Relationship Between Language Culture And Identity English Language Essay

Relationships among linguistic communication, civilization and individuality have become a favorite subject in societal scientific discipline for decennaries. In his book Primitive Culture, Edward Tylor ( 1871 ) defines civilization that “ as complex whole which includes cognition, ethical motives, beliefs, art,

jurisprudence engineering andA any other capablenesss and wonts acquired by adult male as a memberA of the society.

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Bing human being communicative, interestingly, linguistic communication reveals much more what we really speak out, non merely a agency of communicating. The Sapir Whorf hypothesis provinces that the construction of a linguistic communication influencesA the ways in which its talkers conceptualize their worldA or otherwise affects their cognitive procedures.

The cultural worldview of a adult male is presented by the linguistic communication and reflected through his responses in a specific period of clip. Cultures are

maintained from coevals to coevals and affected by geographical location and history of that state every bit good as the interaction of that people

over clip. Simultaneously, linguistic communication besides develops to run into the demand of communicating of people. Therefore, it can be stated that yourA linguistic communication can uncover many things about your individuality. It can unwrap your nationality, civilization, faith, age, gender, degree of instruction, socio-economic category or

your profession.

Mendoza-Denton ( 2002:475 ) definesA ” individuality to intend the active dialogue of an person ‘s relationship with larger societal concepts. ” It means that identityA is reflected in the linguistic communication we use, our word picks in placing ourselves every bit good as in the words we choose non to utilize. Language is portion of one ‘s individuality.

Understanding the nature of the relationship between linguistic communication and civilization is cardinal to the procedure of larning another language.It is besides

a opportunity for linguistic communication scholars to detect or re-discover and more appreciate his or her identiy.

With my limited apprehension about socialinguistic and my avidity to more larning about a utile topic that enriches me – a linguistic communication teacher – the cognition of linguistic communication ‘s function soceity every bit good as the deductions for linguistic communication instruction and linguistic communication policy, I would wish to discourse the undermentioned contents:

A. Discuss the relationship between linguistic communication, civilization and individuality

The Sapir – Whorf Hypothesis

Intercultural communicating

Language as a nucleus value and indentity

B. What are the deductions for linguistic communication instruction and linguistic communication policy

Language policy

Language and power


A. The relationship between linguistic communication, civilization and individuality

The Sapir – Whorf Hypothesis

In linguistics, the Sapir – Whorf Hypothesis states that each linguistic communication holds an ain manner to show its significance that can non be understood by those belong to another linguistic communication. Native linguistic communications are concerned to strongly affect people ‘s thought.

Whofianism is another popular name for this hypothesis and is frequently defined as holding two versions:

The strong version lingual determinism thatA states that the linguistic communication you speak determines the manner that you will construe the universe around you.

In this instance, middlemans think much of how to talk to outdo show their thoughts and how to avoid misconstruing caused by spoken words. For

illustration, in Vietnamese civilization, when sing a newborn babe, we normally say that “ she/ he is really ugly ” to intend that the babe is so cunning. Vietnamese

make non utilize direct stating to congratulate a newborn babe.

In Western civilization, inquiries about ages or matrimony position are considered impolite.

The weak version that lingual classs ( portion of address ) A and usage influence thought and certain sorts of non-linguistic behavior. The strong version of this hypothesis has been largely discarded but the weak signifier of the hypothesis is by and large accepted.

Defintion of UG of Noam Chomsky ( 1957 ) besides states that the human encephalon contains a limited set of regulations for forming linguistic communication. Language is governed by a set of extremely abstract rules that provide parametric quantities which are given peculiar scenes in different linguistic communications. This set of regulations is known as cosmopolitan grammar.

Articles in Englis such as “ a/an ” , “ the ” or gender of linguistic communication “ mascular ” , “ feminine ” in Gallic possibly appropriate illustrations for this portion.

Intercultural communicating

Intercultural communicating by and large refers to confront – to – face interactions among people.

If the Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis states that there are certain ideas of an person in one linguistic communication that can non be understood by those who live in

another linguistic communication, intercultural communicating, harmonizing to Samovar and Porter ( 1991 ) , occurs when a member of one civilization understands a

produced by another whose civilization is different from him.

It is a good thought to utilize rubric such as “ Mr ” Mrs ” or “ Dr ” along with a household name in a concern treatment in some parts of Europe. The first name used without permission is considered direspectful.

In Nipponese civilization, long intermissions in a conversation are normal, particularly after a inquiry. They need clip to believe over it. However, in other

civilizations, it is comfy if middlemans keep silence in a duologue, there will be person to talk to stop the silence.

To work together without jobs, people need to understand their differences. Peoples belonging to diverse civilization are still able to understand

their linguistic communication each other, though, there are the possible misinterpretation and dissension. Learning about intercultural communicating is a really

good thought to cut down this hazard. And a linguistic communication teacher as a linguistic communication courier must recognize this.

Language as a nucleus value and individuality

Mendoza-Denton ( 2002:475 ) definesA ” individuality to intend the active dialogue of an person ‘s relationship with larger societal concepts. ” These societal concepts have been understood as consisting gender, ethnicity, and category following Gumprez ( 1982 ) in some of the earliest work on individuality.

One ‘s individuality was understood as whom you were, and who we are or how we are seen by others may affect differing individualities.

Harmonizing to Zimmerman ( 1998 ) , there are three types of individuality:

Discourse individuality which is revealed through peculiar discourse and presented by talkers, listeners.

Situational individuality which is revealed through the specific state of affairs. For illustration, a individual who is half Italian half Gallic may desire to place

with a peculiar ethnicity in some societal state of affairs. ( e.g. , go toing a association football game ) . This pick may even be important for his personal security.

Transportable individuality which applies across state of affairss and discourse and includes such concepts as cultural, gender, and age. I would wish to advert my ideal woman- Hillary Clinton and her grant to Barack Obama in 2008. In order to successfully shift herself from an opposition to a protagonist of Obama, Clinton draws on several facets of her movable individuality to emphasize the similarity between herself and Obama. Next to concentrating on the fact that they are both Democrats, Americans and human existences, she zooms in on their rank of two powerless groups: viz. that of adult females and African Americans. Both from a historical and a personal position, these two classifications of herself and Obama are presented in a extremely persuasive manner and make integrity between the two former oppositions.

A adult male ‘s individuality can unwrap his nationality, civilization, age, profession and socio – economic category.

Defined by the articleA Understanding Racism, A ” a defining characteristic of a individual ‘s individuality, lending to how they see themselves and the groups with which they identify. Culture may be loosely defined as the sum sum of ways of life built up by a group of human existences, which is transmitted from one coevals to another. Every community, cultural group or cultural group has its ain values, beliefs and ways of life ” ( “ Understanding Racism, ” sect.1 ) . This clearly shows the importance of linguistic communication, civilization, and heritage in forming and determining one ‘s personality.

In my existent instruction, my pupils are normally given the difference from phonic transcribtion between British English and American English to separate the beginning of the words, hence ; they are parlty trained the manner of word use for the better speech production and authorship every bit good. The difference in authorship is besides explained sometimes when needed.


British English

American English







call boxA

phone booth

















/tE™’mE‘ : tE™ES/





psychological science



of import

/E?mE?pE” : tnt/

/E?mE?pE” : rnt/





Our pronunciation of the words, our grammartical construction use, and our vocalization uncover how we view ourselves linguistically. Our linguistic communication pick

reflects more than the manner we view ourselves. Adolescents ‘ words might be rather different from their older coevalss might utilize. That is the manner how we are viewd by soceity every bit good.

Harmonizing to Rembo ( 2004: 33-34 ) , “ A individual ‘s societal individuality comes from an person ‘s cognition of himself as an person in relationship to

others. ” It can be stated that we construct our individuality by how we perceive ourselves in the eyes of others.

Language is non merely a agency of communicating but besides self-identification. In a globalisation communicating, larning other linguistic communications as a 2nd

linguistic communication positively promotes intercultural understanding across linguistic communications and civilizations. In add-on, personally, this is besides an ideal manner particularly for the young person of every state become cognizant of how our behavior and societal attitudes have been shaped by the linguistic communications and cultures we experience.

The deductions for linguistic communication instruction and policy

Learning and learning another linguistic communication will be more interested once we discover the beauty of linguistic communication and successfully convey to scholars. It should be exploited efficaciously for a better instruction ; hence, a motivated acquisition might be obtained.

Learning a new linguistic communication means accessing a new civilization. Teaching pupils how to internalise selectively is besides a taking concern a linguistic communication instructor should pay much attending to besides conveying the beauty of that 2nd linguistic communication.

Bing a linguistic communication instructor, I assum that we should recognize deeply Language and Power every bit good as Language Policy to hold an appropriate thought to make learning in the schoolroom.

Language and Power

During the period of domination in some states, whether colonisers governed straight or indirectly, the political and cultural of those were

greatly affected.

The people ‘s wealth was the colonisers ‘ existent purpose. However, economic and political control can ne’er be obtained without mental control. It means that

one time linguistic communication, which is portion of civilization, the tool of self-definition in relationship to other states is under controlled, that people will be genuinely


Well understanding power of linguistic communication will assist pupils more motivated to larn the standard linguistic communication every bit good as to selectively bring out what they

take for granted and internalise as personal failure.

Language Policy

Language Policy is what a authorities does either officially through statute law, tribunal determinations or policy to find how linguistic communications are used

cultivate linguistic communication accomplishments needed to run into national precedences or to set up the rights of persons or groups to utilize and keep linguistic communications

( Wikipedia )

In footings of this definition, an overview about the position of world of instruction and larning English linguistic communication in Viet Nam would be best to back up

this portion of my authorship.

Since its unfastened door policy in the mid 1980s, Viet Nam has welcomed many foreign organisations to put and set up their concern. As a consequence

the demand for English increased greatly in all facets

The Government of Vietnam is devoted to developing English linguistic communication accomplishments on a long-run strategic footing to vie more efficaciously in

international markets and thereby accomplish sustainable economic growing. One of the biggest contemplations to force this scheme is a undertaking whose rubric

is Teaching and Learning Foreign Languages in the National Education System, Period 2008-2020 by the Ministry of Education which was approved by Prime Minister. The authorization promotes this undertaking to obtain a consequence that, by 2020, the bulk of immature Vietnamese will be able to utilize English communicate confidently and be able to analyze and work in a multi-lingual and multi-cultural environment ; therefore the industrialization and modernization of the state will be contributed by the more dynamic and better integrated immature Vietnamese people. Common cognition in many other Fieldss at school is a background and English as a secon linguistic communication is a key to acquire success for the young person and the development of the state every bit good.

In this scene, the deductions for linguistic communication instruction and policyA hence huge and far making. Policy shapers should stipulate their guidelines the instruction of civilization in foreign linguistic communication teaching method. Curriculum should be implemented on the footing of being linguistically, culturally, and developmentally appropriate for pupils.

A comparing between the target-language civilization and the native linguistic communication civilization is indispensable to assist scholars avoid the mono-cultural position.

As a instructor of linguistic communication, one must be culturally awareA mark linguistic communication civilization every bit good as the pupils ‘ , therefore avoiding any cultural misunderstandings.


Language and civilization are profoundly related and dependent on each other. Language is formed by civilization, while civilization is influenced by linguistic communication. Furthermore, linguistic communication is non merely an look and a show of heritage and history, it is besides the constituent of civilization that makes it alone, and that creates a difference from one to another. Cultural individuality is an of import subscriber to people ‘s wellbeing. Identifying with a peculiar civilization helps people feel they belong and gives them a sense of security. However, strong cultural individuality expressed in the incorrect manner can lend to barriers between groups. And members of smaller cultural groups can experience excluded from society if others obstruct, or are intolerant of, their cultural patterns.

Peple in different civilizations hold different manner to see the universe. As a linguistic communication instructor, I now understand that it is really of import to be cognizant of mark linguistic communication civilization every bit good as the pupils ‘ , therefore avoiding possible misunderstandings.



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