Reflection Paper on the Story of Job Essay

July 8, 2017 July 11th, 2017 Religion

The narrative of Job has enlightened me on how God truly is. He is non ill-mannered or a punisher. but instead a God who gives challenges that he knows his people can excel. Job has impressed me on how he ne’er turned his dorsum on God despite the losingss he came across in his life.

If I come to believe of all Job’s battles. and set my pess in his places. I don’t believe I’d be able to manage it. It’s a spot acceptable to lose ownerships. but to lose one’s household is really annihilating. Job lost all his animate beings. his house and his household. but alternatively of detesting God. his religion in Him even strengthened. He thought that he didn’t have the right to oppugn God’s determinations because God is the Almighty – the most powerful.

What I besides realized is that we normally remember to honour God when we are in demand or when we are at our deepest sorrow. But we are nescient in thanking God in times when our demands are fulfilled. At times. I ask God for counsel. strength and even little wants like being able to go through in a certain topic. and I admit. I sometimes bury to thank Him. However. God is said to be forgiving and I know that no affair what challenges He gives us. his purpose is to give us a lesson and rectify our errors. Life truly isn’t carnival. but we all know that God has designed a particular narrative for us to populate in. We should merely accept and accommodate to what life has to offer.

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