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“RIZAL’S TRAVEL TO OTHER COUNTRIES: THEIR CONTRIBUTIONS TO HIS HEROISM” Spain Jose Rizal was departed from spain, and it was kept secret from Spanish authorities. On May 3, 1882 he boarded on Salvador bound for Singapore, and that time he was the only Filipino passenger. The captain of the ship, Donato Lecha from Asturias Spain, befriended him although some Spaniards who spoke ill of the Philippines peeved him. He was conferred the degree of Licentiate in Medicine by the Universidad Central de Madrid on June 21, 1884. The next academic year, he studied and passed all subjects leading to the degree of Doctor of Medicine.

However, he did not submit the thesis required for graduation nor paid the corresponding fees. He was not awarded his Doctor’s Diploma. Jose Rizal also finished his studies in Philosophy and Letters with  higher grades. He was awarded the Degree of Licentiate in Philosophy and Letters by the Universidad Central de Madrid on June 19, 1885 (his 24th birthday) with the rating of excellent. Singapore On May 11, Majority of the passengers were French-speaking. He tried to converse in French using what he learned from Ateneo.

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On May 17, they arrived at Point Galle, a seacoast town in southern Ceylon (now Sri Lanka). He described the place as quiet, lonely and sad. After a day of stay, the ship continued its voyage towards Colombo, the capital of Ceylon. He was impressed of its scenic beauty and elegant buildings. It was more beautiful and elegant that Singapore, Point Galle, and Manila as he compared. Naples and Marseilles On June 11, Rizal reached Naples. This Italian city pleased him because of its business activity, its lively people. On the night of June 12, the streamer docked at the French harbor of Marseilles.

He visited the famous Chateau where Dantes, hero of “the count of Monte Cristo”, was imprisoned. He had enjoyed reading this novel of Alexander Dumas when he was a student at the ateneo. He stayed 2 and half days in the Marseilles, enjoying every day of his sojourn. Barcelona Rizal continued his trip by rail, finally reaching his destination, and he reached the Barcelona on June 16, 1882. In progressive Barcelona, Rizal wrote a nationalistic essay entitled, “Amor Patrio” (Love of Country), his first article written on Spain’s soil. He sent this article to his friend in manila. Madrid

Early in August, 1890 – Rizal arrived in Madrid On November 3, 1882 Rizal enrolled in the Unibersidad Central de Madrid (Central University of Madrid) and he take about two courses and that was medicine and philosophy and letters. And he also studied painting and sculpture in the academy of fine arts of San Fernando, On Saturday evenings, he visited the home of Don Pablo Ortega y Rey who lived with his son Rafael and daughter Consuelo In 1882 shortly after his arrival in Madrid, Rizal joined the Circulo Hispano Filipino (Hispano-Philippine Circle) a society of Spaniards and Filipinos.

Then he wrote a poem entitled “Me Piden Versos” which he personally declaimed during the New Year’s Eve reception of the Madrid Filipinos held in the evening of December 31, 1882. Paris During his first summer vacation in Madrid, Rizal went to Paris sojourning in this gay capital of France June 17 , to august 20 1883. Rizal improves his mind by observing closely the French way of life and spending many hours at the museum. On the lighter side of his visit in Paris, Rizal was mistaken by the Parisians as a Japanese. On March 1883, He joined the Masonic lodge called acacia in Madrid, his reason for becoming a mason.

On February 15, 1892 he was awarded the diploma as a master Mason by Le Grand Orient de France in Paris. Germany On March 11, 1886 he wrote to his younger sister, Trinidad, describing the German girl as “serious, studious, and very much attached to his work” However, she did not have that “delicacy of hearth’ of the Filipino woman. He advised Trinidad to read and read. While in Heidelberg experiencing the feeling of nostalgia for his parents and his country, Rizal wrote the poem “A Las Flores de Heidelberg” on April 22, 1886. Berlin On November 1, 1886, Rizal arrived at Berlin and boarded at the Central Hotel.

In a letter he informed Prof. Blumentritt about his meeting with Dr. A. B. Meyer last October 31 in Dresden. He was already residing at Jaeger Straesse 71,111. On November 9 1886 He was admitted to the Real Biblioteca de Berlin to do some research and to read other books. His admission ended on March 1, 1887. On January 1887 He became a member of the Ethnographic Society of Berlin in whose meeting he had the rare opportunity of hearing the interesting lecture of Dr. Donitz on pre-historic Japanese tombs which contained sets of dishes and other decorations.

On 11 January 1887 He met personally Dr. Teodor Jagor who invited him to attend the monthly luncheon of the member of the Geographic Society. In one of luncheons, he came to know the famous Virchow, president of the Anthropological Society of Berlin. On 24 January 1887 He was again sick of fever and in the evening had stopped working on the novel. If not for Maximo Viola, he would have transferred to Italy where according to him the climate was healthful. Grand tour of Europe Dresden Rizal and Viola tarried for some time in Dresden. Their visit coincided with the regional floral exposition.

Rizal studied the “numerous plant varieties of extraordinary beauty and size”. For the first time the two great scholars, Rizal and Blumenritt who came to know each other by correspondence met n person. Prague They visited the tomb of Copernicus the famous astronomer. The museum of natural history; the bacteriological laboratories, the famous cave where San Juan Nepomuceno, the Catholic Saint was hurled into the river. Viena A capital of Austria-Hungary. This city fascinated Rizal because of its beautiful buildings, religious images, hunting waltzes, and majestic charm.

Viena was truly the “Queen of Denube” Danubian Voyage To Lintz Geneva On June 19, 1887 Rizal treated Viola to blow-out. It was his 26th birthday. According to Filipino customs, he celebrated his birthday with an sumptuous meal. Rizal resents exhibition of Igorot in 1887 Madrid exposition. Italy He visited Turin, Milan, Venice and Florence. On June 27, 1887, he reached Rome, The “eternal city” and also called the “city of the Caesars” He was thrilled by the sights and memories of the eternal city. Describing to Blumenritt, the “Grandeur that was Rome” On June 29th, the Feast Day of St.

Peter and St. Paul, Rizal visited for the first time, the Vatican, the “City of the Popes” and the capital of Christendom. Hongkong February 19, 1888With Jose Maria Basa, Jose Sainz de Veranda and some Portuguese, Rizal left Hongkong for Macao on board the Kui Kiang. In Macao, they lived in the house of Juan Lecaroz. Rizal went around for observation, especially the botanical garden February 22, 1888After staying in Hong Kong for almost two weeks, he left for Japan on board the Oceanic Japan February 28, 1888 Rizal, after days of travel, arrived at Yokohama. He registered at the Grand Hotel.

He was offered at once the Spanish Legation for his home. In Japan, Rizal studied the habits and customs of the Japanese people, their language, theatres and commerce. April 7, 1888 Rizal wrote his family and envisioned that in the future the Philippines would have more contact and relations with Japan. April 13, 1888 Rizal left Yokohama for San Francisco, on board the Belgic. America May 8, 1888 He started his trip of the American continent. He passes through Reno, Ogden, Denver, Farmington, Salt Lake City and Provo. May 9, 1888 Rizal continued his trip, passing the territory of the State of Colorado.

May 13, 1888 He reached Albany and later travelled along the bank of the Hudson River. This day was the end of his transcontinental trip. Arriving at New York on the morning, he boarded at the Fifth Avenue Hotel. London June 2, 1888–Dr. Reinhold Rost and family tendered in their house a tea party in Rizal’s honor . Rizal saw in the Rost’s house a good Filipiniana library. (Dr. Reinhold Rost, abook lover, librarian of the Minister of Foreign Relations of England and famous Malayalogist, had especial predilections for Rizal whom he used to call Hombre perla).

June 23, 1888–He thought of publishing the second edition of theNoli Me Tangere with the illustrations of Juan Luna and with slight changes. He wanted to correct the typographical errors and the erroneous citation of Shakespeare which should be that of Schiller. June 27, 1888–In a letter, he requested Mariano Ponce to send more Copies of the Noli Me Tangere to the Philippines. He told Ponce that the question of writing with more or less literature is just secondary; what is essential is to think and to feel rightly, to work for an object and the pen will take charge of transmitting the ideas. Belgium

On April 15, 1890 Rizal’s letter to his countrymen, “Sobre la Nueva Ortografiade la lengua tagala,” was published in the La Solidaridad. On July 20, 1890 He sent to Madrid the continuation of the “Sobre Laindolencia de los Filipinos. ” He also sent the authority for the presentation of the case before the Supreme Court. He planned of leaving Brussels at the end of the month. His family lost the cases in Calamba against the friars and Paciano elevated the case to the Supreme Court in Madrid. On July 31, 1890 His essay “Sobre la Indolencia de los Filipinos” was published in the La Solidaridad (second instalment).

REACTION: Dr. Jose Rizal was a great man, and considered as a national hero of the Philippines. From the start, there is a heroism that flow to his blood. At his young age, he already saw the reality that happened in his country under the Spanish tyranny. His travelled to different countries have a big contribution to his heroism. He studied outside his country to learn more and to observe the different values and culture of other countries, and to prepare himself for big responsibilities for his own country. His learning was used in a right way.

He won’t stop learning and mastered his course which was ophthalmologist to give service to his fellow countrymen. His excellence in different countries was a one way to prove to the Spaniard, that Filipinos can also lead and to have their own freedom against them. By doing his novel entitled ” Noli Me Tangere ” was his way to open the eye of his fellow men, and he wrote that novel freely outside his own country, because he knew that he can write and live freely to express himself what he felt about his oppressed country. He also wrote his first article which was entitled ” Amor Patrio ” which means love of country.

It was written inside the country of Spain even he was not in his own soil, he always thinks about his country. The discrimination and unlawful act of Spaniards in his own country gave him a determination to protect his land and it gave him strength to travel and to explore many things outside his own land. Our national hero Jose Rizal has gone in so many countries where he gone through his knowledge and ideas becomes wider. “RIZAL’S TRAVEL TO OTHER COUNTRIES: THEIR CONTRIBUTIONS TO HIS HEROISM” CRESTINE B. MORALES III-BSBA Reference: JOSE RIZAL: LIFE, WORKS AND WRITINGS by: GREGORIO F. ZAIDE


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