Real Assessment of a Mega Construction Project

July 19, 2017 Construction

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Real Assessment of a Mega Construction Project

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Hiranandani Groupis a real-estate developer based inMumbai, Maharashtra but holding strong presence in tubes like Bangalore, Chennai & A ; Hyderabad. It was established in 1978 under the name Hiranadani Group. It was co-founded by Niranjan Hiranandani and Surendra Hiranandani. Since 1980s the Hiranandani Group has come a long manner to be recognized worldwide for their township undertakings in Powai & A ; Thane, both of them have become preferable residential and commercial locations in and around Mumbai. Today Hiranandani has an enthusiastic and experient squad of over 1600 people working under it, led by visionaries who scripted this expansive success. While corporate has grown surprisingly, the Group is chiefly synonymous with quality, dependability, committedness to the clients and excellence in architecture with Mr. Surendra Hiranandani ( an designer himself ) look intoing all important designs. It has besides ISO 9001:2008 Certified by Bureau VERITAS. House of Hiranandani develops integrated communities & A ; good planned townships dwelling of educational establishments, retail mercantile establishments, high rise edifices and amusement avenues. Their undertakings are segmented into assorted classs given names like Signature, Upscaleand Loft line. With the rise of demand for smart neo metropoliss near metros the Hiranandani Group has set its purpose high for the hereafter geting 4150 estates of land on the outskirts of tubes like Bangalore, Chennai & A ; Hyderabad, a humongous figure by any agencies. Hiranandani is today one of the taking existent estate group in its flagship concern of building with a pan – India every bit good as international presence. The Group is known for its undertakings of Hiranandani Gardens in Powai, Hiranandani Meadows in Thane, Hiranandani Estate, Thane, and Hiranandani Business Park Powai & A ; Thane.

Hiranandani launched its new self-sufficient undertakings under the name House of Hiranandani ( HOH ) and shortly, HOH made its presence felt by establishing megaprojects in Bengaluru & A ; Chennai. Some of its Current residential undertakings are:

Madras: It has a immense luxury incorporated community including the House of Hiranandani School ( HUS ) , forte retail mercantile establishment – Bloom and Gold and many new skyscraper undertakings.

  • Education: House of Hiranandani School ( HUS ) : House of Hiranandani is an International School launchedin the sprawling community at OMR, Chennai. House of Hiranandani School ( HUS ) is good equipped with scientific discipline research labs, libraries, audio ocular suites, multi-media suites etc. HUS Chennai offers CBSE course of study.
  • Besides launched inThaiyur in Chennai: Apartments with clubhouses, swimming pool, eating house, Parkss and recreational countries.
  • Retail: Blooming and Gold: In June 2013, the House of Hiranandani went into chartless district and inaugurated its first retail set up in Egattur, Regent Avenue, Chennai. Spread across 2500 square pess, it offers drinks, fresh and ready to eat nutrient, food market trade names and many other family public-service corporation points.
  • Bengaluru: Ongoing undertakings in Hebbal, Banerghatta and Devanahalli.

Now allow us come to its ongoing undertaking in Eggatur, Chennai by the OMR Road. It is a 110-acre House of Hiranandani incorporate and functional community overlooking the backwaters and the Bay of Bengal. Located on Old Mahabalipuram route in Chennai, opposite the SIPOCT IT Park, it has good handiness by route and rail, doing it one of the most sought after luxury residential undertakings in Chennai. Though non low-cost for in-between category but still the location, architecture and propinquity to exceed IT companies, it is all occupied. This Hiranandani Upscale undertaking in Egattur offers flats from 2 to 5 BHK that range from 1295 to 7000 sq.ft surrounded by alcoholic green flora and a bird sanctuary behind it. Another interesting fact is that the top of each tower is painted with different colorss and given names like greenwood, seawood, pelagic, etc.

Coming to the critical portion of the undertaking, here is my appraisal of the 110 acre, 28 floor giant towers undertaking:

  • Projected cost of the full undertaking: –

I could non acquire the cost of undergoing undertakings as it keeps on altering due to different factors, but I did acquire the inside informations of the completed undertaking. It is a megaproject constructed over 120 estates of land. 7 tower have been constructed out of 10 planned and out of those, 4 have been to the full engaged, the remainder 3 have been late completed and partly occupied, while staying 3 are still under building. The cost of each completed tower is about 300 crores, while care charge is Rs.5/sq. pess.

  • The estimated completion clip of the full undertaking: –

Such big undertaking takes around 6-7 old ages to finish. The undertaking started in 2007 but due to holds in blessings and other issues it is expected to finish by 2017.

  • The features that make it complex and different from smaller undertakings: –

This undertaking is really different from other undertakings in Chennai ; in Chennai the high rise edifice building was a challenge as there was rather few high-rise edifice so in a sense HIRANANDANI was the first all-out megaproject in this section. The undertaking has several particular characteristics that make it different. They include -Organic Waste Treatment, it takes segregated waste from kitchen of every family and the intervention works does the remainder, Sewerage Treatment Plant, holding a capacity of 800 Ks Lt. Its ain windmill and Solar Panel which is said to bring forth 5kWa.The campus has good established International School, a shopping composite, eating house, and tonss of topographic points of recreational activities ( Parkss, gyms, swimming pool, clubhouse, etc. ) . All in all it can be called a little metropolis itself.

  • Any contention related to the undertaking: –

There are no as such contentions in this undertaking but there has been problem in acquiring blessings recently ( due to 11 floors constructing prostration in Moulivakkam ) , but the good thing is that they get blessings from DTCP and non CMDA so the procedure is non that clip taking. Besides the fact that this undertaking includes high rise constructing itself is a really tough occupation and blessings need to come from different sections in their instance.

  • Particular direction accomplishments required by the undertaking: –

As you know HIRANANDANI is a large trade name so they have certain criterions that they push to accomplish by several proving like dirt testing and burden, emphasis, strength trials, they do the trial for 1.5 times the existent value ( e.g. if piping system needs to manage 6 saloon force per unit area, we do proving for 9 bars ) .Their architecture is one of the best in concern as is extremely emphasized as Mr. Hiranandani is himself an designer and is the originator behind development in Powai and Thane where HIRANANDANI group is more outstanding. Besides direction hires people who can talk Hindi and therefore linguistic communication is non such an issue.

  • Major Challenges of the undertaking: –

The biggest challenge undertaking faces is of H2O scarceness and as a consequence of it direction has to purchase 300kilolitres of H2O daily. Besides being in the propinquity of the airdrome, the high rise edifices had to be good equipped, so there is buoy uping arrester and air power visible radiations on each tower I was besides told that there was a Helipad on each tower though I could non happen it.

Mentions: –

Mr. Prashath, Sr. Engineer of the undertaking

( Electronic mail: – murali.p @ )


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