Reaction Paper for “The Count of Monte Cristo” Essay

August 25, 2017 General Studies

The film The Count of Monte Cristo has a batch of similarities with El Filibusterismo. It tells the life narrative of Rizal and delves on a society of confederacy and unfairnesss. It shows us the consequence of being guiltless and uneducated. It made me recognize the really large importance of instruction in our lives. Edmund Dantes. the chief character of the film. is faced with so much struggle and suffered for a long clip in prison because of his treasonist friend and unconsciously being the bearer of the unsafe missive of Napoleon Bonaparte. Edmund doesn’t cognize how to read and compose that’s why he wasn’t able to cognize the content of the missive which was so a program of rebellion by Bonaparte. He lost his trust in God after what had happened to him because he thought that God was ne’er at that place when he needed aid and justness.

When his priest friend died. he had the opportunity to get away. After get awaying. he traveled to the island of Monte Cristo to happen the hoarded wealth. He considered his luck as a gift from God. After happening the hoarded wealth. he went back to Marseilles and disguised himself as an Italian priest. He used the hoarded wealth to penalize those people who have hurt him and made his life miserable. The film gave me a new position of retribution which is ne’er meant for self-fulfillment but for the good of everybody. We don’t have to set the justness in our custodies. instead inquire it from God and wait patiently because everything happens for a ground merely hold faith in Him. The film besides inspired me to work harder in my surveies because instruction is a gift that can non be taken by anyone from you. and it is the key for a brighter and successful hereafter.

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