the usage of advocates and which may really be portion of a different lesson wholly. The talker did at times tend to re-explain facets of the lesson, which got insistent and a spectator could lose involvement in the lesson. The picture did run into all the makings from ocular assistance of inquiries and relaxation to understand to multiple inquiries. Although this was non the strongest picture in the subdivision, it was surely non the weakest.

Compare and Contrast:

Each picture in this subdivision brought something different to the lesson being taught, non merely in attack, but besides in executing. The first picture, “ Simplifying Groups utilizing Extremist Advocates, ” was a really consecutive forward, go forthing small room for misinterpretation, but it was merely excessively simple and would decidedly be considered the weakest of the group. The 2nd picture ‘s attack was similar, but it spent more clip explicating the lesson and used regulations to reenforce the lesson being taught. The 3rd picture, “ Extremist Expressions and Rational Exponents-Algebra 2 ” was different than other attacks to the lesson, explicating the construct, and so giving different ways of traveling about the equation or equations similar to it. The 3rd picture, nevertheless, may hold overlapped lessons in this chapter, but this convergence will likely assist the spectator in the long tally. Out of the three pictures in this subdivision, the strongest 1 would be the 2nd picture, “ Simplifying Extremist Expressions with Variables-Reducing Fractional Exponents. ”

Section # 5: Rationalize denominators of extremist looks holding one or two footings in the denominator.

Video # 1 Short Analysis: hypertext transfer protocol: //tinyurl.com/acrqrpe

The first thing I noticed about this picture before all other things is how the instructor merely kept oculus contact. Something this simple makes me experience like I ‘m making the acquisition ; non the dry erase board. Another good exercising this gentleman utilizes, is marking cardinal points ( illustration: 52 seconds into the picture ) with his voice. “ But we can NOT hold this RADICAL in the denominator. ” Not merely make his punctuations allow me cognize that these are of import cardinal facts in the equation that I need to cognize, they will besides assist me to retrieve these cardinal facts in the hereafter. I will besides advert how he ever uses the word “ we ” while speaking about the stairss he needs to make to finish the job. He does n’t state, “ Now I can, ” or “ Now I find, ” he says, “ Now we Can, ” or “ Now we Find. ” The usage of the word, “ we, ” helps me go involved in the lesson. The one downside of this was the gentlemen ‘s behaviour seemed to come off about robotic. His voice was really monotone, which could acquire deadening. The makings we set were all met in this picture.

Video # 2 Short Analysis: hypertext transfer protocol: //tinyurl.com/axw596f

The 2nd picture I watched was really similar to the first with minimum differences. Like the adult male in the first picture, I liked how this lady kept a batch of oculus contact. She kept me interested and focused with that, but what besides helped her was her voice. Unlike the adult male in the first picture, her voice was somewhat more uplifting and more energetic, which kept my attending span longer than the first picture. I did n’t experience like I was on the clasp on the phone with an automatic voice entering. Although, she did n’t mark her cardinal points every bit frequently as the adult male in the first picture, her method was reasonably good all about. The makings we set were largely met, except for the making of multiple inquiries, but the construct was explained good overall.

Compare and Contrast:

These two pictures were really similar to get down with, but the existent differences were shown in their attack. The first picture was done by a adult male and his manner of learning the lesson was as if he was with the person, seeking to work out the equation together. The lady in the 2nd picture did a really similar manner, but she was more energetic, whereas the first picture ‘s presentation was more drone and robotic. Another difference between the picture is length. The first picture was significant longer than the 2nd, but the first did make a much better occupation in explicating the construct of the lesson than the first 1. The first picture did several equations and the first picture did one inquiry.

Therefore, throughout all the videos our group researched, we were decidedly able to happen some pictures worth utilizing when trying to larn about groups. The makings we thought of: easy to follow and understand waies, use of ocular assistance, multiple equations or illustrations, and bit-by-bit instructions lead us to an overall successful undertaking.


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