Reflection Paper on Strategic Human Resource Management

November 6, 2017 Management

Understanding Strategic Human Resource Management REFLECTION PAPER Prepared by: Cynthia D. Pareno Since the beginning of time, people have been the most valuable resource available. Regardless of the purpose or task, some level of human resource is required. This simple fact has created a vital need for effective Human Resource Management. It is a function performed in organizations that facilitates the most effective use of people to achieve both the company and the employees’ goals.

Strategic human resource management has been defined as the proactive management of people. To be proactive, the management must be open-minded and before making any decisions, it gathers information from all departments or managers. It creates a strong learning environment to its employees. Before the problem become out of control, it focuses on breaking down systems and processes to find mistakes. In my point of view, Strategic Human Resource Management is a set of processes and planning activities that when implemented, it benefits both the company and employees.

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It is done to improve the recruiting, hiring and training programs for the employees and the company. It’s what we call two-way relationship. It requires thinking ahead, and planning ways for a company to better meet the needs of its employees, and for the employees to better meet the needs of the company. Human resources today are more than maintaining personal functions of the employees within the company.

Skills, experience, and knowledge have economic value to organizations because they enable it to be productive and adaptable; thus, people constitute the organization’s human resources. Like other assets, human resources have value in the market place, but unlike other assets, the potential value of it can be fully realized only with the cooperation of the person. Therefore, all costs related to eliciting productive behaviors from employees-including those related to motivating, monitoring, and retaining them-constitute human capital investments made in anticipation of future returns.

By implementing Strategic Human Resources Management in a business, it develops the abilities and maintain progress of the employees desire to serve the company towards achieving it objectives. Today, Human Resources Management is not simply viewed on an administrative task. By practicing proactive policies, it attracts and retains the most talented, valuable and the right type of employees for the company’s continuous progress.


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