Relationship Between Liquidity Risk Management And Solvency Finance Essay

August 11, 2017 Management

Liquidity hazard direction is a really of import measure and really complex phase. Every organisation must necessitate to pull off hard currency in a specific manner. So they can run into its demands of hard currency as and when demand arise. Without hard currency, even, non any organisation can run their concern organisation because hard currency is the life blood of organisation and smooth flow of hard currency is necessary.

Liquidity hazard is the possible to pay or bring forth hard currency for doing payment over disbursals at the specific clip. In liquidness hazard, there are two parts: First one is decreased assets Liquidity. At that clip house tries to sell its assets to bring forth immediate hard currency but they do n’t acquire sensible monetary value as they are anticipating. Second one is reduced funding liquidness. In this clip house must hold to pay high cost for raising capital, so it becomes hard or even impossible to raise fund at the sensible monetary values from the market every bit good as from fiscal establishment besides. So these both epochs are subscribing the ruddy visible radiation of recession. This type of status comes merely in the recession clip when Bankss or private investors do n’t desire to free their money by puting in the hazardous clip.

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Liquidity hazard is the important to the on-going viability of any banking administration. Therefore the direction of Liquidity hazard is among the most of import activities conducted at Bankss. Recent technological and fiscal inventions have provided to bank with new manner of financing their activities and pull offing their liquidness hazard, but it is non plenty because market ne’er goes sound, ups and downs are ever their. So in altering status of market, planetary fiscal system has created new challenges for bank and other fiscal institutes to pull offing hazard and making indistinguishable repute in the market topographic point. So my research would be on the base of challenges faced by banking establishment to pull offing hard currency efficaciously for maximal use.

In the last recession, many banking institutes have lost their liquidness control ; therefore they lost their entity in the market because of fring repute. So this research is traveling to research the function of Liquidity hazard direction on solvency and repute in the market.

1.1 ) Rational Behind this Survey

The theory of Liquidity Risk Management is now ever used by all fiscal establishments every bit good as by all Organizations. The recognition crunch that started in the center of 2007 has emphasized the demand of Liquidity Risk direction for both fiscal establishments and their administration organic structure. Many fiscal establishments has realized by losing the assurance of their investor because of relied on sweeping sedimentations for their support experienced job. Furthermore, fiscal establishments got that many fiscal instruments for which there had antecedently been a liquid market could merely be sold at fire-sale monetary values during the crisis. ( John C. Hull, 2010 )

It is of import to distinguish Liquidity from solvency. It is clearly of import for fiscal establishment to pull off liquidness hazard carefully. In every concern organisation, liquidness demands are non certain because it depends upon the status of future economic system. Fiscal establishment must measure a worst-case liquidness scenario and do certain that organisation can last that scenario either by change overing assets into hard currency or adoption fund externally. This research paper discusses some different facets of liquidness hazard.

1.2 ) Liquid Hazard

Liquidity Risk Management means to pull off liquidness in a specific manner, so the degree of hazard can be put at down. In 2008, the fiscal crisis started with the prostration of several of the universe ‘s largest fiscal establishments and which was turned into planetary economic crisis. It was chiefly affected Banking sector.

UK and American Bankss took immense hazards with their loaning and investing. At the clip of money recovery, debts could non be repaid. The chief ground behind this was subprime mortgage crisis, where Bankss lend money to people even some of people was non likely to refund money. So Bankss had non money to pay its depositors and to put in concerns. Due to miss of money, they were non able to gain good net income.

1.3 ) Solvency

Solvency refers to a company holding more assets than liabilities so that the entire value of the company ‘s equity is positive. Lack of liquidness ever creates jobs on house ‘s solvency and repute. Every organisation ‘s chief end is that they have good recognition in the market so people can hold trust and this is merely possible by supplying good quality of service. Solvency means fiscal capableness of a house to pay its debts as and when they due. Relationss between liquidness and solvency have become so of import. . Liquid shows the ability of houses to change over its current assets into hard currency as and when they need, but solvency shows the ability of houses to pay its debts in timely mode. So insolvent does non make illiquidity but illiquidity creates bankrupt. For e.g. Bank becomes insolvent for the most of deadening grounds, viz. they loan money to people but they do n’t pay back, so bank have no hard currency to pay, so this is insolvency.

1.4 ) Repute of the company

The company ‘s repute is really of import construct in concern. Overall it is a sort of prognostication as an organisation chiefly by their internal and external people who are working their as its stakeholders. Stakeholders are ever traveling to be with an administration if it performs good at present and in future besides. Organisation ever makes impact in the head of its heroes such as investors, stockholders, creditors, client etc. Repute can pull people more and more to fall in with concern. Let ‘s take an illustration of RBS, if they do good, supply good service and they have good adequate repute in the market than it is possible for them to roll up any sum fund from market without any barriers. Good repute is an plus of administration. Some research worker have besides identified that corporate repute plays an of import function to accomplish corporate aims. Researcher has discussed in item about corporate repute in the chapter 2, Literature Review.

1.5 ) Aim and aims of the survey

To fix a competitory and effectual Liquidity hazard governable theoretical account is really of import in today ‘s fast turning economic system. The chief purpose of this research is to place the cardinal effectual stairss to avoid the recession every bit good as survive in the recession. This is merely possible with the effectual Liquidity Risk Management theoretical account and placing the incorrect stairss those were taken by the organisation which lead the 2007-2010 recognition crunch. The chief three aims of this research are as follow:

To look into the relationship between liquidness hazard direction and solvency.

To measure the function of Liquidity Risk Management on the sweetening of repute and trust.

To find the function of Liquidity Risk Management in the clip period of recession.


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