Reformulation Of Nutritional Ingredients Marketing Essay

There were several cardinal tendencies found from the participants in the cereal industry. Kelloggs have consolidated 42 concern web sites into one web site to give a clearer trade name individuality and to heighten client experience. In relation to mechanization, these participants presently use technological advanced machinery to help production and packaging. Finally in May 2012, 60 % of portions from the Weetabix Food Company have been acquired by China ‘s Bright Food Group ( The Grocer, 2012 ) .

From these tendencies, there are issues impacting these participants in footings of market impregnation and fluctuating monetary values for wheat and oats. These are possible menaces for this industry as ; “ cereal merchandises have reached a degree of impregnation in many Western markets, so adding value and following consumer desires will be cardinal to successful merchandise lines ” ( Food Product Design, 2011 ) . To avoid market impregnation, concerns need to research, understand and acknowledge consumers demands.

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Fluctuating monetary values of oats and wheat could impact cereal concerns. Price fluctuations result from troubles experienced during turning seasons ( Irish Timess, 2012 ) .

Rising monetary values due to increasing costs for logistics and ingredients are traveling to impact the industry in the hereafter. Cereal merchandises could be sourced globally ; nevertheless, there is a diminution in international production due to endure conditions ( UN News Centre, 2012 ) . If this continues, it could take to monetary values intensifying and additions being passed down the distribution channel.

There is increasing force per unit area for new merchandise development. This could potentially increase market portion and enhance gross for niche participants such as Flahavan ‘s and Odlums, while leting market leaders such as Kellogg ‘s, the chance to forestall smaller concerns from obtaining market growing. There is an addition in wellness witting clients and in the hereafter, may specify the merchandise lines

From the acquisition of Weetabix, Bright Food Group has vowed to globally spread out the Weetabix by come ining the turning cereal market within Asia. Changes to nutrient ingestion forms within Asia have resulted in clients favoring hot cereals ( China Daily, 2012 ) .

Nationally, this industry is deserving a‚¬200 million per twelvemonth with a net income between 40 – 45 % ( Study Mode, 2011 ) . Kellogg ‘s would be classed as the leader due to a 44 % market portion ( Todays Grocery, 2012 ) . With Nestle and Weetabix as the market followings, these concerns have a ample market portion. The niche participants, Flahavan ‘s and Odlums, are non every bit profitable as rivals, peculiarly Odlums who do non supply an extended scope of merchandises.

Competitive competitions could originate as rivals have similar merchandises aimed at similar mark markets. The menace of replacements is an issue as there is a rise in ain trade name merchandises, such as Tesco. These merchandises are being introduced due to altering consumer disbursement wonts. As this industry could be seen as oligopolistic, the power over providers and purchasers could potentially increase, nevertheless for the niche participants, the competition could escalate.

By and large this industry targets households. Kellogg ‘s and Nestle could be seen to aim kids, as characters are introduced as an attractive force method. Weetabix, Flahavan ‘s and Odlums mark mature audiences.

Cardinal participants must keep competitory advantage in order to prolong the market. Player threshold resources should include finance, client trueness, trade name consciousness and a broad merchandise scope. Unique resources for the niche participants are peculiarly focused on the Irish facets of the merchandise. This involves methods of merchandise production and occupations created within the state. Irish consumers are value driven, nevertheless Irish merchandises are of import to these consumers.

In old old ages, Kellogg ‘s held the dominant place within the industry ; nevertheless this changed well as more rivals have entered the market and reduced Kellogg ‘s net incomes.

In 2010, there was a net income rise of Kellogg ‘s, which has since fallen from $ 1.2 billion to $ 961 million ( BusinessWeek, 2013 ) . In 2012, the portion monetary value of the concern was volatile as it declined to ?46.33 in July, nevertheless increased to an acceptable monetary value of about ?60 in December ( Yahoo Finance, 2012 ) . The size of Kellogg ‘s reduces the menace of a coup d’etat and go outing the market would non be foreseeable.

Kellogg ‘s usage of Corporate Social Responsibility ( CSR ) is the head of communicating with clients. This is apparent in “ Give a kid a breakfast ” run launched in October 2011 as this run highlighted the benefits of kids eating breakfast ( Witwitwoo, 2012 ) . By foregrounding this run, it improved the populace ‘s perceptual experience of Kellogg ‘s.

The Nestle group, as a whole, experienced a successful fiscal twelvemonth for 2012. It shows an addition in net income for the twelvemonth by $ 1.8 billion ( Nestle, 2012 ) . The cereal scope of the concern is represented in this figure which displays a positive fiscal public presentation for Nestle .

Bright Food Group generated grosss of about ?7.5 billion last twelvemonth which indicates it has a big resource base to spread out the Weetabix trade name into more foreign markets ( Yahoo Finance, 2012 ) . The acquisition of Weetabix would bespeak there is a high demand for cereal merchandises globally and domestically.

The Weetabix trade name has a long association with the British and Irish markets and has successfully reflected a positive trade name image. However, the recent acquisition could hold a positive and negative impact as it could be viewed as the loss of another autochthonal concern to a foreign transnational and may thin the trade name value.

As Flahavan ‘s is a in private owned household operated concern, it is non listed on any stock exchange. Flahavan ‘s is an established trade name and retains the bulk of market portion in relation to hot cereal breakfast in Ireland ( Export Ireland, 2010 ) . This trade name has a positive image among Irish clients and aided enlargements into markets such as the UK and US.

Flahavan ‘s is associated with Bord Bia and outlines the nutritionary value of eating porridge as portion of a healthy balanced diet. As the concern is proud of its heritage and a little participant within the industry, the possibility of an acquisition may be unattractive to an established participant.

Odlums is portion of the Origin Enterprise Group, which is listed on the Irish Stock Exchange and experienced an increased portion monetary value within the last twelvemonth.

Odlums trade name is good known within Ireland, chiefly for their baking merchandises. It could be perceived that the populace have less acknowledgment for the porridge scope. The trade name image is viewed positively and is associated with Bord Bia.

Within the cereal industry, there are certain facets which could impact cardinal participants in the hereafter. Kellogg ‘s have chiefly grown through amalgamation and acquisitions. If cardinal participants follow this tendency and grow like Kellogg ‘s, they could perchance keep market portion growing. Further trade name edifice, could let for growing in new divisions, for illustration Weetabix presenting a new scope of biscuits.

The bulk of ruling concerns have a strong portfolio of merchandises with great trade name individuality amongst its market portion. If the key participants continue to put and turn their trade name portfolio, it may hold a positive long-run consequence on those concerns.

There is a possibility of a new picking order in footings of the hot breakfast cereal market section. At present, Flahavan ‘s is the market leader in this class. However, Kellogg ‘s have developed a merchandise, “ Kellogg ‘s Corn Flake Porridge ” , to vie against Flahavan ‘s porridge ( Food Stuff, 2012 ) . This merchandise has non been launched in Ireland, but could potentially rule the market in the hereafter.

Presently, cardinal participants are widening the life of their consumer recognizable merchandises instead than taking them from the market ( Irish Timess, 2013 ) . Customers would be willing to buy familiar merchandises and be more inclined to buy new merchandises launched by a sure trade name.

Key participants have adopted an extension scheme of their merchandises. From analysis of the Ansoff Matrix on the key participants, it ‘s apparent they had the same scheme which included the keeping of bing clients and attractive force of new clients by agencies of merchandise development and variegation.

Cardinal participants are presently following marketing schemes to guarantee their trade names are in the elicited set of their mark markets while traveling through the determination devising procedure.

HRM Schemes

Kellogg ‘s usage extended research and development ( R & A ; D ) , which efficaciously provides solid consequences taking to a competitory advantage. Although direction places are favorable, some employee motive is low. Therefore, bespeaking that HRM schemes are non of major concern to Kellogg ‘s.

Nestle ‘s amalgamations and acquisitions provide a wider choice of employees which can be used strategically to further develop the concerns competitory advantage. However, this method may non be executable as employees may experience their sentiments are underappreciated and lack engagement with front line determinations.

Weetabix use motivational ends to drive their Human Resource Management ( HRM ) , which furthers competitory advantage by supplying a positive work environment. This could be used strategically to pull possible advanced employees.

Flahavan ‘s is a well smaller concern, as a consequence of their household ethos. These concerns by and large limit the recruiting of new extra employees to cut down costs. However, the use of their level hierarchy enables all sections to work together closely. Therefore, Flahavan ‘s have used their bound of enrolling for choice employment experience which could make competitory advantage.

Odlums uses their HRM schemes competitively to derive knowing direction. This can be seen in their employees, who had quality old employment and instruction. This is a clear competitory advantage for Odlums, and has allowed them to organize an elect group of employees.

These cardinal participants would look to be in alliance with their HRM schemes. In peculiar, Nestle ‘s vision of “ Good Food, Good Life ” is in alignment their HRM policies ( Nestle , 2013 ) . Through the usage of amalgamations and acquisitions, Nestle have recruited a choice group of employees who strive to supply quality merchandises behind the scheme.

External Environmental Analysis


The group used the PESTEL model to critically analyze the Macro-environment of the cereal industry

Political / Legal


The Food Information Regulation introduced, in 2011, EU ( European Union ) statute law sing merchandise labelling of nutritionary information. The industry must guarantee their merchandises meet these demands and inform clients of relevant information.

All concerns should adhere to publicizing ordinances within the markets they are present. Businesss have to follow the guidelines set out by the Ad Standards Authority ( ASA ) within Ireland and UK. For illustration in August 2012, Weetabix released an advertizement saying that the cereal was a signifier of “ slow release energy ” . This signifier of advertizement was seen to be misdirecting for consumers. The advertizement had to be amended suitably to demo the cereal itself had to be combined with milk for this statement to be true as the cereal entirely was non sufficient.


If concerns associated with the industry, for illustration Kellogg ‘s, make up one’s mind to set up a fabrication works in Ireland, consideration in relation to revenue enhancement inducements, for illustration corporation revenue enhancement, stable Government system and experient work force are cardinal countries to be considered.

Due to Government cutbacks since 2012, both in Ireland and UK, concerns may endure financially. If cutbacks continue, this could impact clients as their disbursement power will alter dramatically.


Conveyance Outgo

The fluctuating monetary values in oil, gasoline and Diesel could impact the concerns transit and bringing outgo. These costs are ineluctable and impact the mundane running of the concern.


With the recession, people have less disposable income to buy trade name merchandises and this could impact concerns.


Consumer Buying Patterns

Businesss analyse consumer purchasing forms to derive information on both clients and the concerns selling scheme. Examination of these forms, AIDSs concerns predict how consumers will react to marketing schemes. Businesss could utilize this to derive possible clients.

Turning Cultures

For concerns, an apprehension of the different merchandises offered to clients is of import, for illustration Flahavan ‘s presently offering microwavable porridge for clients who want a quick and easy repast with the benefits of nutritionary content.


With the uninterrupted progresss in engineering, concerns need to reevaluate the engineering used within their operations and guarantee they are up to day of the month and dependable. Out of day of the month engineering affects the running of the concern and hinders invention.

In order to assist cut down the sum of H2O wasted, for illustration Weetabix are besides working closely with Anglian Water ( UK based company ) to develop a technological strategic H2O system. The work will be chiefly carried out on weekends so as to understate breaks to client orders.


Businesss must guarantee to maintain up to day of the month on current environmental ordinances while continuously accomplishing environmental marks, for illustration cut downing C footmark, packaging, nutrient waste and H2O preservation.

The following scenario outlines how concerns within the industry have had to accommodate fabrication techniques. In 2010, Weetabix pledged to cut down H2O use by 20 % by 2020. To make this they enlisted the services of Anglian H2O who found a major leak within the production works.

PESTEL Analysis & A ; Key Drivers

From the cognition and information gathered from the PESTEL analysis, the key drivers could hold an impact, positively or negatively, on the scheme for the cereal industry.

Creative Ad

The Ad Standards Authority regulations are to be purely adhered to when advertisement to client sections. The cereal industry uses sketch characters within their advertisement portfolio to aim kids. Children would be extremely influenced by the actions of the characters instead than the nutritionary value of the cereals. This could be viewed as being a breach of advertisement criterions.

Merchandise Differentiation

The economic downswing presently impacting states throughout Europe, has decreased the disposable income of people in Ireland and the UK well which affects consumer disbursement. This can be reflected by the permutation of ain trade name cereals made available within supermarkets, for illustration Tesco. This country would be a cardinal driver for the industry, as merchandise quality and pricing would necessitate to be utilised to vie within the market.

Reformulation of nutritionary ingredients

This uninterrupted altering cultural environment in clients is an of import key driver for any concern. Customers are going more wellness witting in the nutrients they purchase. As cereals can be seen to incorporate high sugar and additives contents, this could hold a negative impact on this industry. Businesss must guarantee to concentrate on selling their merchandises to clients in footings of the nutritionary value which should be highlighted on the merchandise packaging.

Contracts for natural stuffs

Supply concatenation direction plays a important function in companies looking to cut down its C footmark, it illustrates positives to increasing efficiency in footings of natural stuffs acquiring transported to fabricating workss and how the distribution of finished merchandises are transported to legion supermarkets located domestically and internationally.

For illustration, Weetabix beginning most natural stuffs within a 50 mile radius of their fabrication works in the UK, while Kellogg ‘s usage logistical concerns to transport merchandises to different supermarkets. By outsourcing logistical operations it allows Kellogg ‘s to concentrate on countries of expertness while besides being environmentally friendly as the trucks are non transporting bringings less than full capacity.

Porter ‘s Five Forces Analysis

Power of Suppliers

In footings of Kellogg ‘s, Nestle and Weetabix, these concerns maintain a medium degree of buying power from providers. This could be due to the fluctuation of monetary values, for illustration wheat and maize, from providers as a consequence of extended forces. These disbursals could be filtered down the supply concatenation to the terminal user.

Weetabix beginnings 90 % of natural stuffs within a 50 mile radius of their production works in the UK. Although this can be viewed as a positive part within the local community, it may hold a negative impact on production if upwind conditions were to impact harvest growing.

Flahavan ‘s and Odlums merely retain a certain degree of power. The varying monetary values could be due to a decrease in handiness of oats or hard turning season. These concerns buying power would non be every bit high as rival ‘s which would ensue in a moderate bargaining power.

Power of Buyers

Buyers of breakfast cereals consist of retail merchants across Ireland and the UK. These purchasers hold the power as the monetary value is set on their footings. Buyers dickering power would be well higher if there were merely a little figure of dominant purchasers and a big figure of Sellerss within the industry.

Supermarkets, for illustration Asda, Tesco and Dunnes Stores all stock cereal merchandises. Although there are multiple purchasers, it should be highlighted that these shops besides stock rival ‘s trade names. Supermarkets, such as Tesco, besides produce and supply their ain trade name cereals.

Research conducted revealed, Odlums experience a high market portion with their flour and baking mixes. However, this does non include their porridge scope. Due to supermarket ain trade name cereals, there is high dickering power for purchasers.

Menace of Substitutes

The menace of replacements is high from rivals within the industry. Other nutrients types such as fruits, bread/toast and yogurts could be considered to be more convenient and less expensive for clients.

For concerns, such as Odlums, who merely produce a certain choice of merchandises, the menace of permutation could be high. This could be due to new, similar and cheaper trade names come ining the market. The debut of ain trade name scopes could impact the industry as a whole, as client life styles and disbursement wonts have changed.

Menace of Entry

There is an chance for possible entrants to come in the Irish market and potentially derive market portion. As Kellogg ‘s is the dominant market leader, similar companies such as Flahavan ‘s and Odlums are continuously viing against each other to increase market portion.

The barriers to entry for this industry could be classed as high due to possible start-up concerns sing trouble come ining the market. New concerns may non hold the relevant experience of the market and may miss the supply and distribution channels. Besides revenge from bing concerns may forestall new entrants from accomplishing success.

If American owned houses, such as Religious society of friendss, make up one’s mind to spread out outside of the US it could take to increased competition.

Competitive Competition

Competition within the industry is high with concerns such as Kellogg ‘s and Nestle viing to be the overall market leader. The uninterrupted debut of new merchandises helps guarantee competition between all the concerns remains high. Odlums experience high sums of competitory competition due to rivals, Flahavan ‘s and Weetabix, holding a wider merchandise scope.

Strategic Group Mapping Analysis

Flahavan ‘s is a market leader in the hot breakfast market section with a 7 % portion of the overall cereal market ( Euro Monitor, 2011 ) . Flahavan ‘s have undertaken a loanblend scheme since 2008 by widening their merchandise scope and doing their merchandise more convenient to client ‘s, such as Quick Oats.

Kellogg ‘s and Nestle ‘s merchandises are the most expensive, nevertheless the premium monetary value is justified by the larger assortment of merchandises offered. Weetabix, Flahavan ‘s and Odlums are the least expensive of the concerns due to the low merchandise scope. However these monetary values may increase further due to the perceived client benefits of their merchandises.

Internal Strategic Capability Analysis

Kellogg ‘s Company Background

The Kellogg ‘s Company was established in 1906 by W.K. Kellogg. By go oning to utilize the same technique in bring forthing the merchandise since this clip, the Kellogg ‘s trade name has grown successfully over the last 100 old ages with merchandises making 180 states worldwide. Kellogg ‘s chiefly bring forth breakfast cereal merchandises, along with wassailer pastries and bites, such as, cereal bars and winders.

In 1922, Kellogg ‘s arrived in Ireland with merchandises being sold nationally. As Kellogg ‘s now is the taking trade name in the cereal industry in Ireland and the UK, it was one of the first to present nutritionary labelling on their packaging, back in the 1930 ‘s.

With their successful launch in the 1950 ‘s of cereal merchandises Frosties and Special K, in the 1980 ‘s new merchandises, such as Crunchy Nut Corn Flakes, was launched into the Irish market.

The W.K. Kellogg Institute for Food and Nutrition Research was opened in 1997. This is where applied scientists, dieticians and nutrient scientists investigate the quality of the green goods used. This installation besides catered for the alternation in the decrease of salt used in breakfast cereals in 2010, along with vitamin D been added for kids in 2011.

The Kellogg ‘s Company have assorted locations worldwide including North America, Europe & A ; Middle East, Asia, Africa, Oceania and Latin & A ; South America. Kellogg ‘s Headquarters is located in Michigan.

Kellogg ‘s Cultural Web Analysis


Kellogg ‘s are internationally known for quality merchandises. Kellogg ‘s pride themselves on supplying nutritionary forenoon repasts for their mark market. This is apparent in the nutritionary information displayed on the merchandise packaging.

Kellogg ‘s introduced a set of “ K Values ” into the workplace to steer how the concern interacts with employee, providers, spouses and communities. Valuess consist of passion, simpleness, unity, humbleness, answerability, and success. These values have helped Kellogg ‘s improve concern civilization by making advanced thoughts and helping employees to win.


In relation to the repute of Kellogg ‘s amongst its employees, it was found that there was a mixture of information. Upon researching employee ‘s feedback, negative remarks were discovered as one employee stated the concern had “ short term focal point and small employee development ” while another stated Kellogg ‘s was “ a atrocious topographic point to work ” . Positive feedback was besides reviewed with one employee saying Kellogg ‘s created an “ first-class chance to larn from superb heads and develop as a professional ”

The repute of Kellogg ‘s would look to act upon how the employees visualise the concern and the leading manner. Employee feedback highlighted maltreatment of direction places ensuing in employees being frustrated and unmotivated. Employee research indicated most were satisfied with their rewards which resulted from working long hours.


As Kellogg ‘s is a transnational concern, the trade name image is widely recognised, popular amongst clients and the logo is alone as it stands out from rivals. Kellogg ‘s logo has been modified somewhat throughout the old ages but ever maintained its design characterises. The debut of the Kellogg ‘s Particular K merchandise scope helped to advance the concern and placed better accent on the “ K ” facet of the logo and concern name.

Power Structure

Kellogg ‘s has a hierarchal power construction with most of the fabrication and merchandise determinations being made by direction and Head Office. The determinations are made based on treatments held between direction. The employees are informed of determinations and are expected to collaborate with them.

Organizational Structure

Kellogg ‘s is a planetary concern, located in 18 states throughout the universe. For Kellogg ‘s to stay successful within the market place, it needs to guarantee each merchandise is manufactured to the specification set out by direction. Kellogg ‘s rely on employees to work in squads to accomplish company marks.

Control Systems

Kellogg ‘s has a tightly controlled environment with direction and Head Office commanding determination devising. Employees are trained for different facets of the fabrication procedure and a choice of employees is trained to interact with clients and providers. Employees besides receive employment contracts which contain a specified length of employment.

Budget and public presentation studies are controlled by Kellogg ‘s. The budget studies allow Kellogg ‘s to see the net incomes and other pecuniary information. The public presentation studies contain information on employee public presentation and occupation duties.

Rituals and Routines

Kellogg ‘s reviewed their preparation processs in 2011 and developed a more intensive preparation procedure. Training is given to all employees in an attempt to guarantee each employee has the accomplishment and cognition required to finish their day-to-day undertakings. Kellogg ‘s provides employees with development chances by leting employees to see larning from directors and the work itself. These development chances encourage employees to work hard and take to accomplish publicities. New employees are given induction preparation and preparation on safety steps.

Kellogg ‘s Ansoff Product / Market Growth Matrix

Market Penetration

By using this scheme, it could profit Kellogg ‘s in go oning to stay competitory within the market and bracing their place as a market leader. Kellogg ‘s have dramatically increased their merchandise scope to provide for a wider client base.

Continuing to perforate this market is a comparatively low hazard for the concern. Kellogg ‘s would necessitate to implement a scheme to keep market portion by utilizing bing merchandises while retaining their current clients. This scheme would necessitate to be developed by increasing trade name consciousness of merchandises, for illustration charity events or competitions, in order to remind clients of their merchandises.

Product re-launch could be another incursion method. Through client engagement and push selling schemes, these could assist Kellogg ‘s to keep their market portion or perchance increasing their client base.

New Products and Services

Developing the ability to be typical from bing rivals could be a challenge for Kellogg ‘s. In order to increase the client base, Kellogg ‘s developed merchandises in the countries of wassailer pastries and bites. These developments allowed the concern to research new merchandises ranges.

Market Development

Market development is necessary for Kellogg ‘s to turn within the market. Currently Kellogg ‘s offer a porridge merchandise which is available in South Africa, and gluten free merchandises are non gettable within Ireland and the UK. These merchandises could hold a dramatic consequence if they were introduced into the markets, as it could rise the competition amongst rivals and pull new clients.

Conglomerate Diversification

Diversification into an unrelated market would be hard but non impossible challenge for Kellogg ‘s. Kellogg ‘s have diversified into the bite nutrient market with the acquisition of Pringles in early 2012 ( Reuters, 2013 ) . This market could be seen to be hard to run as it does non associate to the cereal industry and Kellogg ‘s may non hold the necessary cognition of the bite nutrient industry.



Nestle Company Background

Nestle was founded in 1866. As the company began to turn, it merged with another established company, Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Company in 1905. From this amalgamation, Nestle acquired Rowntree ‘s of York in 1988.

Within Ireland and UK, Nestle is one of the key participants in the nutrient industry with 19 locations using over 7000 staff. Nestle is besides one of the cardinal exporters for these two states, with exporting merchandises over ?300 million worth to 50 states worldwide yearly.

With the amalgamations and acquisitions antecedently mentioned, this gave Nestle the ability to diversify their merchandise portfolio to provide to a wider mark audience. Nestle Ireland and UK expanded to sister companies such as Nestle Waters, Nestle Nutrition, Cereal Partners UK and Jenny Craig.

With these sister companies, Nestle was able to bring forth popular trade names such as, breakfast cereal Shreddies, Kit Kat and drinks Nestle H2O and Nesquik.

Nestle have Headquarters in Ireland and UK, with their mills chiefly in the UK. Globally, Nestle are located in all continents.

Nestle SWOT & A ; TOWS Analysis

( Besides see Appendix 2 )

Nestle Cultural Web Model

Nestle Cultural Web Analysis


Nestle ‘s ethos “ Good Food, Good Life ” is a clear index of where Nestle ‘s thrust originates. This can be clearly defined as Nestle ‘s corporate experience of employees is applied to better their scheme. For illustration, Nestle ‘s acquisition of Alcon Laboratories Inc. provided nutrient engineering competences in fabrication merchandises expeditiously.


Nestle ‘s is regarded as the largest nutrient concern globally ; this occurred through amalgamations and acquisitions and primary nutrient nutrition values.

However, Nestle cereals received bad imperativeness in 2011, with the accusals of wrong nutritionary information on their cereal merchandises. This discredited their beliefs of nutritionary value in good nutrient.


Nestle is a Swiss multinational concern which strives in power and way. It is a professional concern, which has used amalgamations and acquisitions to its advantage since its origin.


Nestle ‘s power construction is hierarchal and employees feel like patterned advance is limited internally. However, sing their old waies to this power, it can be interpreted that their power thrust is uninterrupted and dedicated. Besides Nestle is chiefly a male dominated administration, which creates the concerns of the “ glass ceiling ” consequence for adult females, which can be regarded as an instability of gender equality.

Organizational construction

Nestle ‘s organizational construction revolves around invention and enlargement. Invention can be seen in their portfolio of introducing merchandises such as babe expression and instant java. Changeless coaction makes the concern segmented and successful. Within the organizational construction, employees feel that speedy determination devising is absent in Nestle ‘s senior directors. This may take to demoralization of employee engagement, which can be priceless.

Control systems

Nestle offer attractive pension programs in order to command employee systems. However, a bulk of employees expressed there is no work life balance programs to maintain employees motivated and balanced in place and work activities. In contrast to their attractive pension programs, it can be assumed that Nestle is clearly cautionary focused with employees.

In add-on, Nestle do non micro pull off their employees, it can be interpreted that Nestle need to hold on control systems to maintain employee focal point in activities.

Routines & A ; Rituals

On a day-to-day footing, Nestle offer flexible working agendas for their employees. This communicates a relaxed working environment, nevertheless due to hierarchal stances, scheme and way is driven from central office. This displays that field employees are non driven on public presentation, in comparing to senior directors in the concern.

Nestle Ansoff Product / Market Growth Matrix

Market Penetration

Nestle face a major obstruction as they are the 2nd largest concern behind Kellogg ‘s. In 2012, Nestle looked to spread out its trade name farther within Northern Ireland and have enlisted the services of GM selling to assist spread out the trade name through the usage of online engineerings and refined selling schemes.

Even though this is a low hazard scheme, the degree of success could be minimum. If this scheme increases the market portion of Nestle , it will impact rivals. This scheme could potentially harm other classs that Nestle associates with its trade name.

New Product & A ; Servicess

R & A ; D is an built-in portion within the Nestle as they look to present merchandise development within all trade name classs. This allows the concern to farther innovate within countries such as nutritionary and healthy nutrients.

A belief that exists within Nestle is “ Think Global – Act Local ” . When looking to present new merchandises within bing markets, they place the client at the nucleus of the merchandise. This is recognizable in the manner they cater to assorted client groups with cereal trade names, such as Shreddies.

Nutrition is a critical component within Nestle nucleus beliefs. Product development is a scheme that Nestle have continuously looked to better since it identified that nutrition and wellness was to be the nucleus scheme.

Market Development:

Through Nestle ‘s amalgamations and acquisitions, they have diversified into similar but besides unrelated countries such as babe nutrient. Since Nestle is a recognized trade name name on a planetary graduated table and offers different classs of merchandises in most domestic states, it would propose logistical constructions are already in topographic point which would be a pecuniary economy and hazard would be reduced.


Nestle has depended to a great extent on variegation to prolong market leading as the universe ‘s largest nutrient concern. Nestle has closely adhered to this scheme as they have diversified into unrelated markets such as pharmaceuticals, to cover possible losingss sustained within other parts of their portfolio.

Nestle besides choose to diversify throughout different markets to place client ‘s dietetic demands. Early entry into unrelated markets could let Nestle to derive a higher market portion.

Within the cereal industry, Nestle had to significantly change merchandises by cut downing the proportion of sugar and Na content that exists within cereals.


Weetabix Company Background

In 1928, a merchandise called Weetbix was produced in Australia by Bennison Osbourne. The merchandise was introduced to Australia, South Africa and New Zealand. It rapidly became a popular breakfast merchandise. Osbourne went to the UK, in 1932, with his concern spouses and made alterations to the Weetbix merchandise formula. These alterations resulted in the creative activity of Weetabix.

In 1932, the Weetabix Food Company was integrated under the name British and African Cereal Company. A Weetabix mill was set up in Kettering, Northamptonshire and the production of the merchandises began. In 1936, the concern name was altered to Weetabix Limited.

Weetabix Limited expanded into the Canadian and American markets in 1967 and 1968 severally. Weetabix turned its attending towards making more cereal merchandises. In 1971, the concern launched Alpen Muesli and in 1991, Weetabix acquired Ready Brek from Lyons Tetley.

In order to stay competitory within the market, Weetabix introduced a new scope of Alpen merchandises in 2002. The new Alpen Bars allowed Weetabix to entree the bing market while besides seeking to pull new clients.

Weetabix was a household owned concern until Lion Capital purchased the concern in 2004

From 2007 to 2010, Weetabix expanded their merchandise scope by presenting Oatiflakes and Oaty Bars. Weetabix has won a figure of awards for their merchandises.

In 2012, it was announced that China Bright Food had purchased a 60 % interest of Weetabix. This purchase gives China Bright Food a controlling portion of Weetabix.

Weetabix SWOT & A ; TOWS Analysis

( Besides see Appendix 3 )

Weetabix Cultural Web Model

Weetabix Cultural Web Analysis


Weetabix take pride in sourcing local green goods for their merchandise, protecting the environment is a cardinal factor within concern operations. Through working with professional strategies in run intoing marks, for illustration C footmark and waste use, Weetabix strive to accomplish ends which impact positively environmentally.


From the research conducted in relation to Weetabix ‘s repute and employees, it was apparent employees have positive experiences from working for Weetabix. Weetabix province that working with the concern is “ more than merely a occupation ” . Employees find working in Weetabix is “ honoring ” and a “ great topographic point to work ” . Employees besides province they receive “ good wage and pride of being a portion traditional branded company ” .

Weetabix have assorted fabrication workss, which attracts new employees to work with the concern as handiness to these workss is greatly good.


As the logo for Weetabix is a clear index of the merchandise, it besides focuses on the facet of the providers. The relationship with providers, for this nucleus merchandise of wheat, is the kernel of the concerns operational map. The balanced relationship is critical for the concern to advancement and grow for the demanding environment.

The trade name image of Weetabix illustrates how the concern is chiefly household orientated and recognises that nutrition is an of import portion of the family ‘s day-to-day dietetic demands.


The Head Office of Weetabix controls the operations of the sections within the concern. These sections include gross revenues, selling, finance, operations and human resources. With the recent acquisition, the power construction between these companies may jump as both companies will hold different operational positions for the concern.


Weetabix is a formal transnational organizational construction. This format focuses on the planetary coordination in the geographical countries, with the assistance of the Latimer Group fabrication workss, in Canada, South Africa and the US. Weetabix merchandises are available in 80 states. With this construction in topographic point, it allows Weetabix to place their merchandises to accommodate the relevant civilizations and responsibly react to the Torahs and ordinances of that civilization.

Team work is another facet that helps develop the Weetabix trade name. One line operator employee stated “ working together in a little squad in a high force per unit area environment ” was indispensable to success for the concern.

As stated antecedently, the acquisition of Weetabix may hold a negative consequence as the managerial manners, day-to-day operations and civilization of the employees may non be similar to that of Bright Food.


For Weetabix to run into production marks the undermentioned controls are in topographic point to ease doing this mark ; audit processs, public presentation direction and hazards appraisals. These controls are utilized to guarantee the concern remains consistent with production lines and employees are provided with an efficient work topographic point.

Routines and Rituals

The civilization of Weetabix is focused on working difficult and achieving ends ; nevertheless publicity and advertisement helps to diversify the civilization in concentrating on the community environing the concern. Promotions through online, advertizements and events create trade name consciousness for Weetabix while affecting the cardinal mark audience.

Weetabix besides prides itself in supplying the best employment chances for employees. Weetabix seeks to understand the employees and their aspirations to develop internally. Weetabix offers employees the opportunity to re-train or obtain a publicity for a specific function. This displays that Weetabix, with their employees, are extremely motivated and end orientated in accomplishing set marks.

Weetabix Ansoff Product / Market Growth Matrix

Market Penetration

This scheme would affect Weetabix taking to retain or increase its bing market portion. This scheme can be implemented to procure laterality in a growing market.

Achieving a higher market portion may turn out hard for Weetabix due to strong competition. Weetabix could specifically pull clients by offering a broad assortment of merchandises to an extended client base.

Effective advertizement runs can aim and promote new clients to buy merchandises and entice current clients to increase frequence of buying merchandises.

The hazards of this scheme are comparatively low but success can be low if Weetabix do non set up a market growing addition.

New Product & A ; Servicess

This would affect Weetabix developing new merchandises and bettering bing merchandises for the market.

With rivals continuously presenting merchandises, Weetabix need to partake in merchandise development to better merchandise choice.

For Weetabix to vie, they should supervise market accommodations and behavior R & A ; D to derive valuable client input. Introducing gluten free merchandises could be advantageous to Weetabix and let the creative activity of new merchandises.

This scheme would affect an component of hazard as Weetabix would incur disbursals but it could be good.

Market Development

This would affect Weetabix taking to come in a new foreign market and cleavage of possible clients. The intent is to go dominate within a new market.

If come ining a new foreign market, Weetabix will hold to amend its current scheme for selling. Weetabix may make up one’s mind to come in a market where the distribution channels are sufficient to guarantee merchandise handiness. With the acquisition by Bright Foods Group, Weetabix may wish to spread out to the Chinese market to increase its planetary standing.

This scheme would affect an component of hazard as Weetabix is unfamiliar with undeveloped foreign markets and clients.


This would imply Weetabix developing advanced merchandises for markets of possible clients. If Weetabix were to partake in variegation, it would hold to guarantee the merchandises and the intended market are selected with the chance of market growing.

For Weetabix, related variegation has proven to be a recent development with the debut of a new scope of breakfast biscuits to pull clients who do non eat a traditional breakfast daily.

This scheme would affect a high degree of hazard as the concern will be unfamiliar with the market.

Flahavan ‘s

Flahavan ‘s Company Background

The concern was founded by the Flahavan household in the late 1700 ‘s. Flahavan ‘s is believed to be the first in private household operated concern in Ireland. The concern operated from a factory in Kilmacthomas and was powered from the Mahon River, which supplied power to another four different Millss.

Originally, the concern used the factory to treat oats. The factory was expanded, in 1935, to include a installation for oatflaking and helped the concern to bring forth a flake that cooks more quickly.

In 1995, Flahavan ‘s made merchandises available to the Northern Irish market. In 2003, Flahavan ‘s merchandises were introduced to the UK market. In 2005, due to uninterrupted exportation, Flahavan ‘s won an award from the Irish Exporters Association. Flahavan ‘s continued to win legion awards for their merchandises. In 2010, Flahavan ‘s introduced the new burgoo scope into the US market.

To this twenty-four hours, Flahavan ‘s still use the same factory which houses the equipment used to bring forth a assortment of merchandises.

Flahavan ‘s SWOT & A ; TOWS Analysis

( Besides see Appendix 4 )

Flahavan ‘s Cultural Web Model

Flahavan ‘s Cultural Web Analysis


The proud traditions of Flahavan ‘s reverberate throughout the concern. Irish heritage is to the full utilized to assist rule the hot cereal market and place the trade name with Irish coevalss.


Members of the Flahavan ‘s household have worked throughout all degrees of the administration for over six coevalss. In 2009, selling director John Noonan won seller of the twelvemonth for successfully shifting Flahavan ‘s trade name. The concern has besides grown sizeably in footings of market portion and employment.


Flahavan ‘s does non hold a recognized symbol. However, the name itself is iconic and extremely recognizable within the Irish market. The tag line “ Sets you up for life ” helps to convey a significance of nutritionary value that is of high importance to wellness witting clients.


Peoples within Flahavan ‘s construction are identified within the sections they preside over. For illustration, gross revenues squad representatives are responsible for gross revenues throughout different parts. Flahavan ‘s website identifies direction responsible for selling, production and other sections.


The construction within Flahavan ‘s identifies directors who are responsible for their section control. The construction is functional as the pull offing manager communicates with directors and allows for input into the concern scheme.


The hierarchy that exists within Flahavan ‘s is a level construction. This allows departments a broad span of control for merchandise development and research. Fiscal studies are on a regular basis reviewed to keep the pecuniary facets of the concern.

Routines & A ; Rituals

Flahavan ‘s is a traditional and advanced concern. Flahavan ‘s utilizations alone milling techniques in concurrence with current engineering to better merchandise criterions. The milling procedure ensures all oats are cooked to give a alone gustatory sensation. The choice of providers is critical as Flahavan ‘s want high quality oats.

Flahavan ‘s Ansoff Product / Market Growth Matrix

Market incursion:

Initially Flahavan ‘s concentrated domestically. However with the outgrowth of imported ‘cold ‘ cereals, such as Kellogg ‘s Cornflakes, Flahavan ‘s significantly increased trade name consciousness. As wellness benefits associated with porridge became more recognized, Flahavan ‘s capitalised on this by re-branding its merchandises. Flahavan ‘s utilizations athleticss and famous persons to advance the benefits of porridge.

New Product & A ; Servicess:

Retention of bing clients is a precedence for Flahavan ‘s. To implement this scheme, new merchandise development was undertaken. Dietary demands were altering and Flahavan ‘s had to retain bing clients. This was achieved by trade name extension of the parent merchandise. Flahavan ‘s now have a assortment of options available to clients, from Organic ranges to convenient Quick Oats ranges.

Market development:

Continuing to market the merchandise is indispensable, as clients life styles are altering and are progressively going wellness witting. Flahavan ‘s highlighting merchandises and reenforcing their wellness benefits could underscore the convenience to accommodate client ‘s life styles.


Recruitment of new clients to the brandA was the chief aim for Flahavan ‘s for market growing. Product development was indispensable in capturing different client profiles and deriving market portion. Development of these merchandises assisted Flahavan ‘s in diversifying their scope.


Odlums Company Background

Odlums was founded in 1845, by the Odlum household, when a flour factory was opened by William Odlum in Portlaoise. The easy recognizable Odlums logo of an bird of Minerva is based on the crest associated with the household name.

In the 1960 ‘s, Odlums were runing nine Millss in assorted different locations. However in the undermentioned old ages, to stay competitory, Odlums reduced the figure of flour Millss to three, situated in Portarlington, Cork and Dublin. Until 2009, Odlums besides operated an oat factory located in Sallins. In 2009, the Cork factory was closed as a consequence of an addition in competition from the UK.

Odlums remained owned by the Odlum household until 1988 when it was sold to Greencore. Greencore sold 50 % of the concern to IAWS. In 2007, Odlums was purchased by Origin Enterprises PLC, who gained full control of the concern. However, late Odlums became portion of the Valeo Food Group.

Odlums produces a different choice of merchandises, runing from a assortment of flour and baking mixes to porridge.

Odlums SWOT & A ; TOWS Analysis

( Besides see Appendix 5 )

Odlums Cultural Web Model

Odlums Cultural Web Analysis


Odlums Irish heritage is an of import facet the rich person operated within Ireland for about 170 old ages. Odlums trade name is immediately recognizable amongst Irish clients, which can be reflected in the concern obtaining a Silver Globe Award.


Odlums was established by William Odlum when he opened the first flour factory in Portlaoise. Members of the Odlums household have worked in the administration for the last five coevalss which spans in surplus of 150 old ages. Today Odlums continues to bring forth premium flour merchandises for traditional place bakers, novice cooks and retail merchants nationally.


The colorss used for the logo make a heat and homely image, which Odlums aims to portray.

Odlums is committed to working with local communities and back up a broad assortment of groups chiefly through sponsorship.

Power construction

Odlums use a hierarchal construction. This construction is followed by senior direction, mill directors, supervisors and line workers.

Organizational construction

The concern has a formalA hazard appraisal processes in topographic point to place obstructions and how to get the better of them. Valeo Foods encourages all sections to work together to accomplish the aims of the concern. This involves the selling section working with merchandise development to develop merchandises. This gives employees an apprehension of how other sections work.

Control systems

Significant clip and resources have been invested in placing specific hazards across the concern. To help this, a formal hazard appraisal procedure is in topographic point to measure hazards and controls.

Merchandises from providers are passed through different phases routinely, which are carefully supervised by skilled and experient employees. Samples of the merchandise are tested in a research lab at assorted phases to do certain the merchandise maintains a high criterion of quality.A

Routines & A ; rites

Quality confidence is necessary to maintain the trade name name consistent and to guarantee a high quality premium merchandise.

Odlums Ansoff Product / Market Growth Matrix

Market Penetration

Odlums have late closed two Millss to cut down costs and remain competitory. Therefore perforating the market may non be feasible due to degrees of production non being applicable.

New Product & A ; Servicess

In order to remain competitory, Odlums could develop merchandises into swerving countries such as on-the-go porridge and porridge cereal bars to farther heighten the merchandise scope.

Market Development

To develop a new market, Odlums could potentially export to the UK. This could make a new line of distribution and a possible scheme for Odlums.


Diversifying into extra merchandises may be hard for Odlums to vie with. This type of scheme would be hard to calculate and would necessitate the aid of an external organic structure or position for it to be successful.

Strategic Choices & A ; Challenges






( Diagram displays the participant ‘s places on the strategic clock )


Kellogg ‘s and Nestle portion distinction on the footing of high monetary value merchandises while keeping a differentiated focal point on scheme in comparing to their rivals.

Kellogg ‘s focal points on household orientation and provides good will to the community. The concern provides a high sensed merchandise at a high monetary value.

Nestle focuses on different client sections, which could help in increasing consciousness on societal affairs. This would be considered to be at a high monetary value with a high perceived value.

Weetabix have a focussed distinction scheme ( 2 o’clock ) , this is due to high monetary value and focussed distinction on wellness witting clients as opposed to rivals. There is high perceived value in the Weetabix scope.

Flahavan ‘s have a intercrossed scheme due to low cost and high perceived value. This provides a high value cereal at a sensible cost.

Odlums have a low monetary value scheme, due to their medium perceived value in combination with low monetary value. This can be seen from Odlums limited wholesome cereal porridge scope, in add-on with client ‘s medium perceived value from their core profession of baking goods.

Choices & A ; Challenges

These reviewed schemes are considered to be executable schemes, as they are non in direct harmful zones. From this, the placement of each concern can be determined in their market. Generally, concerns will experiment different places on the strategic clock over clip as it presents each concern with some picks and challenges to see.

When looking at Kellogg ‘s and Nestle, the strategic place could be predetermined as the sensed benefits are high and the monetary value of the merchandise, in a peculiar market, may non react every bit good as anticipated. This is a disadvantage for Kellogg ‘s and Nestle, nevertheless, if these concerns were to change to a different place on the clock, it may confound the market and potentially lose out on current market focal point.

Presently Weetabix are utilizing a differentiated scheme. This allows the concern to stand out in comparing to rivals ; nevertheless this pricing scheme may merely work for the short term due to them holding such a high monetary value. Weetabix may so experience the demand in the hereafter to alter their place in respects to pricing to keep fight.

Flahavan ‘s intercrossed scheme has been successful and has managed to put themselves at a favorable place, therefore high perceived benefits at a low cost. This place can be seen as a basic point for many concerns, depending on whether they can prolong these costs through economic systems of graduated table, or travel extra strategic concern units ( SBU ) around the clock, in order to profit from both places.

Odlums low monetary value scheme may non be sustainable over clip. The lessening in benefits or additions in monetary values would be favorable in the hereafter to prolong this place.



Re-emphasise importance of eating a balanced healthy diet

From carry oning the industry analysis, it has be highlighted numerously that there is turning accent on wellness and nutritionary breakfast options being made available for the increasing figure of clients shiping on healthier life styles. Each of the key participants are looking to make a positive healthy balanced diet image to new and bing clients to derive and retain usage to their merchandises. The larger concerns emphasise this by exemplifying the decrease of salt and sugar intake in their merchandises. However, clients are non to the full convinced with the message that the industry leaders are presently portraying. The smaller concerns are increasing their market portion by utilizing their positive trade name image and underscoring the importance of hot cereals.

However, an chance is available to the key participants to underscore their concerns with this turning healthy populating tendency. A simplistic and cost effectual attack could be adopted to supply a plastic measurement cup for each box of cereal that they sell to clients. A measurement cup would let clients to keep their day-to-day ingestion allowance, which is besides printed on the packaging of the merchandise.

Focus on minority groups

“ About 0.5 % of the universe ‘s population have a Coeliac Disease ” ( Manners D. , 2008 ) . From research, this would curtail clients from eating nutrients which contain wheat, barley or rye. The principle for sketching these peculiar grains is due to their high use within the breakfast cereal industry. The cereal industry should look to section clients who suffer from coeliac related diseases by presenting cereals suited to this section. This scheme could assist place the trade name within a new mark section every bit good as assisting to raise consciousness about the disease which can be viewed as positive CSR.

Key Players

Kellogg ‘s

The menace for Kellogg ‘s in the hereafter could be the entry of ain trade name merchandises. To cut down dependance on this market, variegation into related or unrelated markets is critical. This is a high hazard scheme, if they persist concentrating their attempts within their current market. To integrate the scheme of variegation into unrelated markets, Kellogg ‘s should look to larn from administrations such as Virgin.


In 2012, Kellogg ‘s marketed their trade name through sponsorship of the American Olympic and Paralympic squads to make a planetary audience ( Forbes, 2012 ) . This scheme could be replicated within featuring events, to make greater trade name consciousness of the nutritionary value of the cereals. The principle for following this scheme is due to the fiscal resources available within the Nestle group.


Weetabix should look to spread out the trade name within the Chinese market in order for the trade name to turn and derive a greater market portion. Entering this market could be well easier due to the bulk shareholding of Weetabix.

This scheme can supply economic systems of graduated table, as it could advance coaction with merchandises that Bright Food offer as a healthier option. Weetabix should look to spread out within freshly emerging economic systems, for illustration Botswana, where their rivals are non present within the market ( See Appendix 6 ) .

Flahavan ‘s

For Flahavan ‘s, “ the bulk of gross revenues ( 75 % ) exist for the company while the balance is exported to states such as the UK ” ( Radio Interview, 2013 ) . The trade name should look to spread out into other foreign markets where the ingestion of oats is high while diminishing their dependance on the Irish market ( Nation Master, 2003 & A ; See Appendix 7 ) .

This scheme does affect hazard but dependance on one market may perchance take to the extinction of the concern if rivals focus on come ining their market. The benefits derived for Flahavan ‘s through a growing scheme could take the concern turning at a controlled rate while adding the benefits of economic systems of graduated table.


Although the concern chiefly focuses on baking merchandises, there is possible growing within the cereal market. An low-cost method of making trade name consciousness could be by utilizing societal media to prosecute with clients on a day-to-day footing, for illustration an Odlums App.

Merchandise bundling is another scheme that may be appealing to clients who presently purchase Odlums flour but are incognizant of the porridge merchandise. This scheme would ab initio affect doing a loss, nevertheless the long term benefits could increase client loyal to the trade name.


From the analysis of this industry, it displays to be a feasible industry to put in. There are two concerns that would be most good to put in seeing as there is a considerable sum of sufficient return on investing to be made. These include Weetabix and Flahavan ‘s.


From the acquisition of Weetabix, there is an chance for the Weetabix trade name to spread out intoA China, utilizing Bright nutrients distribution channels. Breakfast is a turning tendency towards healthy feeding and life style in China. China is a freshly developed market ( BRIC ) , which could supply a new section for Weetabix and hence market portion could increase globally.

Flahavan ‘s:

By Flahavan ‘s modernizing their porridge merchandise scope, this has enabled Flahavan ‘s to increase their market portion in the hot cereal market in Ireland. As Flahavan ‘s have already succeeded into the US market, this creates the possibility to widen their geographical portfolio to extra foreign markets. Therefore, the possible demand for this merchandise could increase market enlargement and their hot cereal developments.



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