Reflective Essay: Working in New Cultures

Chapter 1: Introduction

In today’s planetary concern environment, cross-cultural direction is seen as an of import field of survey due to the fact that people all around the universe from different civilizations are working, populating and pass oning through concern traffics. Not merely that, big planetary companies are opening up subdivisions in other states that employs people from all types of civilization. With subdivisions all over the universe, companies are bound to collide through the different types of corporate civilization and a nation’s civilization as people working in the company demand to alter the manner of they usually do things. Therefore, it is of import for companies to hold a good cross cultural apprehension so that they can make in concern in a peculiar state without confronting any major troubles with the state or the people.

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Cross- cultural direction besides gives a opportunity for persons to derive assurance in interacting with people from different parts of the universe. This assurance would enable persons to prosecute in little negotiations, concern conversations, corporate etiquette and many more. Having the cognition of cross-cultural direction, gives persons an chance to happen a common land while appreciating diverseness.

Cross-cultural cognition allows us to be kinder on ourselves and others, giving others more benefit of the uncertainty. Over clip, we will be able to near more people and hard state of affairss with an unfastened head that is willing to see state of affairss from many different positions. We will besides recognize that interactions become easier and less nerve-racking as we gain assurance nearing others with regard, empathy, forbearance and attention.


My Family

My household can be considered every bit alone as we don’t belong to any one topographic point. Take me as an illustration, I was born in Melaka, raised up in Kuantan, Pahang and presently populating in Negeri Sembilan. I besides lived in Johor for awhile when I was 7 old ages old earlier traveling to Kuantan.. My pa is from Kedah and my ma is from Melaka. They both had a love matrimony after run intoing in Johor. My parents, my sister and me have been lving in Kuantan for the past 13 old ages. I am really near to my maternal side grandparents who are presently populating in Tampin, Negeri Sembilan.

My household is an drawn-out household construction with my immediate household, grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles. My household besides consist of different races. I have an aunt who is from a Chinese heritage. Not merely that, late, I had a cousin who married an Iban miss. I besides have household members who are Muslim. Although bulk of us Hindus, we still all stay together harmoniously. We respect our other race household members faith and imposts. We even take portion is some

From the 3 major cultural groups in Malaysia, I belong to the Indian cultural group. From this Indian group, I belong to the Tamil community and my faith is Hinduism. Malayan Tamils are the major community in the Malayan Indian ethnic group. Malayan Tamilsare originally from South India, chiefly from the province ofTamil Nadu

Many of the Tamils in Malaysia are posterities of labourers, inmates and bargainers who were either brought into the state during the British colonisation, or came on their ain, during late nineteenth century ( Tye, n.d. ) . The history of Tamils in Malaysia, nevertheless, goes back to much earlier times as there is grounds that the Tamils were already about in significant Numberss during the clip of the Malacca sultanate, or even earlier. ( Tye, n.d. )

male monarch, viz. the Chera, Chola, and Pandiya. . “The land ruled by them was called Chera Nadu ( Chera state ) , Chola Nadu ( Chola state ) , and Pandiya Nadu ( Pandiaya state ) respectively” (, n.d. ) .

The land mass covered by the Kerala State in the South India formed a major portion of Chera Nadu, the Central and Northern parts of present Tamil Nadu were the so Chola Nadu and the Southern portion of Tamil Nadu was the Pandiya Nadu (, n.d. ) .

The early Tamils gained recognition for presenting Buddhismand Hinduism, and subsequently, Islam, to the state ( Tye, n.d. ) . Merely the Islamic influence, which was brought in much later, remains being practiced by the local population ( Tye, n.d. ) . Nevertheless Hindu and Buddhist ruins at Bujang Valley and assorted topographic points in Indonesia are credited to the influence of the Tamil land of theCholas, which appeared from the 9th century, and became the chief faith throughout the eastern portion of Indian subcontinent, through Myanmar, all the manner down the Malay peninsula, Java, Cambodia, and every bit far as southern Vietnam ( Tye, n.d. ) . Dawn of the thirteenth century, the Cholas Empire had become split. The Tamil people in the western portion of the imperium developed their ain idiom, which so became modern Malayalam, while the remainder of the lands in Southeast Asia embraced Buddhismand Islam ( Tye, n.d. ) .

The Indians have many festivals that are celebrated but in Malaysia, merely a few is dominantly celebrated.

Thaipusam:Thaipusam is an of import Hindu event is celebrated on the full Moon twenty-four hours in the month of Thai ( during the months of January or February in Gregorian calendar ) in the Hindu calendar (, n.d. ) . Thaipusam is a jubilation dedicated to the Hindu divinity Lord Murugan who is youngest boy of the Lord Shiva and his married woman Goddess Parvati (, n.d. ) . It is besides to give thanks to the Lord for his approvals. The jubilations take topographic point on a expansive graduated table at the Batu Caves ( Sri Subramaniar Swamy Temple ) merely outside of Kuala Lumpur. Besides the Batu Caves ; Hindus besides gather at the Balathandayuthapani Temple, Penang and every other Murugan temple in Malaysia (, n.d. ) .

Ponggal:Ponggal is a rice crop festival which is celebrated in mid-January ( Wijnen, n.d. ) . This crop festival is celebrated to give thanks to the Sun God, named Surya, for the big crop that he has blessed with ( Wijnen, n.d. ) . Ponggal is a mixture of Sweet boiled rice and is offered to the Sun God ( Wijnen, n.d. ) . The name Ponggal is derived from the Tamil word pongu which means intending “ furuncle over ” . A colourful Kolam is besides made out of rice paste to sketch Surya ‘s chariot ( Wijnen, n.d. ) . In the centre of the Kolam a clay pot is placed over an earthen range ( Wijnen, n.d. ) . The pot is so filled with milk and fresh rice ( Wijnen, n.d. ) . “As the rice grains boil in milk, brown sugar or jagghery is added along with Anacardium occidentale nuts, raisins and ghee” ( Wijnen, n.d. ) . “When the rice mixture boils furiously foaming freely over the pot, household members cry out “ pongollo pongal ” ” ( Wijnen, n.d. ) . This is a celebratory cheer is a wish for overruning lucks for the household. ( Wijnen, n.d. )

celebrations in Tamil Nadu ( Auroville, n.d. ) . Tamil ‘s New Year Day “Puthandu“ is celebrated on April 13 or 14 ( Auroville, n.d. ) . People greet each other by stating “PuthanduVazthukal”which means Happy New Year. As per the Hindu fabulous fables, Lord Brahma started creative activity of the existence. ( Auroville, n.d. )

Deepavali: “Deepavali or Diwali is surely the biggest and the brightest of all Hindu festivals” ( Das, n.d. ) . “It ‘s the festival of visible radiations (deep= visible radiation andavali= a row i.e. , a row of visible radiations ) that ‘s marked by four yearss of jubilation, which literally illumines the state with its glare, and dazzles all with its joy” ( Das, n.d. ) . “Diwali besides commemorates the return ofLord Ramaalong with Sita and Lakshman from his 14 yearlong exile and beating the demon-king Ravana” ( Das, n.d. ) . “In joyous jubilation of the return of their male monarch, the people of Ayodhya, the Capital of Rama, illuminated the land with earthenlamps”( Das, n.d. )

Kinship is a system adopted by a society to steer and depict household relationships. In Malaysia, affinity normally includes drawn-out households such as grandparents, grandchildren, aunts and uncles. Families in Malaysia are closely knit and are of import in the household events and maps. Even my household consist of my parents, my grandparents, my cousin and my aunt and uncle.

Primary school instruction is mandatory in Malaysiw where “public schools, private schools and place pedagogues co-exist side by side” ( Classbase, n.d. ) . Following an unregulated pre-school instruction, a kid enters primary school at age 7 for a period of 6 old ages ( Classbase, n.d. ) . Following schooling in the community linguistic communication of their pick they must sit for their primary school achievement trial in order to measure up to analyze farther. ( Classbase, n.d. ) .

Secondary Education

Secondary instruction in Malaysia is divided into 2 stages ( Classbase, n.d. ) . Following the first 3 old ages of general instruction pupils write for their lower certification of instruction ( PT3 ) ( Classbase, n.d. ) . After that, they can come in either the humanistic disciplines or the scientific discipline watercourse based to their PT3 consequences ( Classbase, n.d. ) . Once entered into a peculiar watercourse, exchanging chances are limited ( Classbase, n.d. ) . Following this period, pupils may finish Form 6, or survey for 2 old ages for matriculation freedom or even travel into college for a Pre-U programme ( Classbase, n.d. )


  1. Economy

Malaysia, has invariably been altering itself since the 1970s from a manufacturer of natural stuffs into an germinating multi-sector economic system (, n.d. ) Under the current Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, “Malaysia is trying to accomplish high-income position by 2020 and to travel further up the value-added production concatenation by pulling investings in Islamic finance, high engineering industries, biotechnology, and services” (, n.d. ) . The Prime Minister’s Economic Transformation Program ( ETP ) has a figure of undertakings and policy steps which is intended to better the state ‘s economic growing. Nonetheless, exports of electronics, oil and gas, palm oil and gum elastic remains as a important supporter of the economic system (, n.d. ) . Bing an oil and gas exporter, Malaysia has profited from higher universe energy monetary values, although the lifting cost of domestic gasolene and Diesel fuel, combined with sustained budget shortages, has forced Kuala Lumpur to get down to turn to financial deficits, through initial decreases in energy and sugar subsidies and the proclamation of the 2015 execution of a 6 % goods and services revenue enhancement (, n.d. ) . Bank Negara Malaysia maintains a healthy foreign exchange militias, and a well-developed regulative government which has limited Malaysia ‘s exposure to riskier fiscal instruments and the planetary fiscal crisis (, n.d. ) . In September 2013, the Prime Minister launched the new Bumiputra Economic Empowerment Program ( BEEP ) (, n.d. ) . They are viz. policies that favour and progress the economic status of cultural Malays (, n.d. ) .

  1. Politicss

The political relations of Malaysia is based on a federal constitutional monarchy, where the Yang Di- Pertuan Agong is caput of province and the Prime Minister is the caput of authorities (, n.d. ) . “The Executive power is controlled by the federal authorities and the 13 province governments” (, n.d. ) . “Federal legislative power is vested in the federal parliament and the 13 province assemblies” (, n.d. ) . “The bench is independent of the executive and the legislative assembly, though the executive maintains a certain degree of influence in the assignment of Judgess to the courts” (, n.d. ) .

  1. Religion

Islam dominates the spiritual background of the state, where about 60 % of state ‘s population patterns Islam ( Voyage99, n.d. ) . More or less, Islam is stated as the province faith and is followed by the bulk of Malays. Besides Islam, the other faiths include Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, Taoism and Confucianism ( Voyage99, n.d. ) . About all Chinese have faith in Buddhism and Taoism, but there are others who prefer Christianity ( Voyage99, n.d. ) . Indians normally observe Hinduism, while tonss of autochthonal people have adapted Christianity ( Voyage99, n.d. ) .

  1. Associations

MTUC is a federation of trade brotherhoods and registered under the Societies Act, 1955 ( Malayan Trades Union Congress, n.d. ) . It is the oldest National Centre stand foring the Malayan workers ( Malayan Trades Union Congress, n.d. ) . The Unions affiliated to MTUC stand for all major industries and sector with about 500,000 members ( Malayan Trades Union Congress, n.d. ) . The MTUC has been recognized by the Government as the representative of workers in Malaysia and is consulted by Government on major alterations in labour Torahs through the National Joint Labor Advisory Council ( Malaysian Trades Union Congress, n.d. ) . MTUC besides represent labour at the International Labor Organization Conferences and Meetings ( Malaysian Trades Union Congress, n.d. )

  1. Healthcare

Healthcare in Malaysia can be divided into the private and public sectors ( Expatforum, n.d. ) . Malayan society topographic points importance on the enlargement and development of health care by part 5 % of the budget of the authorities societal sector development into public health care ( Expatforum, n.d. ) . With the lifting and ageing population, the Government wants to better health care in many ways including the renovation of bing infirmaries, edifice and fiting new infirmaries and the enlargement of the figure of polyclinics ( Expatforum, n.d. ) .

Doctors need to execute a compulsory three year’s service with public infirmaries to guarantee that the work force in these infirmaries is maintained in the Malaysian health care system ( Expatforum, n.d. ) . Not merely that, physicians are must to execute 4 old ages including 2 old ages of intern ship and 2 old ages authorities service with public infirmaries throughout the state, guaranting equal coverage of medical demands for the general population ( Expatforum, n.d. ) . Foreign physicians are besides encouraged to use for employment in Malaysia, particularly if they are qualified at a higher degree. ( Expatforum, n.d. )

  1. Diversion

The people of Malaysia spend their leisure clip, largely on a Sunday as it is a public vacation. Most people from little town prefer to remain at place and take a interruption from their work committednesss. Those in large metropoliss such as KL nevertheless use this clip this clip so pass their leisure clip at the shopping promenade where they can catch a film and travel shopping.

Chapter 3: Culture SHOCK CHALLENGES.

I foremost faced a civilization daze challenge when I went on internship at Global Virtual Support at Damansara Heights, Kuala Lumpur. During the internship period, I stayed at my aunt’s house at Klang. It was a spot of a thrust every forenoon as it took me an hr to acquire through they KL jam every forenoon. On my first twenty-four hours, I faced a existent civilization daze when I was driving to work. Me being the little town miss from Kuantan, I wasn’t used to the slow, about non-moving traffic jam. I grumbled a batch in the beginning, but I overcame that by utilizing my phone GPS to happen me faster paths with no jam to acquire me faster to work. I eventually reached the office and I was started on preparation. The occupation involved a batch of undertakings affecting naming clients. My chief undertaking was to put orders for an Australian based nutrient bringing company whereby I had to put customer’s order to restaurant all across Australia. On my first call of all time, I did precisely as I was taught. I gave all of the customer’s inside informations but in the terminal I got scolded from the lady over the phone for non talking fast plenty. I have ne’er of all time been scolded by any alien before, even though it was over the phone. I found it wholly dissing. I had a few hard calls in the beginning, but I managed it by holding a talk with a nice co-worker who helped me out who told me that those “type” of calls are normal, as the eating house staffs have a wont of being ill-mannered. Overtime, I managed to set on my“muka tembok”face and face the ill-mannered types of calls with no job. There were some calls to Australia which included doing calls to Thai and Vietnamese eating houses. These eating houses usually took a batch of my clip as there was a linguistic communication barrier. Most of them do non talk English and I had a difficult clip puting the customer’s orders over the phone. I worked this state of affairs out by larning a few of Thai and Vietnamese common words from Google Translate so that they could understand what I wanted. And that method had worked wondrous. Working in GVS, I besides faced another civilization daze whereby I had to do calls from people of different states. I had problem understanding their speech pattern. I’ve called people from Australia, UK, US, India, Africa and many more. The most hard speech pattern that I had to manage was the Irish speech pattern as when they spoke, it sounded about like their oral cavity was full of spit which was difficult to catch. I handled this myself by listening back to the recording of my calls to better understand their speech pattern.

There are many ways to manage civilization daze at a workplace. One of the ways is by watching and larning from people around you on how they handle a state of affairs. Next is by non being afraid to inquire inquiries. The art of larning a new civilization means doing tonss of errors. It’s more of import to manage your errors good than to seek to avoid them wholly. In my experience, I largely handled my civilization daze by a batch of pattern and counsel from my supervisor. Over clip, I became good at what I do and truly bask my clip at GVS. I believe that the experience I got from the internship period has truly helped me turn as an person.

As a decision, Malayan Indians have been in Malaysia for about 60 over old ages and we have managed to work hard to do a name for ourselves. We have carried out civilization and traditions all the manner from India and we still maintain them integral by go throughing those traditions on to the younger coevalss.

The Harris and Moran’s theoretical account gives a wider image on how things are run in Malaysia through the 8 classs. Generally, about all Asiatic states have similar manner of affinity but as for the remainder 7, each state has their ain system worked out. Basically, this Harris and Moran’s theoretical account is alone to how Malaysia runs its major operations in the state.



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