Reflection on Jack Hodgins ”By the River” Essay

October 10, 2017 Religion

In the narrative of By the River. the writer relates the love narrative between the immature adult female. Crystal Styan. and her hubby. Jim Styan. in the footings of religion. duty and dream. After reading this narrative. I wonder that why Jim chose to go forth and why Crystal still believed he will come back. even though she realized that her dream of the life with him would non come true. When Crystal was in grade 10. she gave up the chance of analyzing farther and chose to populate a fantastic and idyllic life with Jim. After they moved to the log cabin which sits on the border of river. they began to construct a farm. Since Jim was deficiency of farming cognition and had no any experience earlier. six poulets were frozen to decease in the cold winter and the cow that he has merely bought stepped off the train and ran off.

He finally abandoned his house and married woman irresponsibly and left on the train after he can non accept the fact that the dream of going famer will non come true. In contrast. Crystal ever believed his hubby and tried her best to assist Jim recognize his dream. even though sometimes she understood the determination that populating with Jim was incorrect. Crystal has ever loved Jim so that she trusted her hubby will be on the manner place one twenty-four hours and came to the station to wait him for the past six month. But all are delusional and impossible. her hubby will ne’er return on the train. because the music director told her that he was non on board.

In decision. this sort of adult female. Crystal. is honestly hapless because her hubby ruthlessly abandoned and left her without any words. while Jim is surely looked down upon by others. because he is self-concern and irresponsible for their love and relationship.

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