Relationship Between Information Systems And Business Growth Information Technology Essay

July 20, 2017 Information Technology

Australian Gas Limited is one of the largest energy companies in Australia. The head office of AGL is situated in Sydney. It has been runing for over than 170 old ages in energy sector. It is listed on Australian Securities Exchange as AGK. AGL ‘s major operations are in renewable energy particularly in solar, geothermic, biomass, landfill gas. AGL besides invest in hydro and weave energy and they operate in retail, upstream gas and merchandiser energy.

AGL has been really successful in operating and developing renewable coevals assets. One of the chief grounds of their success is that they depend on information system in making a sustainable concern for their investors, stakeholders, employees and clients.


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Telstra operations construction has late been restructured with the freshly assignment of main operations officer ( COO ) Michael Rocca. Telstra operation construction is a combination of design, building, technology, web, engineering and information engineering and client services of these webs to the clients. However, under the new construction, design and fixed and wireless webs are combined into one unit and multimedia and content bringing is considered as discriminator factor among other rivals.

This restructure is done to convey more efficiency in the company. As the new CEO said, “ every section will hold a set of individual program, a set of criterions and good model ”[ 1 ].


Harmonizing to the new operations program, both radio and fixed web will be merged into new unit so that direction will hold a clear and individual position of fixed and wireless web in footings of design, planning and deployment.

Information technology

A new IT unit, “ IT Infrastructure and Services ” is formed. Earlier, enterprise architecture and operations weaponries were joined into IT squad but under new direction squad, these were stripped away. The new IT unit ‘s responsibility is to guarantee proper operation of telephone company ‘s informations Centre and virtualisation engineering of both IT and Network units.


This operational unit is a combination of Network IT and Operations ( an merger of two operation squads Service Management squad in IT group and Telstra Network Services ) which will be lead by Craig Hancock, Global Operations Chief. The chief responsibility of this freshly formed unit is to twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours direction of operation such as operate, proctor and decide assorted proficient issues in both Telstra ‘s IT systems and web platforms. This will assist direction to place any duplicate in the system.


“ Architecture, Online and Media ” unit has been formed which will work closely with Telstra Media merchandise. The chief object of this unit is to better online ego aid installations to clients with the purpose of holding competitory advantage over its rivals. Application development, presentation and merchandise deployment are one of its chief responsibilities in this respect.

Analysis of these findings, including concern illustrations,

Information is really indispensable to concerns and other organisations. The sum and quality of information available to directors of any organisation is a good manner to place organisational wellness. It helps directors to pass on expeditiously and efficaciously sing jobs and chances.

For the last twosome of old ages, Telstra has been altering its schemes and concern units to get by up with increasing client outlooks and industry growing. The chief aim of these alterations is to develop a competitory advantage in order to carry through its mission.

In this respect, in 2009, Telstra main executive David Thodey has announced few alterations to their concern organisation. Harmonizing to his statement, these concern structural alterations will assist them to go on puting in introducing new taking border merchandises and services which will enable them to run into clients ‘ outlooks and demands.

Harmonizing to the intelligence in newspaper, “ The Age ” , Telstra will now hold 4 functional groups, viz. : Customer confronting unit, merchandise based concern unit, amalgamate operation unit and Corporation support unit. Telstra direction really wanted to diversify their operations through linkages across concern units. These functional groups will enable them to portion common resources and to portion common nucleus competences. Such sharing of resources will assist Telstra to acquire benefit of economic sciences of graduated table and economic systems of range.

Now, harmonizing to Telstra web site, the chief maps of these groups are discussed below:

Customer confronting unit:

The chief map of this unit is to concentrate on functioning and specifying demands of the clients. This unit is an of import portion of Telstra ‘s scheme as Telstra emphasizes more on client ‘s demands and outlook. Customer service unit will besides supply client gross revenues and back up units of Telstra ‘s other sections including Business Enterprise, Government, Wholesale, Sensis and International operations.

Product based concern unit:

The chief aim of this unit is to offer merchandise and selling invention in the company. The major merchandise development units will be wireless, Data, Applications and Services, voice, Broadband, Mobility merchandises and media. With this organisational alteration, now Telstra ‘s merchandise developers will work together with other section of scheme, pricing, publicity and market analysis. This will enable Telstra to present merchandises to market more rapidly as selling and pricing are integrated in to the development procedure.

All the studies and operations will be reported to Ms. Mckenzie, whereas for both Customer facing unit and Product based concern unit, Mr. Robert Nason will be in charge whose chief responsibility will be to better client service and make an operating commission to concentrate on concern public presentation. Heads of client facing and merchandise units will organize the commission.

Amalgamate operation unit:

Amalgamate operation unit will supervise the operations units including web design and service bringing. Acting main Operations Officer Michael Rocca will be in charge and he will describe to Mr.Thodey. Harmonizing to the newspaper, the consolidation operation will besides consolidate its web, engineering and IT maps under moving main operations officer Michael Rocca.

Corporation support unit:

The chief map of this support unit is to look for different structural alterations for the company, to fix for future challenges and chances to put. Mr. Lee, GMD of Telstra, will work straight with Mr. Thodey in this respects.

International Division

Along with these 4 functional concern units, Telstra will besides hold an International division headed by Mr. Tarek Robbiati. Harmonizing to “ The Age ” , this division will be responsible for CSL, Reach and concerns in China. In add-on, they will besides be responsible for international gross revenues and concern developments.



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