Reagan Economic Plan

Reaganomics Clearly, the policies championed by President Reagan did not find good favor with the author of the text. Actually, the policies proposed by Reagan meet with bipartisanship and were passed into law with ease. Unfortunately, there are bold bias statements made throughout the text which I feel demagogue the ideology of the conservative republican agenda. Thus persuading the audience opinion of the party, whether straw man or slippery slope. Clearly, the divide between the conservative party and the democrats is truly one of fundemtal ideology for which both parties have the right to fight to preserve without media bias.

Reaganomics platform was bold policy structured to implement a fundamental change in the direction of U. S. economy. Regan sought to re-constitutionaslize our government by reducing its growth and increase growth of the economy in the private sector. Reagan introduced his objectives: (1) Stop growth of government and reduce spending, (2) Reduce income tax reaates for both labor and capital, (3) Reduced or reform regulation (mistake) and (4)Reduce inflation by monitoring the money supply.

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The strategy of these policies would encourage an increase in individual personal savings and investment activity, stimulate and increase private economic growth with small business, fiscal responsibility in balancing the budget, restore healthy financial markets, and reduce inflation and interest rates. The Reagan economic plan exceeded goals and expectation and led to a substantial improvement in economic conditions. Howeveran revolution. No major federal programs han revenue sharing) and no agencies were abolished. Therefore the political process continues today of new or expanded programs (times one hundred) to generate dependency on government for survival,. American majority of voters, wisely continue to resist larger government, higher taxes, and the appropriate roles of the federal government. Failures were significant as well. The collapse of savings and loan was the beginning of the financial implosion we are currently experiencing.

This began with deregulation of the financial industry. The text would have you believe that the employment growth was disproportionate, separating the super rich and poor. I find this argument contradictive and offensive. The federal budget was substantially reallocated—from discretionary domestic spending to defense, entitlements, and interest payments—but the federal budget share of national output declined only slightly. Both the administration and Congress were responsible for this outcome.



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