Rap Learning Strategy

July 12, 2017 General Studies

The learning strategy I chose was “RAP”. This is a strategy used to increase reading comprehension in students. This article is targeted towards teachers who want to use a simple, flexible, comprehension strategy that can be taught in groups or individually. There is currently too much focus on fluency, and not enough focus on reading comprehension. This strategy is easily incorporated into existing curriculum, is not time consuming, and can be used in any educational setting. This instructional method can improve reading comprehension in both disabled and non-disabled students of all ages.

This easy to learn method engages students by questioning and paraphrasing after the material is read. The RAP method is a simple and easy to remember acronym. The “R” stands for “Read a paragraph. “ The “A” stands for “Ask yourself, “What was the main idea and two details? ” Lastly the “P” stands for “Paraphrase” or “Put information into your own words. ” This simple model gives students a specific task list when reading the text. By requiring student to actually think about what they just read and interpret the meaning, we are increasing their reading comprehension.

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Results from research using the RAP method show marked improvement in reading comprehension among students both with and without disabilities. This method is attractive to many educators because of its simplicity and effectiveness. Giving students an acronym with tasks keeps them focused. If the objective as a teacher is to increase reading comprehension without overwhelming students, this is the perfect solution. Students struggling with comprehending the text do not benefit from reading the entire text and then answering questions.

Rather than requiring the student to skim through what they just read and find specific answers, the RAP method ultimately installs a habit that enables them to understand the text the first time they read it. What starts out as an acronym with specific steps to be followed after each paragraph, will turn into a natural way of comprehending the text. In other words, after practicing the RAP method consistently with every text they read, students will begin to analyze and comprehend the text as they are reading it without even realizing it.


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