Red of them are not very common.

April 6, 2019 Sports

Red Bull uses different strategies to promote their products around the world, some of them are not very common. Those innovative strategies are aimed to target people looking for energy, young and professional people that has a life style related to music, sports, arts and fashion. In the marketing strategies used by Red Bull is shown how different aspects in the culture influence the way of promoting the products. The theory related to the strategy used by the company is the Hofstede model by being focused in two main dimensions: masculinity and uncertainty avoidance.

The Hofstede is a way of obtain knowledge and insights of a culture and is a tool very useful for the companies to set strategies for their customers. The model works on five dimensions: power distance, uncertainty avoidance, individualism, masculinity, and time perspective. Nevertheless, is shown in the strategies used by Red Bull that the dimensions related with the Brazilian culture are masculinity and uncertainty avoidance. Consequently, Brazil scores 49 in masculinity and 76 in uncertainty avoidance. The numbers mentioned before help to get insights about the culture to develop ideas that at the end will cooperate to the product promotion.

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Brazilian culture tends to be more feminine due to the 49 points scored in the masculinity dimension, people will be more enthusiastic and looking for motivation on liking the things they do over trying to be the best on what they do, regarding at the importance of the quality of life also the result can be associated to the importance of the lifestyle for Brazilians. Apart from the masculinity, the other dimension that help to get insights from the Brazilian culture is uncertainty avoidance that marked 76 points what is a high score. This dimension reflects that people from Brazil are very passionate on what they do and emotions are easily shown by the body language and face expressions. Brazilians are always looking for enjoying moments and they also like to spend good times with their family and group of friends and people have low concern for the future.

About the theory, the company uses advertisements on television that are usually cartoons where the messages are indirect, these is a response of a high context culture, where the messages are not explicit and the company can take an approach of comedy by telling funny histories for promoting their products. Red Bull emphasizes in linking with the culture, where the story-telling of the advertisements have elements that are part of the Brazilian culture such as: beaches, pets, religion, sports and others. Those advertisements are always accompanied by the worldwide slogan of Red Bull: ¨Gives you wings¨, but due to the adaptation of the strategies in each country the slogan used in Brazil is ¨Red Bull te da asas¨. The slogan used is a hyperbole that refers to the energy produced by the beverage.


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