Remember the Titans Essay

August 13, 2017 General Studies

The film “Remember the Titans” is a film about triumph over racial disparity. The essay shows that the expression used by the managers and football squad in this film can be used to bridge other apparently unsurmountable spreads. It all starts with communicating one to one.

Introduction In “Remember the Titans” . high school football participants overcome racial diverseness. Based on existent events. Titans takes topographic point in 1971. when T. C. Williams high school in Alexandria. VA is desegregated. ( Movie Habit. ( n. d. ) The squad and managers work together to make a winning football squad and stop up with a expression that reduced the racial tenseness in the full community. The expression they used to get the better of racial tenseness can be used as an illustration to get the better of other group struggles. The expression is constructing one to one relationships. plus constructing group to group relationships. peers a new and better group or community.

Constructing One to One Relationships

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Herman Boone has been hired as a black caput manager by the freshly integrated T. C. Williams High School. Boone’s hiring is greeted with ill will by the white coaching staff. participants. and the community and is a personal abuse to bing caput manager Bill Yoast. The first one to one relationship begins when Boone offers Yoast. an helper coaching place. Yoast and Boone construct a one to one relationship and press the participants to make the same. The managers take their participants to developing cantonment where Boone requires white and black participants to pass clip together and even interview each other to larn about each other. Racial discord disappears as the participants spend clip together at cantonment. Gerry. the white signal caller. and Julius. a black participant. organize a one to one relationship that leads to participants really wishing each other and working together as a group.

Constructing Group to Group Relationships

The participants began to swear each other and so make Boone and Troast. The manager gives the audience a glance of scenes of their household and place life to demo that these two work forces are really much alike. They both are household oriented. community oriented. and want to win football games. The squad members besides recognize the similarities between the managers and this inspires them to go a better squad. The squad returns to school after cantonment to confront unfastened resistance and ill will. They take the lead in puting an illustration to fellow pupils by allowing schoolmates see that they have forged new friendly relationships across racial boundaries. Coach Boone sums it up in a pep talk before a game. “I’m non gon na speak to you tonight about winnin’ and losin’ . You’re already winners ’cause you didn’t kill each other up at cantonment. ” ( Memorable quotation marks. ( n. d. ) The Titans kick off their season with a win. and continued triumphs finally change community racial tenseness. The Titans and the community of Alexandria evolve into a better group supportive of each other.

A New and Better Group

The squad makes it to the State title and the City of Alexandria follows the illustration of the Titans. The community realizes that White persons and Blacks have common dreams and aspirations. and working together can do these dreams a world. During the exhilaration over the title. a tragic accident injures a squad star participant. This shared hurting inspires the squad and occupants of Alexandria to set aside racial bitterness and merge into an even tighter community. Alexandria becomes a united community with common ends and accomplishments.


The Southern United States was still racially divided in the ‘70’s when this true narrative took topographic point. This movie “Remember the Titans” shows how racial division in the yesteryear was overcome. Henry Ford said “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is advancement. Working together is success. ” ( Holden Leadership Center. ( n. d. ) ) The Titans are an illustration of that quotation mark. They came together one to one to construct a winning squad. There actions provide us with a expression for bridging other struggles. both at a community degree and a personal degree. By constructing one to one relationships. plus constructing group to group relationships. we will hold new and better groups and relationships.


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