Relationship between top management and human resource management

Human Resource is used to depict persons in the work force of an organisation, even if it is besides applied in labour economic sciences, for case, industries and even full states. Human resources is besides the name of the map in a organic structure with overall duty for implementing schemes and policies on people direction

Human resource direction involves the development of a perfect blend between tradition and administrative maps wellbeing of all employees in an organisation. Retention of employees is straight relative to how employees are treated, in exchange for their know-how and experience.

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The ground top director attention small about human resource section

Top directors care small about human resource compared to production, selling, finance, and technology. There are some grounds.

Marketing section is the procedure by which companies create client involvement in goods or services. It generates the scheme behind the gross revenues techniques, concern communicating and concern developments. It is an incorporate procedure by which organisations build strong client relationships and make value for their clients and themselves. Selling is used to place the client, to fulfill the client, and to maintain the client. With the client at the centre of its activities, it can be concluded that marketing direction is a cardinal constituent of concern direction. The acceptance of selling schemes requires companies to switch their focal point from production to the perceived demands and desires of their clients how to remain profitable.

However human resource is non comparative client. It is relation between director and work force or worker, which clearly shows that human resource, has got to care much of the company ‘s employees every bit good as its employees ‘ attitude towards the clients, which means that the employees have to be good trained.

The finance section of a concern takes duty for forming the fiscal and accounting personal businesss including the readying and presentation of appropriate histories, and the proviso of fiscal information for directors. The chief countries covered by the fiscal section include book maintaining process, making a balance sheet and net income and loss history, supplying direction information, direction of rewards and raising of finance.

The foundation of every production section is to make goods or services. Basically, production included the physical assembly of goods, nevertheless, production can besides include experimental goods such as web sites, analysis services and order processing services. The chief map of the production section is to bring forth a merchandise or service that creates net income and gross for the company. Every production and operations section must work as self-evaluating entity that monitors the quality, measure, and cost of goods produced. Forecasting, programming, buying, design, care, people direction, flow analysis, coverage, assembly and testing are the common undertaking maps in a production and operation section. Production and operations sections typically function as a fulfillment entity that ensures the timely bringing of the end product from production to clients. Critical way analysis, stock control analysis, use analysis, capacity analysis, just-in-time analysis of inputs, quality prosodies analysis and break-even analysis are included in standard analysis maps in a production section.

Most likely it is because human resource is harder to pull off since it involves pull offing people in the company. Other sections like selling, finance, production and technology are aimed to increase the net income whereas for human resource, it is to pull off the employees, to engage, to develop or even to fire. Main troubles would be things like turnover or discontinuing without informing and etc, since when such things occur, it is non something that director can work out in a twenty-four hours. For illustration, when the employees merely discontinue without informing earlier, it is non that simple to acquire another employees to replace. Even if employees are found to replace, it takes clip to develop them. Therefore, human resource is more troublesome to pull off compared other section, that ‘s why top directors care small about human resource. And besides, human resource section, in order to accomplish the organisational aims of the organisation for talent acquisition, development cooperation, while keeping their ability to set up a system to unleash it as a procedure can be, which means that it is less productive compared to other sections.

Solution to alter top director perceptual experience in human resource section

There are some ways to alter top directors ‘ perceptual experience in the human resource section

Human resource section can assist the production section recruitment the labours

Human resource section is non a important gross bring forthing section but it can assist the production section with the enlisting of labours, particularly the technicians. When it comes to engaging workers, they should see about workers ‘ abilities and accomplishments that they are capable of.

Human resource section can assist company salvage cost

Human resource section does non command and pull off the hard currency flow of the house, but human resource section can assist company to salvage cost. Human resource section helps the company to cut down the cost. For illustration, through lay off unneeded people in the company or cut down the figure of employees, supplying multi-tasks for the employees, cut downing wages such as one-year leave and fillip of twelvemonth, save cost in stationary by sharing with co-workers, salvage developing cost of employees by supplying occupation preparation. If the costs are saved in such a manner in Human resource section, the company will hold more money liquid to run the concern.

Payroll can pull off by engineering

Payroll can be managed by engineering nevertheless ; the experience can non be substituted by engineering. Normally human resource is a ambitious section in the company, with the facts that the section carries the duties for interview, publicity to employee, labour jurisprudence cognition, and psychological cognition to take care the employees ‘ job such as what employees need and want, which has to be coached by the human resource section. If one of the employees in the company is non satisfy with the company, employee will finally vacate and this will impact the turnover, particularly the selling employees. The employees working under marketing are more likely to be pressured compared to employees working under other sections. It is because if there is a lessening in the company gross revenues, they might confront layoff from the company, and this is why engineering can non replace in the human resource line.

Human resource section is non a paysheet section merely

The top human resource section is non a paysheet section ; many particular occupations which can merely be handled by human resource section can non be substituted by other sections. Training, interviewing, enrolling the right individual and so on and so forth is really of import. It is because if human resource section recruit the incorrect individual and topographic point him or her in the incorrect place can do be an issue in the company. And if human resource section can non develop the employees good, they would n’t be able to experience or truly non able to better any longer in the company.

Planing a mentoring plan

One of the best ways to get the better of human resources issues is to establish a mentoring plan for diverseness. This could imply affecting different departmental directors in a mentoring plan to train and supply feedback to employees who are different from themselves. For the plan to run successfully, it is wise to supply practical preparation for these directors or seek aid from advisers and experts in this field. Normally, such a plan will promote members of the organisation to do their positions known and to larn to decide struggles because of their diverseness. More significantly, the intent of a Diversity Mentoring Program seeks to promote members to travel beyond their ain cultural frame of mention to acknowledge and to the full work the productiveness possible inherent in a diverse population.

Human resources directors can handily employee dealingss between ministries and the range has for the lower-rung of communicating with employees at different degrees. The field is a derived function of system theory and organisational psychological science. Human resources have won a figure of readings related in clip, she continues to support the demand to guarantee the wellbeing of employees. Every organisation now has an sole human resources section to interact with representatives of all factors of production. The section is responsible for the development and application of current research on advanced strategic while prosecuting terminal and staff preparation.

Question 2

1.0 Introduction

In this assignment we went to acquire the application signifier from other company, and we have utilizing the Focus Point Holding Berhad to explicate about their occupation discretion and some of the information which they have in their application signifier. Furthermore we have used the application signifier to analyse all the application signifier informations and their company occupation description. After we analyzed all the dependable informations obtained from Focus Point Holding Berhad ‘s application signifier and we have think of better manner to better the occupation description for their company, at the same clip we have used other rival company ‘s occupation description for comparing. We used it to compare with Focus Point Holding Berhad and follow the strength of other companies to get the better of the job of deficient information in the occupation description of Focus Point. Besides we besides used cyberspace beginnings to derive more thoughts on how to better the occupation description of Focus Point Holding Berhad. Furthermore, from the application signifier that we get, it enable us to cognize what are the basic elements that application signifier should hold and easy observe the defects and the failings of the signifier. We have improved and get the better of all these failings for the application signifier obtain from Focus Point Holding Berhad. At the terminal after we analyzed the application signifier we knew that there are grounds for the company to name down the component such as old occupation mentions, salary demands, household background and etc.

2.0 Body of Contentss

2.1 Types of Information

The occupation application signifier of Focus Point Holding Berhad contained place applied for, personal specifics, household specifics, instruction background, employment history, mention and others.

2.2 The Mistakes and the Ways of Improve

2.2.1 Personal Particulars

In this subdivision, there are two elements that needed to better.

There is no exigency call available in the signifier. Focus Point has left out this of import subdivision. Every company should demands the excess call which able to straight reach with their household members or relations. This is to forestall when the company encounter the employee accident happening or exigency state of affairs and so does n’t cognize make a contact with who.

As for the wellness position showed at the signifier is hard to mensurate, because they might non understand about the significance of hapless, mean and good of the wellness position. Therefore, Focus Point should set in specific picks or merely set a column over at that place to allow them make full up what disease that they have.

2.2.2 Education Background

For this subdivision, there is incorporating one of the columns like Name of School/ College/ University, but ne’er mentioned that the applier should compose down the consequence of the applier every bit good because it can salvage the clip for Focus Point to look into out the consequence of the applier and besides they have to add one more caption, which is Other Education, because some of the appliers might hold some preparation on the other topographic point. Other than that, in the column of Specialization, Focus Point did non bespeak what it is because there is already has a column called Course Taking and it able to demo what the appliers specialized on. Furthermore, the column of the Years, the applier might non cognize that is the first twelvemonth that they began their survey life or the twelvemonth of graduation.

2.2.3 Employment History

In the column of Total Salary, those appliers might make non cognize whether the wage is based on twenty-four hours, hebdomad or month because different occupation has different manner to pays salary. Therefore they have to bespeak clearly. In extra, the infinite Reason of Leaving is excessively little, there is non adequate for those appliers. Therefore, they should spread out it.

2.2.4 Mention

For this subdivision, Focus Point provided merely two columns and province that the applier has to supply at least two mentions. If the applier wants to supply three mentions, so there is no infinite for them. Hence, Focus Point should province the sentence “ supply two mentions ” alternatively of “ at least two ” , or else they should give one more space.

2.2.5 Others

In the inquiry of inquiring applier does he or her demands inn? Focus Point should set the location of the inn every bit good.

2.2.6 Excess Requirements

Merely because of Focus Point has provided portion clip occupation, so they be supposed to add the info of Days and Hours Available, in order to set up good for the employees. Furthermore, they should inquire a inquiry, which is “ Why you want to use this occupation? ” in order to further understand what the appliers think, therefore this is one of the ways able to acquire closer with employee.

2.3 Job Description of Focus Point Holding Berhad

This is the occupation description of the Focus Point Holding Berhad and the place is Branch Manager.

Branch Manager


To take the squad to accomplish the gross revenues mark

To be responsible and run the mercantile establishment concern operations

To make daily and monthly planning and direction work

To supervise and intercede with the provider or HQ ( central offices ) in telling stocks

To manage and work out ailments from the client


Minimum SPM/STPM making and above

Excellent merchandising accomplishments, client oriented, dynamic and proactive

Good Communication Skills in English and Bahasa Malaysia. Chinese idioms is an added advantage

Minimal 5 old ages of experience in retail direction, sooner in optical concern or optical retail concatenation shops

Computer literate

Applicants should be Malayan citizens

2.4 The Insufficient of the Focus Point Holding Berhad ‘s Job Description

The account of the peculiar which provided by Focus Point Holding Berhad really is non sufficient, therefore they should hold a farther progress.

2.4.1 Duties

For the subdivision of duties, Focus Point has lacking of some points. As a subdivision director, he or she is supposed to hold demand of make the interview, choice and so enlisting. Other than that, subdivision director besides must supply the preparation and development for their employees in order to keep the repute of Focus Point and besides able to react the market rapidly. Besides that, subdivision director must concern about the safety of their employees because no safety guarantee, the trueness of employees will cut down. Not merely the employees, the store security besides required to paid close attending in order to avoid external factors such as robbery, perturbation created by people and so forth, these would do belongingss loss. In add-on, subdivision director needs has capableness on apportioning resources every bit good. This is because to delegate the right employee to the right place and commanding the capital fluxing are of import in order to guarantee the concern operations run swimmingly. Furthermore, subdivision director must possess great communicate accomplishment with employees and clients because these able to forestall high turnover rate and low trueness of clients and besides can for the long term accomplishment.

2.4.2 Requirements

For the demands subdivision, Focus Point stated that they need minimal SPM/STPM making, but as a subdivision director, he or she should has minimal demand of Bachelor ‘s Degree because though the experiences able to cover it but they might miss of some excess cognition. Experience can be gained but knowledge is hard to construct if without larning. Other than that, Focus Point merely stated that the subdivision director have to good in communicating accomplishments with three linguistic communications, but really good in composing accomplishment is of import as good, this is because they would necessitate to composing out the accurately study to the central offices ( HQ ) in order to allow HQ to make farther determinations or alterations. Besides that, they did n’t advert about ain conveyance that the subdivision director supposes to has it, because it would do incommodiousness for the meeting with HQ, sudden instance occurred in provider and demand to travel over at that place by ain to look into it out, if without ain conveyance.

3.0 Decision

In the Focus Point Holding Berhad, the occupation description and occupation application signifier of the company have some failings ; therefore we were looking for some new ways to bettering it. We have come out with some solutions to better some of the failings in the occupation application signifier and occupation description every bit good. At first we analyzed the occupation description before we think about the solution to get the better of the failings. Other than that, we besides used internet resources to seek for other companies ‘ occupation description for comparing and we have generated some informations to better for the Focus Point Holding Berhad.



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