Redesigning Reality With Frida Kahlo and Vincent Van Gogh Essay Sample

August 3, 2017 General Studies

Artists paint and create images as a signifier of communicating. A construct which most creative persons find difficult to paint is their interior thought and feelings. As they must research deep into their sub-conscious to happen who they genuinely are as a individual and how they can stand for that on a canvas. print or paper through the usage of symbols and other techniques. Two creative persons who have done this are Frida Kahlo and Vincent Van Gogh.

Frida Kahlo was one of the most of import Mexican creative persons of her clip. She is good known for her rough telling self-portraits. She started to paint at the age of 15 after she was in a horrific coach accident. where she so began her calling as an creative person. These self-portraits. chiefly reflected her physical and emotional agony she has gone through since the accident and subsequently on in her life. Along with this she was greatly influenced by her hubby besides a great painter at the clip. Diego Rivera. and Mexican common people art. ‘Her work is colorful. about naif energy. tinged with surrealist fantasy’ ( A Dictionary of Twentieth Century Art. 1998: Online )

Henry Ford Hospital 1932

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Oil Painting

One of Frida Kahlo’s most celebrated pieces titled ‘Henry Ford Hospital’ . It’s based on a existent life incident that happened to Frida while she pregnant and asleep in her New York flat. Frida uses a batch of symbols in this image to stand for different evens in her life. This picture is was done a 12 ten 15 inch canvas. utilizing oil pigments.

It features herself. Frida. lying on a bed naked with tonss of blood around her inguen. Her custodies are keeping her tummy as she loses her babe in this tragic scene. The ruddy lines represent the umbilical cord of her babe. They are attached to six objects in the picture: her babe ( Centre ) . wilted flowers ( below the bed ) . physicians runing instruments ( bottom left ) . pelvic bone ( bottom right ) . a theoretical account of a woman’s uterus ( top left ) . a snail ( top right ) . Each of these objects represented something of import in Frida’s life. Her unborn foetus – as is the focal point behind the image. is put in the center of the picture. as it is what caused this incident.

The pelvic country being is where she suffered most of her hurting and it was a portion of her organic structure where she has already suffered the old coach accident. when she was 15 old ages old. To add to it. she shows the operating tools the physicians used on her. The theoretical account of the woman’s uterus represents where the job was for Frida. The shackled flowers show how she felt after the surgery. how she felt like she wanted to decease after losing her babe and traveling through utmost hurting. Last the out stretched snail shows that before she was taken to hospital that she was really slow moving and every motion caused hurting. The infirmary she was taken excessively was the Henry Ford Hospital in New York and she has written it on the bed.

In a manner these objects have been orientated in a specific order from what foremost happened to how it ended. First the uterus being job and the job was so narrowed down to the babe and how she could barely travel to assist herself. She was taken to infirmary and operated upon. After the operation she felt about dead and that she will now ever have jobs with her pelvic girdle bone.

Vincent Van Gogh ( 1853-1890 ) was considered to be one of the greatest Dutch painters after he past off. During his life-time he got small acknowledgment of his work and merely sold one picture. He greatly influenced the current ‘Expressionism’ in modern art. Nipponese prints influenced Van Gogh into utilizing more bright and vivacious colors other than his alternate dark dull colors. Van Gogh wasn’t considered to be normal individual. He invariably heard voices and hallucinated a batch. which lead him to being taken into infirmary.

The Bedroom ( Arles )

Oil on canvas 72x90cm

This painting ‘The Bedroom’ was produced by Van Gogh in 1889. It’s a picture of his room in Arles. while he was in the mental infirmary. This piece was an oil on canvas. on a canvas 72x90cm. The room merely shows the rudimentss of what is usually in a sleeping room: A bed. chair. tabular array. closet. pictures ( or postings these yearss ) . window and a door. Van Gogh uses simple techniques such as ‘scratching’ to give the symbols an old or worn out expression. He has positioned each piece of furniture in a specific manner to demo his personal feeling of ego. The arrangement of the objects creates a broad and peaceable feeling. The floor boards are stained and cracked give the feeling that the room is acquiring old

He painted this while he was in the mental establishment. He painted his sleeping room in Arles. because it reminded him and what ‘normal’ people have compared to what he has now in the infirmary. It shows that he missed populating a normal life and would make anything to acquire out the infirmary and live a normal life once more. He missed the bright colorss in his room. This shows that he didn’t like the field expression in the infirmary and once more added to his willingness to acquire out of the infirmary. He missed holding the freedom in his life. To add to this. the broad expression he has created in the picture reflects how he would be experiencing in the infirmary. lonely and isolated from the remainder of the universe and non being able to pass on to the remainder of the universe. The old feeling he gives on the picture shows that he is acquiring old and likely won’t live in these conditions any more.

In one art piece Van Gogh has been able to show himself in many ways. He has achieved how he feels by the usage of furniture as symbols in his life. through this picture. Paintings like these have changed the manner of modern expressionism creative persons.

Both Frida and Vincent show some of the same characteristics in their graphics. Both have done their work on canvas utilizing oil pigments and both have shown a fancy in the usage of bright colorss in their work to demo different emotions and feelings.

Frida and Vincent besides showed great differences in their graphics by the usage of symbols and different techniques. Frida uses really fantasy like symbols where as Vincent uses realistic objects that are seen in mundane life. Besides the techniques used by Frida and Vincent vary. Frida uses smooth clean cut coppice shots compared to Vincent’s rubing technique to give that old
worn out expression.


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