Reaction Paper: Oedipus the King Essay

October 8, 2017 General Studies

Prophecies. it is a given from extraordinary being. possibly from the Prophetss. Gods or goddesses about the fate of person. In the classical narrative of Oedipus the King. the narrative revolves about the prognostication made by the God about the fate of Oedipus. It is a authoritative literature from the Greek mythology. It is a narrative about the immature male child that was destined to kill his male parent and will perpetrate incest by being the hubby of his female parent.

Dramatic integrities: integrity of actions. integrity of clip. integrity of topographic point. Integrity of actions. it is the insouciant connexions of events and incidents ; integrity of clip. it is a construct that the calamity should restrict itself every bit far as possible. to a individual revolution of the Sun ; integrity of topographic point. it is a construct about the heroic poem. the heroic poem can narrate the figure of actions at the same time in different parts. These constructs was shown by the narrative. it at the same time narrate the actions and besides with connexions in every scene ; it besides achieve the integrity of clip by doing all the scenes looks like go on in merely a twenty-four hours.

Tragic hero. it was describe as a great adult male who is neither a idol of virtuousness and justness nor undergoes the alteration to misfortune through any existent badness or evil but because of some error. The tragic hero in the narrative is Oedipus.

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Hamartia. it may be accompanied by normal imperfectness. it was describes as a state of affairs where the hero makes an stupid act where you can non amorally fault him/her. This construct can be seen in the narrative when Oedipus gets angry on the prophesier because of stating he is the 1 who kill Laius.

Hubris. it was describe as the obstruction that the tragic hero will meet to accomplish his end. This was happen in the narrative when Oedipus was seeking to cognize the truth. the herdsman didn’t want to speak.

Peripeteia. it is the human actions made consequences precisely opposite to what was intended: it is working in sightlessness to one’s ain licking. This was seen in the narrative. it is when Oedipus tried to get away the prognostication. but while get awaying. he killed his male parent where 3 roads met.

Anagnorisis. it is the realisation of truth. it is the gap of the eyes. sudden illuming flash in the darkness. This construct can see in the scene when herder tell the truth. and Oedipus was shocked. even Jocasta ; Oedipus made himself blind. while Jocasta committed self-destruction.

Catharsis. one of the most hard constructs in poetics of Aristotle. describes as the purge of the emotions of commiseration and fright that are aroused in the spectator of a calamity. You can see this in the narrative. it happens in the scene where the herder was forced by Oedipus to uncover the truth ; he was scared on how Oedipus will respond.

As a whole. the narrative is great. It touches the bosom of every reader. and after reading this text. you wish that fate will non go on to you or your friends and household. A nice text. must read.

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