Refusal Skills Study Essay

August 3, 2017 General Studies

1. What are they inquiring me to make and why? ( 10 points )

To go to a party because he/she said that the party will be so much merriment and he/she wants you to come.

2. Label what they are inquiring you to make ( i. e. illegal. unsafe. etc. ) . ( 10 points )

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To hold your friend screen for you if your parents name. to make drugs. have sex and imbibe intoxicant.

3. Determine the effects if you get caught or if you participate in this activity. ( 10 points )

If you get caught. you lose all of your parents trust because they didnt want you to travel but you did anyhow.

4. Communicate my refusal. ( 10 points )

I cant make drugs or imbibe intoxicant. No thank you.

5. Say no. ( 10 points )

No. I cant.

6. Use “I” statements. ( 10 points )

Im sorry but I cann’t do any of that.

7. Propose an option. ( 10 points )

No. But lets go to the park alternatively.

8. Leave the scene and avoid questionable topographic points. ( 10 points )

Im traveling to name person to come and pick me up.

Personal Contemplations

1. Explain how healthy behaviours and picks can positively impact your wellness position and how unhealthy behaviours and picks will negatively impact your wellness position. ( 10 points )

Choosing healthy behaviours and picks can truly hold an positively affect your wellness position becausing taking non to smoke or make anything that can harm. makes you experience more alive. more happy. more outgoing and holding self command on your actions. But taking unhealthy behaviours and picks will hold an negative afftect your wellness position because holding ill wellness desicions can damage you and your wellness. do hapless life styles. doing ailing chioces can do you an unhappy individual.

2. Compare a clip when one of your equals influenced healthy behaviour to a clip when a equal has influenced unhealthy behaviour in your life. ( 10 points ) When one of my equals had influence me to dont make drugs or drink or anything they truly influenced my wellness because they dont want me to hold no negative in my life merely a positive attittude and be a more happy individual unlike when one of my friends tryed to acquire me to smoke like them and imbibe like them. they tryed for my life to be unhealthy and have unhealthy behaviour and they want me to lie to my to my parent at one clip.


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