Rasipuram first four books including the semi-autobiography

February 9, 2019 English Literature

Rasipuram krishhnaswamy iyer Narayanasamy was born on 10 October 1906 in India. He was a great novelist. R.K.Narayan is one of the post colonial writers of India who are found to project the nation building attitude in their writings. He got Sahitya academy and Padma Vibhushan award. He was died in 13th May 2001.
He was an Indian writer and leading author of Indian English literature along with Mulk Raj Anand and Raja Rao. Narayan`s mentor and friend, Graham Greene helping him for publishing his first four books including the semi-autobiography Swami And Friends, The Financial Expert ,The Guide was one of the best works of R.K.Narayan.
His Waiting for The Mahatma, set in the surrounding s of the writers created village Malgudi, is woven against the unconventional backdrop of the freedom movement. But in spite of using directly the national experience as the national experience as the central theme as did Raja Rao, Narayan puts it in the backround giving preference to the personal narrative.
His famous novels were Swami and Friends; The Bachelor of Arts; The Dark Room; The English teacher; Mr.Sampath – The Printer Of Malgudi; The Financial Expert ; The Guide; The Man Eater Of Malgudi; The Vendor Of Sweets; The Painter Of Signs; A tiger for malgudi, Talkative man; The World Of Nagaraj; Grandmothers Tale etc…His autobiography was My days. His short stories’ is Malgudi days, under the banyan trees and other stories.
Indian writing in English has stamped its greatness by mixing up tradition and modernity in the production of art. The interest in literature lit the burning thirst of the writers which turned their energy and technique to innovate new forms and styles of writing. Earlier novels projected India’s heritage, tradition, cultural past and moral values. But a remarkable change can be noticed in the novels published after the First World War, which is called, modernism.
In the post-independence era Indian English fiction not only reflects a rich diversity but also has won universal recognition. And also Indian English novel has undergone a significant development in keeping with recent trends in contemporary fiction showing remarkable growth especially in the area of fiction. In the recent years noteworthy fiction written by writers of Indian origin has emerged on the world literary scene. Since 1981, Indian writers, such as Sulman Rushdie, Anita Desai, Vikram Seth, Shashi Tharoor, Arundhati Roy, have emerged as major literary figure on the international scene. These writers, holding center stage in contemporary scenario, have given expression on their creative urge.
After the establishment of East India company English spread everywhere in India. In early stage Indian writing in English was heavily influenced by the western art form of novel. Because the readers were either British people or British educated Indians.
In 20th century British acquired India was achieved a new breed of writers started to emerge on the block. These writers were essentially British who were either born or brought up or both in India. Their writings consist of Indian themes and sentiments .But the way of storytelling reminded primarily western.
During the period of British colonisation Rabindarnath Tagore, Sarojini Naidu was famous poets in India. Infact Geetanjali helped Tagore to attain world famous and won Nobel prize in the year 1913.In seventies new novelists and writers were Salmon Rushdie, Vikram Seth, Amitav Ghosh started to budding up.


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