Reaction Paper on “Effective Organizational Communication: a Competitive Advantage”

September 8, 2017 Communication

Reaction Paper on “Effective Organizational Communication: A Competitive Advantage” Communication is indeed vital in the success of an organization. But how do we foster good communication in an organization? This Article made mention of such transparency where management communicates directly with employees. I believe this is important in achieving the goals of the company among all employees in all levels of the organization. Working in a bank industry, our HR Department plays a very good role in making sure that the information for all service staff will reach the employees concerned.

The company makes use of the technology where pertinent information will be emailed to immediate supervisor/s and the manager/officer will communicate the same to the staff/s. It is very clear in the company I work for that they place importance in developing their employee’s skills in whatever department he/she is being assigned. It is again the responsibility of the HR to keep track of the necessary trainings and/or seminars to impart on the employee the needed learning and acquire skills for his growth within the company.

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As mentioned, they provide Trainings that will, as a Service Staff of the Consumer Banking Group, better equip me to the position I currently hold. There is communication in accomplishing this process. HR informs the Area Head Office of employees who need such Training and the latter will conduct survey among all Area Branches to confirm HR’s handling of Training. This demonstrates to me the Management’s interest in the growth of its employees.

One very important discussion on this Article is its emphasis on interpersonal communication. Active listening requires not only hearing but also seeing nonverbal cues such as body language and facial expressions in assessing a particular message. It is essential therefore that I will be able to see behavior as a factor for effective communication both with Manager/Officer and coworkers alike. I often times ask questions to clarify the delivered message thus, accomplishing whatever tasked assigned efficiently.

This Article has made clear the urgency of having an effective organization communication. I agree on having employees to actively engage in the company for it encourages all employees of all levels to work with the company’s goal in mind. I believe that it needs authentic trust for both employees and leaders/officers of the organization with each other to achieve success. The Bank Industry absolutely values trust and honesty in working effectively among each other and towards clients as well. Communication in itself is simple.

Within the context of an organization, the matter becomes a little more complicated. This is where the Human Resource Department plays an important role. As being mentioned in the Article, it is the department’s responsibility to foster good communication skills to all employees of all levels of the organization. However, everyone must do his or her part in achieving this goal. For an organization to sustain and survive in these current times, it’s of an advantage to have an effective organizational communication.


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