December 24, 2016 General Studies

Alisha Rush May 20,2002.

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SETTING: The Outsiders is about a group of gang members in a rival for the simple fact of that it’s been that way. The Socs are the rich form the west side of town, and the Greasers are the poor boys from the east side. It is also known as the wrong side of town. The name of the town is not stated, but it is somewhere in the United States. It takes place over a series of days set back in the 1960’s. After Bob dies, Pony and Johnny hide out in an abandoned church then it burns down so they return to their hometown where Johnny dies.

CONFLICT: Even though there is physical conflict the major conflict is between Pony and himself. He sees the Socs flaunting their nice things, which sparks a flame in him, which lets him know that he doesn’t have to live this way. He realized that he could become something better. Pony realizes that he can now rise to so much more. Especially now that Johnny wrote that empowering letter. (Hinton pg.178 and 179).

PROTAGONISTS: Pony Curtis is the protagonist of the story. He is also telling the story from his point of view. Every since his older his parents were killed his older brother Darry takes care of him. Darry does not care for his brothers bullying manner because he wants hi, to become something better because he realizes that he loves him.

(Hinton pg 2 and 3) .

ANTAGONIST: Pony’s own antagonist is his position in life. He lives in the poor part of town ,and joins a group called the greasers. The are enemies with a rich group of boys called the Socs. The Soxs attack Johnny and Bobby for being too friendly worth Cherry. So Johnny ends up killing Bob in self-defense. Then they hide out in an old church, but the church burns down. While trying to save the kids Johnny is injured really bad and dies a few days later. Dally, Johnny’s best friend is grief-stricken about it and robs a store.


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